Tuesday, August 25, 2015

AUB Easy MasterCard Unveiled



Yesterday, August 25, 2015, at Oakwood , AUB Bldg.,Pasig City,   Asia United Bank (AUB) in partnership with Master Card   unveiled their kind of services through their commitment with  their respective clients and depositors to give them the best credit services a bank ever had, Having this new scheme in the Credit Card system enables every depositor/client to have their own scheme of payments and make it more flexible depending on their capabilities and time of their respective salaries/allotment that they may have to receive from their sources.


Asia United Bank (AUB), one of the country’s fastest-growing universal banks, recently unveiled its first credit card –the AUB Easy MasterCard —which has game-changing features that afford cardholders personalized flexibility, an industry first.

The AUB Easy MasterCard allows cardholders to choose the mode of credit card payment, in particular, how much to pay, how often to pay, and even when to pay.


“At AUB, we always strive to deliver technologically advanced, best-in-class, and innovative products and services to provide real solutions to our customers. This philosophy has guided us in designing the AUB Easy MasterCard, which has features that directly address the concerns of our cardholders.” said AUB President Abraham T. Co. “We are confident that the introduction of the AUB Easy MasterCard will not only change the way we perceive and use credit cards, but will be a game changer in the credit card industry as well.”

The AUB Easy MasterCard offers cardholders total control over three key aspects of credit card bill management and payment:


(1) Cardholders can choose how often to pay: monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly;


(2) Cardholders can choose exactly when to pay. If monthly, they can choose from the 1st to 30th of the month as due date. If semi-monthly, they can choose from pre-defined sets of payment dates. As some people get their salaries or commissions on a weekly basis, they can also choose any day from Monday to Sunday as their due date; and



(3) Cardholders can choose from affordable fixed monthly, semi-monthly, and weekly payments where the amount due is the same every payment due date regardless of the total transaction within the cut-off date.

The AUB Easy MasterCard is also fully loaded and comes with an exciting Rewards program, an electronic statement, and an "All-Ur-Bills" feature that lets cardholders charge utility bills to the card.

The card is also EMV chip-enabled and has a MasterCard 3D Secure, another layer of security for OnLine transactions. Since the card bears the MasterCard logo, AUB Easy MasterCard cardholders can enjoy global acceptance, take advantage of local and international MasterCard promotions, and use their card in retail outlets in more than 210 countries, as well as in online shopping sites that accept MasterCard.

“The AUB Easy MasterCard was developed in response to the real sentiments and demands of the ordinary consumer,” explained AUB Credit Cards Business Head, Mags Surtida. “It ensures that the card payment is always within the cardholders’ budget and availability of funds. No bill shock, no surprises, and no stress when the bill arrives. By giving cardholders real control and flexibility, the AUB Easy MasterCard will definitely change the way we manage our credit cards and finances."

The AUB Easy MasterCard is the latest addition to AUB's family of innovative products. AUB, the banking arm of the Rebisco group, has a solid reputation of leveraging on technology to deliver a seamless banking experience for its customers.

To apply for an AUB Easy MasterCard, go to www.aub.com.ph or call 282-8888.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Breakthrough Phyto-Medicine clinically proven to provide sustained pain-relief from Osteoarthritis


Arthrite_Breakthrough phyto-medicine_Photo 1

Experiencing pain is one of the most initial reaction on any kind of disease we as a human being may have. Even during the ancients people do not stop to invent and re invent solution to this matter.

Nature and its properties does wonders when it comes to this problem and as the world modernize it just safe to say that the Eastern people see how this herbal medicines has been so effective enough. Today even the Westerners uses this herbal medicines through its modern kind of developing it as a capsule or tablets.

A breakthrough phyto-medicine for Osteoarthritis (OA) further proved its efficacy with the first local clinical study that shows sustained pain-relief to individuals suffering from the joint disease that affects 11 million Filipinos.*

Arthrite, the first traditional herbal medicine approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for joint pain, consists of 14 herbal components that work synergistically to reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis. Apart from pain relief, Arthrite contains several active herbal ingredients which are responsible for reducing joint inflammation, pain management and improving joint mobility.


“Osteoarthritis has been affecting millions of lives, limiting one’s ability to perform daily tasks, reducing the quality of life and even contributing to the development of depression among elderly patients. But we need not suffer all throughout our lives because there is an effective and safe medication that can provide relief from joint pain, Arthrite is the answer to osteoarthritis!” said Dr. Eduardo Rommel Poblete, Assistant Director and Fellowship Training Officer, Geriatric Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center-Quezon City.

To further prove the efficacy and safety of Arthrite in providing symptomatic relief to patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis, a local clinical study was conducted by Dr. Poblete. The clinical trial tested 60 patients, with ages ranging from 45 years old and up, who were clinically diagnosed with mild-moderate osteoarthritis. For the duration of 8 weeks, patients were prescribed to take 2 Arthrite capsules after breakfast and 2 capsules after dinner, for a total of 120 capsules for a period of 2 months. Patients were also prescribed to take 1 tablet in the morning of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) called Meloxicam as a rescue medication.As a result, the physician’s global evaluation showed that 83% of the patients experienced moderately effective pain relief and 17% had very effective pain relief on first month of observation. During the second month of physician’s global evaluation, 45% experienced moderate effectiveness; 30% had very effective pain relief; and 25% were symptom-free. Patient’s global assessment in the first month shows majority (75%) had experienced moderate effectiveness, followed by very high effectiveness (23%) and symptom-free (3.2%).


No side effects were reported during the clinical trials and the physicians global evaluation revealed a positive result from moderately effective to symptoms free after 2 months of treatment. Meanwhile, Patient’s global assessment shows beneficial effect specifically to pain. Majority of the patients were symptom-free after 2 months of treatment.

Due to the effectiveness of Arthrite, it has been recommended to be part of the treatment regimen of patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis.

For more information about Arthrite, please visit www.multicare.com.ph.

Friday, August 21, 2015

TESOROS launches Commemorative Book on Co-Founder to usher its future in Philippine Handicrafts


Tesoros_TESOROS launches commemorative book_photo 3a

It is sad to note  that there are very few noted establishments and businesses who really paved the way to elevate our country and that have gained the respect of other nation. TESORO has been one of those who  successfully and wonderfully reflects their passion of making the Filipino culture known by having the native products in their respective stores no matter what fashion or generation it may have passed or go through.


TESOROS, the store famous for the best of Filipino-made gifts and crafts, is launching a book on the life of its co-founder, Salud Tesoro, to celebrate its rich legacy as it curates the best traditional and contemporary creations of Filipino talent.


Salud S. Tesoro: The Story of a Successful Entrepreneurial Filipina shares the inspiring tale of a veritable orphan girl who grew up to become the “Mother of Philippine Handicrafts”, demonstrating how her brilliance, determination, courage and generosity took TESOROS from its first Escolta gift store to its magnificent stature today.


The book launch will be accompanied by a special performance by noted theater and street performer Carlos Celdran at the historic Manila Polo Club in Makati City. The presentation involves visuals and sounds integral to the life of Doña Salud so that the audience, both loyal TESORO patrons and first-time clients born after her retirement from the public eye, can better understand the relevance of the skills and values that animate TESOROS up to this day.


“Through this book, one would appreciate TESOROS’ roots and vision,” said TESOROS Group CEO, Maria Isabel “Beng” Tesoro, the youngest of the ten children of Doña Salud. “It relates the core values instilled by our mother. Those values inspire us to constantly bring out the best Filipino works: to sustain traditional art forms by nurturing respected craftsmen, and to expand our reach and relevance by supporting creations of young upcoming designers, all the while maintaining the highest quality standards and hospitable service that our mother made TESOROS famous for,” she added.

Tesoros_TESOROS launches commemorative book_photo 3b

The TESOROS of today communicates its commitment to uphold Filipino artistry through an event series featuring re-interpretations of Philippine folk art, called “Disenyo at Talento.” This has widened the reach of An Alcantara’s hand-pinched terra-cotta Clay Storyteller Dolls and Mary Velmonte’s papier-mâché Taka creations, which are nowfor sale at TESOROS branches nationwide.

Now, TESOROS offers shopping convenience through its website where customers can make online purchases tailored to their needs, both locally and internationally. Customers can choose from the classic pasalubong souvenirs and its Filipiniana apparel collection. But more amazing products--such as coconut shells with hand-painted indigenous Filipino group imagery, polished carabao horn home décor, luminous contemporary capiz chandeliers, peppy table linens embroidered with mangoes and bananas, embroidered denim ladies’ handbags, and the Everyday Filipiniana Ramie-Retro fashion collection-- are now available at all TESORO outlets.

By taking the market to the next level, TESOROS proves that Salud Tesoro’s legacy is not only preserved, but practiced–from its wide assortment with friendly prices, to the guarantee of quality, to its promotion of local talent, tothe way it values its employees and partners, all while serving the changing needs and expectations of the Filipino people and visitors to the country.

To find out more about Salud’s story and her legacy in “Salud S. Tesoro: The Story of a Successful Entrepreneurial Filipina,” visit TESOROS at 1016 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road), Makati City.

To learn more about the company’s new products and upcoming events, email info@tesoros.ph or tesoros@tesoros.ph, visit http://tesoros.ph/, or like their official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tesoroshandicrafts?fref=ts.

Monday, August 17, 2015

2nd Deuter Concept Store Opens @ SM City Clark


IMG_1570Last Saturday, August 15, 2015 Deuter opened its 2nd Concept Store ,who has tremendously  won through the Tripadvisor Awards as the Traveller’s Choice for Backpack in Germany this year. “ To be named as Traveller’s Choice for the Backpack , truly is an honor, we are very proud to represent such a brand. We are hoping to get some responses here in our region, the Philippines. This is a great opportunity to say Thank you to the Tripadvisor community” Liza Tang-Yuquico, Managing Director for Deuter Philippines.

Meanwhile here in the Philippines it has been awarded as the Deuter Distributor of the Year based on it’s outstanding performance in it’s 360 Degree Marketing campaign of the 30 years of Aircomfort during the recent Deuter Sales Conference held in Taichung Taiwan.


Deuter introduces a brand new Pro for multi-day excursions and equipment intense outings, the ACT Rrail Pro is a super technical pack provided exceptional carrying comfort and a whole host of progressive features. Lightweight carrying is not just about weight reduction, It’s also about how you shoulder your load…

The thought through Auto-Compress hip wing construction integrates automatic side compression as well as the unique Pull-forward adjustment to provide a quick super tight pack positioning. The close-set anchor points guarantee a snug fit and exceptional freedom of movement.


The ACT Trail Pro range includes four models; specifically engineered for women the 32 SL & 38 SL and the regular packs with the volume of 34 & 40. It’s available at the newly opened Deuter concept store in SM City Clark Pampanga, at the Ground Floor West Wing as well the Deuter concept store in SM Mall of Asia, the 2nd level, North Entertainment Mall. Deutes r producats are also available in Chris Sports outlets nationwide, The Landmark Makati, Basekamp outlets and other specialty outdoor bike stores near you.


For more pictures on this event, pls click this link, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.856266517803037.1073742330.348405828589111&type=3

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The 36th Agora Awards: A Beacon of Marketing Excellence



Last Wednesday  Aug 12, 2015, PMAP had a press conference on the 36th Agora Awards making it more relevant during this digital age of communication and advertising in Social Media and Online.

Marketing is a dynamic and continuously evolving field. Every year, Filipino companies come up with innovative and effective marketing campaigns that change the mindsets of consumers and build brands. These are campaigns that embed themselves in the minds of people, creating results and bringing success.

In the Philippines, one award recognizes these marketing breakthroughs. An award with a long history of recognizing the best of the best in Philippine marketing. It’s an award that’s highly regarded and most prestigious that it’s known as “The Oscars of Philippine Marketing.” It’s better known in the Philippines as The Agora Award.


“The Agora Awards are a testament to the passion, dedication, brilliance and commitment of excellent individuals and companies in the marketing industry,” says The Agora Director-in-Charge, Alpha Allanigui.

The Agora Awards started in 1979 to recognize outstanding efforts in marketing by individuals and companies in the industry. This was a project of the Philippine Marketing Association or PMA, and was one of the highlights of their silver anniversary that year. It was the brainchild of Guillermo T. Garcia, and was introduced under the leadership of then president Agustin Bengzon.

Now on its 36th year, The Agora Awards continues this legacy of marketing excellence, and celebrates the programs and people who have created an indelible mark in marketing. People who are an inspiration to their peers as well as the younger generation. As Allanigui explains:

“We wish to highlight that we have more professionals and companies to recognize in this field, and that the younger generation can have professionals to emulate and Filipino companies to be proud of. The Agora Awards honor the best creative and strategic minds in the marketing industry. We hope that as we honor we can also build on the aspiration to be an Agora while thinking of having to give back to the Philippines. ” she adds.

The first Agora Awards had three categories, namely Marketing Management, Marketing Education and Entrepreneurship. Through the years, additional categories were added to include Marketing Company, Advocacy Marketing, Overseas Marketing, Export Marketing, and, last year’s new category, Marketing Communication.

Recognizing the roles of entrepreneurship in innovating the marketing field, a category on Entrepreneurship was also introduced in The Agora Awards. Divided into 3 categories according to the size of business: Small-, Medium-, and Large-Scale, this category has been well received by Filipino entrepreneurs. A fact that can be seen in the number of entrants and nominees in the category these past years.

The PMA also recognizes the work of public figures who have marketed and advocated the beauty of the country and its people. With this as inspiration, the Honorary Agora Award will now be presented to individuals who have made great contributions in Nation-building. This Honorary Award is recommended by The Agora Committee and is only awarded upon the consensus and unanimous vote of The Agora Board and Awards Committee. This year, a distinguished personality will receive The Honorary Agora for Nation-Building.

The 36th Agora will also be the venue for one of PMA’s programs, the Agora Circle Conference. Presided over by former Agora Awards winners, attendees of the conference will learn first hand the personal stories of the awardees on what inspired them to create their winning marketing campaigns. Their insights and talks are designed to inspire participants to apply these same lessons and strategies in their own businesses. Here, they will also discuss latest developments and trends in marketing.


The Agora Circle Conference is one of the initiatives that the PMA has brought back for The 36th Agora. “This year, we decided to revive it, because we saw that people are really looking for avenues to learn more about marketing, its trends and innovations,” says Donald Lim, member of The Agora Awards board of advisers. “We saw that in the conference last July when a lot of people attended. They really wanted to get in touch with new marketing tips.”

This year’s Agora Circle Conference follows the theme “Fifty Shades of Marketing Darker.” Aside from former Agora winners, it will also feature some of the country’s best speakers, members of the academe, industry professionals and students discussing topics that are of interest to the local marketing industry. These include topics on branding, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and technology. All talks shall be made available online to serve as a resource for marketing professionals and students.

“Marketing is all about being first, in any way and in any form,” Lim says. “Our challenge is to always innovate one’s self. Since the needs of consumers change, so should the products and services you’re offering.”

In its totality, The 36th Agora – through its awards and the Agora Circle Conference – will serve as a beacon of marketing excellence. This is part of the PMA’s commitment to continuously uplift the country’s marketing industry and discipline.

Nominations for The 36th Agora Awards are being accepted until September 8. 2015. For details and nomination requirement, visit www.theagora.ph.

For details about the 36th Agora Awards, visit www.theagora.ph. For information about the Philippine Marketing Association, visit philippinemarketing.net.ph.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Century Tuna reveals the secret to a perfect body of Actor Derek Ramsey



A lot of people think that a perfect physique solely depends on workout, making many hopefuls say, “Ang hirap naman magpa-sexy!” Now, there’s no need to fret as Century Tuna, together with the face of its newest campaign Derek Ramsay, reveals the right figures to live by in achieving 100% abs.


Last  Monday, August 10, 2015, Century Tuna launched its Century Tuna Lite that would make those who will take it more than safe enough having a great meals whenever you like it on any time of the day.


Derek Ramsey , one of the famous and leading product’s  endorser proves that it was one of his very effective secret specially when it comes to eating right but not depriving your appetite.  His secret 30% Excercise and 70% Eatng tha right fodo.



“Century Tuna has always been with you on your road to fitness and we are very happy to share with you the right combination in achieving a healthier and sexier body,” says Greg Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Food Corporation.

“We hope we can inspire more people out there, too, to start living a healthy lifestyle as we gladly feature the return of our ever fit endorser Derek,” he added.

Standing at five feet, ten and a half inches and weighing 175 pounds, Derek is ripped. Tagged one of the hottest celebrities in the local entertainment industry, the actor maintains perfectly defined abs, strong, sculpted shoulders, and toned arms and legs. However, one might be surprised to know that Derek does not only engage in extreme workout to achieve this chiselled state.

“I learned that achieving a 100% fit body is 30% exercise and 70% diet,” Derek shared. “That’s why it is important for me to find a source of protein that has less fat, less salt, and made from 100% pure tuna,” he added.

Century Tuna Lite has 50% less fat and 50% less salt versus other regular flakes in oil. Aside from protein, tuna is an excellent source of important nutrients such as the minerals selenium, magnesium, and potassium; not to mention vitamin B complex and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega 3 DHA is not only good for the heart; it also helps burn body fat, shrink abdominal fat cells and stop certain genes that trigger inflammation on belly fat.

Above all, Century Tuna Lite is made from 100% pure tuna, no extenders, making it a perfectly delicious and healthy meal. While one can conveniently enjoy it straight from the can, Century Tuna chefs also share a line of deliciously healthy recipes that are low-calorie yet rich in nutrients.


Made from 100% Pure Tuna. . .

Resisting unhealthy food may be difficult, but Derek reminds everyone that “Every goal requires 100% dedication, so don’t give up! If I can do it, then you can do it too!”

Derek is with other Century Tuna endorsers Anne Curtis, James Reid, Jessy Mendiola, Paulo Avelino and Elmo Magalona, in supporting everyone when it comes to living a healthier, happier lifestyle. Their stories also remind us that transformation is never impossible and anyone can succeed in their journey to a fit and sexy body. For more diet and exercise tips, visit http://www.centurytuna.ph/.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Manila Bay Sunset launches campaign called “That Thing Called Basura”



“Having a Clean and Safer Environment is one of the sign that a nation has arrived. We have to help make this Nation great again by helping in this simple task for the community and  for the coming generation”.

Last Saturday, August 8, 2015 The Manila Bay Sunset Partnership Program Inc. (MBSPPI) takes its Annual clean-up drive on Manila Bay area , Signing of MOA with Landbank and MBSPPI , Launching of Binion as Campaign for this years program with the Ms. Philippines Earth winners to help promote ‘THAT THING CALLED BASURA’ for a cleaner and  better Manila.

Now on its 6th year, the Manila Bay SUNSET Partnership Program Inc. (MBSPPI) takes its clean-up and rehabilitation project to new heights by launching an Information and Education Campaign (IEC) entitled “THAT THING CALLED BASURA” to supplement the program’s clean-up efforts and boost environment awareness among the public.

The IEC was officially launched during the Annual Manila Bay Clean-up led by LANDBANK, as part of their 52nd anniversary celebration. The campaign aims to educate the public on the urgent need for proper waste management as evidence by the presence of solid wastes accumulating in water ways, rivers and the Manila Bay.

Click the link below and watch the AVP


As part of their objective to reach out and educate the masses, MBSPPI produced a short campaign AVP particularly on waste disposal and the need to reinforce the 3R + D = 0 (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle + Discipline equals to zero basura). To make the material more appealing an interesting love story vignette was used to link proper garbage disposal. This AVP was first premiered during the clean-up and will be played in various channels such as corporate websites and social media sites of all MBSPPI members and offices of government agencies, terminals and other public spaces.


Signing of Memorandum of Agreement with Landbank Beneficiaries and MBSPPI Officers

In addition, the IEC will also be supported by a social media campaign dubbed as “SolusyonNiBinion:3R=D” through an official facebook account where stakeholders and volunteers may post and share their best practices for the environment and by using the hashtag “iBinNyoYan”. The IEC also has a primary mascot name “Binion”, a representation of segregation trash bins, which was also introduced during the program.

“We are optimistic that this campaign will prompt behavioural change among the public. We encourage everyone’s active participation in sharing this campaign with your circles, most especially with your respective communities,” says LANDBANK President and Ceo Gilda E. Pico and Honorary Chairperson of MBSPPI.




 THANKS  to all  the  volunteers in cleaning the Manila Bay 

About 1000 MBSPPI members volunteered to help clean the Bay. Another highlight of the program is the turnover of a portion of the proceeds from the Manila Bay Fun Run last July 11. This was organized by the Manila Broadcasting Company to help in funding the clean-up operations. The proceeds amounted 119,795.00.

MBSPPI continues to grow as four subsidiaries of LANDBANK-LBP Resources and Development Corporation (LBRDC), LBP Leasing Corporation (LLC), LBP insurance Brokerage, Inc. (LIBI) and Masaganang Sakahan Inc. (MSI), and its corporate foundation – LANDBANK Countryside Development Foundation, Inc. (LCDFI), joined the roster of the SUNSET programs’ partner organizations.

IMG_1314  Binion and Ms. Philippines Earth 


The Manila Bay SUNSET Partnership Program, Inc., spearheaded by LANDBAK, is a SEC-registered incorporation of various members from the public and private sectors working towards protecting the Manila Bay. The existing members of the program are: Land Bank of the Philippines, City of Manila, Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC), DENR-National Capital Region (NCR), Manila Yacht Club (MYC), Manila Ocean Park (MOP), Diamond Hotel Philippines (DHP), DENR-Manila Bay Coordinating Office (MBCO), Pamantasan ng Lungsod Ng Manila (PLM), Landbankers’ Mutli-Purpose Cooperative (LANDBANKoop), Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), University of the Philippines-Manila (UP-MANILA), Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), Polystyrene Packaging Council of the Philippines (PPCP)  and Miss Earth Foundation. Inc.

For more pictures on this event pls click this link, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.851331641629858.1073742326.348405828589111&type=3

Friday, August 7, 2015

Healthcetera with Drs. Calayan on GMA NewsTV 11


IMG_1056 Dra. Pie and Dr. Manny Calayan

Last Friday, a press con of Healthcetera was held on their clinic at Timog Quezon City , Metro  Manila, Philippines -  Dr. Manny Calayan and Dra. Pie Calayan together with powerhouse experts launched the newest beauty, health and lifestyle magazine show to air every Sunday , starting August 9, 2015 on GMA NewsTV Channel 11 entitled Healthcetera.

The show caters not only on their field as a beauty experts but they cater even on what to eat  and preparing healthy foods as Dra. Pie Calayan gives her tips the way she does it.

IMG_1068 Dr. Sonny Viloria

While Dr. Sonny who is a broadcaster and a holistic medical adviisor  will share his remedies and cures for a natural medicine through the plants that has been tested and proven safe for its curing effects and properties

Healthcetera is a portmanteau word derived from the words Health and Etcetera. The program aims to provide tips on topics that are very significant to everyone such as beauty, health and wellness. The gamut of health issues, controversial medical topics - inside our bodies, from the head down to our toes, and even the humble weeds, grass, herbs, fruits and vegetables as alternative natural sources for healing and wellness are unraveled in practical, simple terms.


Healthcetera gathers a powerhouse cast which makes it more than just a health news show namely Dr. Manny Calayan, Dra. Pie Calayan, Nina Taduran, Marou Sarne and Dr. Sonny Viloria.

Healthcetera Cast Profile

Doctors Manny and Pie Calayan own and operate Calayan Surgicentre Corporation which is considered as one of the most successful and most recognized surgicentre clinics in the Philippines. Calayan Surgicentre caters top of the line products and services to their patrons that is why they keep on coming back and trust the respected name in the field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery in the country.

Nina Taduran is a celebrity broadcaster and a health enthusiast. She hosts the radio program "Wanted Sa Radyo". She won the award “Inspiring Female Host for Public Service” last 2012 and continues to inspire other people on her radio program.

Marou Sarne is an award-winning broadcaster and a health advocate. She promotes healthy living on her program and shares tips on topics about health and wellness.

Dr. Sonny Viloria is a medical broadcaster and the director of Biovitale Holistic Wellness Center. He completed studies on Natural Therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Australian College of Natural Therapies in Brisbane, Australia. He also attended various seminars related on alternative Health Practices on different countries.

Healthcetera is set to kick-off on August 9, 2015, 9am - 9:30am on GMA NewsTV Channel 11. So watch out for Healthcetera and ready yourselves to informative and interesting topics about beauty, health and wellness.


For more information please like their page https://www.facebook.com/healthcetera

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pizza Hut 1st Concept Store in Kia Theater , Now Open to Serve You



Pizza Hut expands its original concept of Pizza restaurant , into an exceptional venue, thus the birth of Pizza Hut in Kia theater  It is located in the former New Frontier theater now renamed Kia Theater beside Gateway Mall Araneta Center. The place is to cozy and private yet it is more family friendly atmosphere with has a greater space on the Ground and 2nd Floor.


Last July, 29, 2015, Pizza Hut had a Bloggers Event to announce the first Concept Pizza Parlor they had on KIA  Theater  and it is good news for the one who wants a private meeting or having a family dinning, and for  students or a minimum wage worker who wants to dine and experience with a value for their money.

IMG_0339 The price is still the same with the normal Pizza Hut branches yet they make it more bigger servings compare to the normal  serving  and yes more satisfying taste and freshness for the benefit of their patron customers who dined in in any time of the day.



It is a new concept with our world famous pizza crusts and toppings with wider array of new menu items like appetizers, grills, salads, pastas, signature dresses and dessert. Experience great new entries such as rib eye steak, baby back ribs with sides, the monster burger, beer battered fish, and pork steak barbeque.

This Pizza Hut also introduce wine beverage pairing with a selection of wines, cocktails and mocktails.

The restaurant is designed to cater to the most demanding customers who only wants nothing but the best with its good food, chic ambience, warm lights and casual seats.

So come on over and visit Pizza Hut in Kia Theater, It is a place where you can unwind with friends and family, make small talks or simply have a good time.

Follow Pizza Hut  # pizzahutphils , for more updates visit facebook.com /PizzaHutPhilippines.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Heartwarming finale in GMA’s Let the Love Begin




GMA Network’s primetime drama series Let the Love Begin concludes its run with a heartwarming finale episode this Friday August 7, 2015 after Pari Koy.

The program is topbilled by Philippine Comedy Queen AiAi   De Las Alas with GMA-7’s fast-rising love team Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia. As the series comes to an end, AiAi, Ruru, Gabbi together with Gardo Versoza , Donita Rose, Mark Anthony Fernandez and Gladys Reyes share their most memorable scenes, the things they will miss and what to expect in the series ‘finale week’.

AIAi reveals that working anew with her close friend Gardo and her scenes with Gladys are her most unforgettable moments in Let the Love Begin. “ Kung Paano kami maging close ulit ni Gardo dahil nagkasama ulit kami sa trabaho. Nakakatuwa kasi nagreunion kami. And si Gladys malapit sa puso ko yan, nakakatwa, maraming kwento at chika.’ Bago kami magtake, ang tagal bago magawa kasi hindi natatapos and kwentuhan namin”


Ruru says his most memorable scene was his confrontation scene with AiAI who plays his mother in the series. ‘Memorable para sa akin yung sinampal ako ni Mama Ai kasi sobrang heavy talaga ng scene na iyon at ang ganda ng kinalabasan.’ He will definitely missed the happy set. and ang mabait na staff at crew at ang lahat ng co-actors ko sa show na ito.’


Gabby who plays Pia, says that she will never forget one of her scenes with Ruru “My most memorable scene is when I slapped Ruru because it was the first time that I have slapped him since we met’” Gabbi says she will surely miss their happy cast because they have already built strong relationship off cam. She also hinted that the final week will be filled with romantic moments between Pia and Erick. “ Expect more kilig scenes from Erick and Pia, and they should watch out whom will Pia choose between Uno (Pytos Ramirez) and Erick”.

Will Pia choose Erick over Uno? Will Jeni and Tony let the love begin for Pia and Erick? Under the direction of Gina Alajar , catch the finale of Let the Love Begin this Friday, August 7 right after Pari Koy on GMA Telebabad.