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Axe’s Search For First Filipino Astronaut: Down To Three



Today, going out of the space is not an impossible dream anymore because through AXE people of every nation will compete for twenty three (23) tickets to space, And maybe on the succeeding more years this can be adopted to every one who wants to get there and experience the thrill and excitement of being out in the space.

This time,AXE, the no. 1 fragrance brand in the world, has announced the official Filipino representatives to the international AXE Apollo Global Space Camp in the U.S. set to happen this December. The three-man delegation, selected from a rigorous and competitive eight-month selection process, is now ready for the next stage of the search: Astronaut Training. In the end, only one of them will emerge with a ticket to become the first ever Filipino in space.

AXE’s space camp in Orlando, Florida will house over a hundred candidates from more than sixty countries as they undergo training missions designed to simulate space flight and real astronaut training. The delegates will set out to bring honor to the countries they represent by proving their mettle as they compete for 23 tickets to space – one of which is reserved for the best out of the three Filipino hopefuls.

“Through the AXE Apollo Space Academy, we have set out to inspire modern-day Filipino heroes to step forward. The title of ‘first Filipino in space’ will go to the best candidate, someone all Filipinos can look up – figuratively and literally,” said AXE Philippines Brand Manager, Gem Laforteza.


The Everyman: Evan

Evan Rey Datuin is a young man with big dreams – aspirations that can take him far into the horizon or high up into space. Having studied at De La Salle University Dasmariñas, this 24-year old Caviteño dreams of a career in tourism, to him his humble way of serving the nation.

Though he sees himself as a “regular Juan”, his journey to space camp is no regular feat. Among the three final candidates, Datuin is the only one who emerged victorious from the mainstream competition as one of two finalists from more than 28,000 applicants who went through the regular selection process. At the AXE Apollo National Challenges, he bested over 4,000 shortlisted candidates in tests designed to evaluate not only physical prowess but also intellect and determination. Datuin is an ordinary man who has proven that he can rise above any challenge and do the extraordinary – truly an inspiration to every “regular Juan” who dreams big.

“Gusto ko maging patunay na kahit sino ay maaaring maging bayani para sa kanyang bayan (I want to prove that anyone can be a hero for his country),” says Datuin.

The Destined Dreamer: Ramil

Ramil Santos believes in destiny, and his journey to space camp proves it. After coming up short at the AXE Apollo National Challenges, Santos was in no way discouraged and tried his luck at the AXE Apollo Hyperdrive Promo, an electronic raffle ran by AXE to select a “wildcard” candidate for space camp.

“I was meant for this. I knew from the start that somehow I would get here,” says Santos when asked about being randomly selected from the promo.

“When news that the Philippines was leading in the number of applications in Asia, we were given a third slot to space camp. We decided to do something totally unconventional with it. The AXE Apollo Hyperdrive Promo was meant to select what we called a ‘destiny pick’ – someone not chosen by us or the public, but purely chosen by fate,” says Laforteza.

Santos is 29 years old, an engineer with a Masters in Electronics and Information Engineering from South Korea.

The Athlete: Chino

Daniel Angelo Roque’s entry into the final three was rather unconventional. He comes into the delegation as the replacement to Air Force Lieutenant Mario Mendoza, Jr. – one of two original finalists from the AXE Apollo National Challenges, who has volunteered to withdraw from the competition to serve his military duties as a pilot-in-training in the Philippine Air Force.

Chino is a Psychology graduate from De La Salle University Manila where he played in the football team. He is the youngest of the three delegates at 22 years old and is currently working as a marketer and fitness coach. Roque is an admirable athlete, with an edge in the physical aspect of the competition. He not only displays physical prowess, but also willpower, discipline, and a strong drive to constantly better himself.

“I’ve heard some say that working in the fitness industry may give me an advantage at space camp. But I don’t see it that way. I know I have a lot to prove, especially coming into this the way I did. All I have is my drive to surpass my limits. That, I think, is what defines a ‘hero’,” says Roque.


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