Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meeting New People Made Easy with Free Smartphone App “Paktor”




Swipe, Match, Chat.


That’s how simple it is to meet new friends online with the free Paktor iOS and Android app ( This is a new apps that will pave the way for most of us who are shy and cannot make the first move of wanting or very eager to at least know the person you have once met or group of people we have mingled with in any area of your life.

Paktor founder Joseph Phua drew from his own experiences in founding the company and building this smartphone app. The idea came about when he just ended a long-term relationship and had trouble meeting new people. After exploring alll of his options, the idea to create a simple and friendly smartphone application built around ”locality, usability and anonymity” popped into his head. Joseph decided to specifically focus on the three key features after his evaluation of other apps and websites.

paktor4     paktor5

“It’s only natural for many of us to be afraid of being rejected, which is why we’re sometimes too shy to go out and meet new people” Joseph pointed out.

You don’t experience rejection because you and your match are the only ones who know that you’ve made a connection, and you’re in control of whether you want to find out more about other person.


Of course you can  choose to chat with  her or him or keep looking through more profiles. No obligations to connect.

You can find out more about Paktor at (They even have a brand new candid reality series titled “You’ve Got a Match!” on their site, where it follows one of Paktor’s bachelors as he embarks on a series of three dates). Alternatively, you can go to their Facebook page at

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