Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tom Rodriguez shares vision of perfect eye health with Crizal® Prevencia™

Essilor Philippines introduces new endorser and
 presents its most technologically advanced protective lenses yet
      Last Thursday, June 8, 2017 Essilor Philippines launched their Crizal Prevencia lens together with the new endorser Tom Rodriguez at Milkyway Restaurant Makati City.  This simple yet elegant launching makes the day a healthy eyecare awareness with or without any problem on the eye. Because all of us today uses the blue ray gadget of cellphones, LED TV's and other kind of electronic devices that has a light emitting diode capabilities.

Everyone can’t help but fall in love with celebrated actor and certified heartthrob, Tom Rodriguez. With his tantalizing brown eyes, he sure can captivate anyone. But for Tom, his eyes are not only assets for good looks. Unknown to many, the top actor is also a prolific digital artist. As such, Tom gives due importance to eye protection as he teams up with Essilor, the world leader in corrective ophthalmic lenses to take care of their eyes against harmful blue light with Crizal® Prevencia™.

As the newest brand ambassador for the world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, Tom appears in the new TVC for Essilor’s most technologically advanced protective lenses yet. Crizal® Prevencia™ is the only clear lens in the market to effectively filter harmful blue light from the sun and digital devices while maximizing essential blue light for healthier vision.

Essilor general manager Dr. Emelita Roleda says, “With Tom as our newest ambassador, we hope to raise more awareness on the harmful effects of over-exposure to blue light and promote healthy vision in the country. By aligning him with Crizal® Prevencia™, we hope to convince more Filipinos to use protective lenses in their daily activities.”

In the new TVC, Tom is seen going through his everyday routine. Like many of us, who are also easily exposed to harmful blue light – whether we are in front of our laptops and computers doing work, commuting, or checking messages and schedules on our phones.

Tom’s ardent passion in digital art is evident in many of his Instagram posts. Many of his artworks comprise of creatures from Philippine folklore, plus superheroes and characters from anime, games and comics. He sketches and sculpts in between takes during drama filming or photo shoots. He is also an aspiring app designer. With all these taking up his non-acting time, Tom can’t help but be exposed to harmful blue light and he admits that this has affected his vision.

“Belonging to a technically-savvy generation and with my love of creating digital art, I cannot do without my phone and digital devices. What’s more, my active lifestyle also keeps me under the sun a lot,” shares the 29-year old actor. “It’s quite alarming to know how being exposed to UV rays and blue light can cause long-term damage. With Crizal® Prevencia™, I can protect my vision, and also prevent blue light from harming my eyes.”

Crizal® Prevencia™ uses E-SPF® and Lightscan™ Technology which offers complete front and back protection and selective filtering of harmful blue light from devices and the sun that can cause long-term damage, such as cataracts and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). At the same time, it lets in good light that regulates sleep and mood and boosts brain activity. It also provides complete protection from glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water, UV rays and harmful blue light.

Tom Rodriguez further encourages the public to take care of their eyes by getting a comprehensive eye exam and taking preventive measures against irreversible eye conditions. He remarks, “Exposure to harmful blue light may be inevitable, but we can minimize the risk by doing our part. By choosing Crizal® Prevencia™, we can protect our eyes on a daily basis and maintain a healthy vision.”

Learn more about Crizal® Prevencia™ by visiting your preferred eye care professional or leading optical shop, or by logging on to

Friday, June 9, 2017

Show your Love in Action through Sunlifes new Customfit Plans

Sunlife launched last June 7, 2014 , at Shangrila Makati  a new collection of its digital films dubbed as SunShorts that highlights relationships that make lives #brightertogether. 

Sunlife of Canada (Philippines), Inc.,  marks its 4th Financial Independence this month of June, 2017 to help Filipinos break free from the cycle of financial shortages and insecurities. This time they launched the collection of  digital films called Sunshorts to inspire and help Filipinos pursuing financial freedom. 

Through their Ambassadors like Matteo Guidicelli who endorses "Waves" by Zig Marasigan which gives peek into the mindset of the millenials . In this short film the couple which is not yet married who loves each other so dearly  somehow the man who have the guts to give his fiance such financial plans in order to make her more ready and capable of doing the things which she needs to finished in life.

 In  the sequel "She said, She said by Nic Reyes, through Sunlife Ambassador Judy Ann Santos ,Its about a Single moms journey wherein she sees how life has been so fast that should make better decision to do for a more brighter future ahead,

And lastly, "Sayaw" by Mihk Guevarra endorsed by Piolo Pascual who will delve into the reality of coping with a long-time marriage that has gone cold.  At first it is the man who makes the move to make it work again not until he suffered from stroke and because of their plan with Sunlife and somehow this starts their renewal of vows and make things possible again.

And at the end of the launching, the People of the Press and Online bloggers make a vote through their machines on which films do we admire a lot, and obviously it was the Waves who won and it has somehow touch and make us realized that it was a successful job they make to open the minds of the Filipino people  and today it is proven that SunShorts which started last 2012 has gained respect and somehow people learned and begins to have their money works for them and boost their financial journey.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

“APPRENTICE ASIA” Winner graces Sun Life’s Live Brighter Session

Sunlife Philippines  predominantly started to educate Filipino specially  on how important for them to learn to be more than wise enough on spending and learn how to make their money grow through financial investments and ensuring their children for their education and have  an assured life whatever may happened to the parents of every Filipino children.

For this year, Millenials are the one they want to teach , reach out and wanting to mentor. To help them know as early as possible while working on how to spend wisely and make their money or earnings work for them,  As they move on with their career and eventually with their partners to be and whenever they  plan to have their family of their own..

The first  ever winner  of the hit reality show “Apprentice Asia:, Jonathan Yabut, graced Sun Life Financial/s “Live Brighter Session”, a gathering for bloggers and aspiring financial advisors, to share the story of how he rose from humble beginnings to become a successful businessman and in-demand motivational speakerYabut, who served as Chief of Staff for Air Asia for a year after winning in the reality show hosted by Malaysian business mogul Tony Fernandes, now runs his very own IT Consultancy & Ventures, which operates in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.  Addressing the bloggers and aspiring advisors, he talked about the work principles that has brought him to where he is now, and  also emphasized the importance of serving a social purpose. According to Yabut , the latter is to what will keep one inspired to keep improving his work.

Apart from Yabut, Sunlife Financial advisor JP Cruz also spoke, giving the bloggers an inside look at his own career , as well as his personal journey. He spoked about how he reached rock bottom in both his finances and his love life, and what he did to overcome the struggle. Now a successful  Sunlife advisor. Cruz interestingly stressed  a  taught to what  Yabut emphasized that is to have a deeper reason for the work one  pursues. In his case,  Cruz finds it by helping  people achieve lifetime financial security.

“There’s so much inspiration to learn in this Live Brighter Session, between Jonathan and JP’s stories. I’m  sure that the bloggers who joined us in the venue and even those who tuned in via Facebook live found motivation to continue pursuing their dreams and finding a purpose to serve”. SunLife financial advisor Fin Bernardo says “ We hope that this also opens to them  opportunities that they can enjoy if they become a financial advisor. It’s a career that’s definitely meaningful, and at the same time financially rewarding”.

“Live Brighter Sessions” are set to be held in Cebu and Davao. For more details, follow @sunlifeph on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Interested to become a Sunlife Advisor? Visit to learn more.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Baste is the new endorser of NeuBake Super Slice by Gardenia

 Yesterday May 19, 2017, Neubake launch Baste as their new Ambassador with their New Super Slice products  which is by the way a product of Gardenia, the number 1 maker of good bread which has a high end machines that assembles the bread without hand contacts and is robotically  done with perfect and faster mode .

As Gardenia introduces the newest Neubake Super Slice, it’s no surprise that Bae-by Baste, a super child star now, and his Mom Sheila have been tapped to be the brand’s endorsers with the latest Neubake Super Slice TVC.

Sebastian Benedict Granfon, or most commonly known as Baste is part of our everyday lunchtime habit. He is a bright, precocious young boy who never fails to liven up our afternoon with his charm, wit and natural flair for comedy.

Ever since Baste’s aunt posted his Dubsmash videos on Youtube, everyone fell in love with this child charmer from General Santos. After his on-line debut, he made his appearance in the longest running noontime show on GMA Network, where he was called “Bae-by Baste.” Now, he acts, sings and makes people laugh, and is touted as one of the country’s brightest child stars.

Like Baste, NeuBake is also super in many ways. First, it comes in a Super Slice – it’s bigger than most white breads in the market, making it perfect for Baste’s big appetite. According to his Mom, Sheila, Baste loves to eat sandwiches. And with NeuBake, she can make bigger sandwiches that can easily make Baste full and satisfied with just one sandwich.

Neubake Super Slice comes in a horizontal, super tipid pack, that is only P29 for 10 slices, perfect for practical moms like Sheila.

NeuBake is now available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores. Like Baste, discover why NeuBake is the super choice when it comes to bread. If Baste loves it, so will you!

Monday, April 24, 2017

The innovator is in: Dr. Steve Mark Gan of GAOC

Yesterday, April 23, 2017, another clinic of GAOC was opened in G. Maison Mall at Conrad Hotel. This clinic was one of the most high end facilities they ever had though not to big will make our understanding more open with regards to dentistry in its real sense.

Dr. Steve Mark Gan, founder of Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center or GAOC, the leading dental center in the Philippines and in his over 16 years of illustrious dental practice in the country, has constantly raised the bar and blazed trails in the field. But his path to success, his rise to the top, was never an easy one, and is as much a product of hard work, dedication, and unrelenting desire to innovate and learn.

After graduating from the University of the East-College of Dentistry in 1993, and following subsequent residencies in Advanced Prosthodontics and Prosthodontic Osseointegrated Implants at the University of Southern California-School of Dentistry and University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) respectively, Dr. Gan made the conscious decision to return to Philippines, with the noble and selfless desire to not only make a difference in the lives of others, but to bring the local dental practice – in particular dental implant surgery – to world-class standards.

Thus, from his humble clinic in Binondo with its antiquated dental chair that he inherited from his grandfather, Dr. Gan took the big, daring leap by opening a state-of-the-art clinic at the Medical Plaza Makati, then considered the premier address for medical practioners. With that bold move – not a few skeptics considered it a foolhardy endeavor – and by investing in only latest equipment and technologies, Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center or GAOC was born, which today boasts of seven state-of-the art branches, the latest being at the SM Seaside Cebu and at S Maison, Conrad Hotel.

From then on forward – there was simply was no turning back for the inimitable pioneer that is Dr. Gan — GAOC, through its consistent culture of excellence and innovation, earned its place as the dentist to the stars, with a steady stream of celebrities turning to, and placing their trust in, Dr. Gan and his outstanding team for their dental requirements. But Dr. Gan himself, never one to rest on his laurels, would continue to further himself by attending seminars abroad, thereby keeping himself abreast with the latest technologies, trends and best practices in dental medicine. This he has passed on to his ever growing team of dentists who are also made to attend seminars here and abroad on regular basis.

This continuous passion to learn and pass on to others led him to serve as Former Chairman and Member of the Board of Dentistry, Philippine Regulation Commission, from 2010 to 2016; and as  Executive Vice President, Philippine Association of Professional Regulatory Board, from  2014 to 2016. He is also a proud a member of both the American Society of Osseointegration and the American College of Oral Implantology, among other prestigious professional organizations.

 And with Prosthodontics as his specialty; that is, one that deals with the treatment and rehabilitation of oral function and appearance of patients suffering from deficient teeth or even disfigurement, Dr. Gan plays a crucial role in rebuilding a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence. He sub-specializes as well in oral implantology and maxillofacial surgery, the only sub-specialty recognized by the American Dental Association for treating deformities in the head and neck region.

No doubt, Dr. Steve Mark Gan is nothing if not an innovator and a moving force in the dental practice today.  Driven by his goal to put the whole Philippine dental industry on the global map – with dental practitioners who are at par with world standards – Filipinos can now put on a smile, confident in the knowledge that there’s an approachable, affable, and highly-skilled dentist they can turn to for all their oral health needs.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gerald, Matteo, and Paulo’s recipe to sexy with Century Tuna

Last Tuesday April 18, 2017 , Century Tuna once again shares their brand Ambassador's favorites of how they make their own unique way of preparing their kind of recipe that suites their tastes. 

It’s officially summertime! And we can’t think of a better way to get into the groove of things than with the country’s number 1 tuna, Century Tuna, as it presents three “My Recipe to Sexy” dishes from three of the fittest and sexiest actors today, each one with his own distinct handsome looks, unique talents, and personalities!

We all know Century Tuna as the choice of health and fitness buffs, but it is also the favorite of many foodies out there as it’s a great, delicious addition to any dish. So why not have three of the most popular male actors share their favorite, easy-to-prepare and oh-so delicious Century Tuna recipes?

“Like Gerald, Mateo and Paulo, Century Tuna is very versatile,” relates Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Food, Inc. VP & General Manager. ”You can use it in different dishes, allowing you to be creative in creating your own recipe to sexy!”

First, there’s Gerald Anderson. After becoming the Third Big Placer in the first season of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition in 2006, and after a string of television appearances, movie roles, and as part of a popular love team, Gerald proved his acting worth in the gritty, acclaimed film On The Job.

Next, there’s Matteo Guidicelli. Following a decorated stint in the fast lane as a karting racer garnering numerous trophies, Matteo entered showbiz in earnest, attending drama and performing arts school in the United States to further hone his craft. On top of that, he also released his first self-titled album in 2016!

And then of course there’s Paulo Avelino. Considered in the industry as “The Prince of Teleseryes”, Paulo has starred in a number of outstanding indie movie releases, among them Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa which earned for him the Best Actor nod from the prestigious Gawad Urian.

So what brings these 3 fit and sexy gentlemen together this scorching summer, you ask? They’re the latest faces – and hot bods – in the Century Tuna’s newest summer TVC, one that spells fun and fitness by way of its “My Recipe to Sexy” campaign!  For those who’ve not seen the ad which is now airing on primetime TV, it features the trio as “hot cooks” as they respectively present their favorite recipes to a sexy, healthy bod: Tuna Egg Salad Sandwich ala Matteo; Tuna Pancit Canton ala Paulo; and Tuna Silog ala Gerald. All nutritious, delicious, and most of all easy to prepare!

“Breakfast for me is very important,” Gerald shares. “And I wanted a dish that’s a healthier take on the typical Pinoy breakfast so I came up with this super delicious Tuna Silog. “

“I’m always on the go,” Matteo reveals. “I love having a lean sandwich because it’s easy to prepare. Just like my Tuna Egg Salad Sandwich on wheat bread which is healthy yet very satisfying!”

“Tuna Pancit Canton is the ultimate, yummy comfort food – something you can make in a jiffy!” Paulo declares.

In other words, as summer equals frolic and fun under the sun, it doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself just to stay fit and sexy. Thanks to Century Tuna, which is lean and adaptable, you can easily prepare and enjoy a myriad of irresistible meals. And if you can have these hot cooks as fitsperation, even better!

So…this summer…what’s your recipe to sexy?   

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sangobion holds biggest blood health event for new campaign

This year is shaping up to be a big one for anemia-fighting iron supplement, Sangobion IRON+ (Ferrous gluconate+vitamins & minerals). After successful years of helping Filipinos overcome iron deficiency anemia, it recently launched another large-scale campaign featuring its long-time ambassador, Sarah Geronimo. Held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, this record-breaking blood health event, back-to-back with a star-studded concert, was rightfully called “Sulong Dugong Pinoy Blood Health Event.”

The event was an avenue for Filipinos from all over to have their blood checked, in line with Sangobion’s goal of transforming the nation with healthy blood, one person at a time.

Sangobion Sulong Dugong Pinoy is part of Merck Consumer Health’s (maker of Sangobion) WE100 initiative. This aims to help prepare society for a new era of people who live to a hundred years. It is rooted on the belief that living more years should also mean living a life that is healthy and fulfilling. This is the vision for all generations. By offering quality products, providing activities, and holding events such as Sulong Dugong Pinoy, Merck strives to measure up to the WE100 objective of helping society live 100 years.

In the words of Ming Arroyo-Cunanan, Merck Head of Marketing, “The goal is to really push for the importance of having healthy, anemia-free blood. We believe that if every Filipino realizes the power of having healthy blood, then we will be able to take significant steps toward the rise of our nation.”

The MOA Music Hall was jam-packed with attendees of all ages wanting to get their blood checked. Sangobion conducted blood screenings to help people determine if they are at risk of anemia and also gave free consultations. With the support of the Philippine Red Cross, all was well and properly implemented. Pre-show activities included both educational and fun games that everyone enjoyed. Hosted by the lovely Jaimie Fournier, these really got the crowd pumped.

The main event was a visually satisfying concert that filled the hall with great music. Squeals and shrieks conquered the venue as pop newcomers The Juans opened the show. Legendary Pinoy rock band The Dawn took the stage after, performing their hits plus a cover of U2’s Beautiful Day. Of course, it would not have been a trademark The Dawn performance without the crowd favorite, “Salamat” as part of their set.  

It was no surprise that headliner Sarah Geronimo slayed her performance, singing and grooving to her songs in true pop superstar fashion. The excited audience also cheered at the premiere of the Sangobion Sulong Dugong Pinoy Video, and the Pop star Princess’ live rendition of the campaign anthem. (Watch TVC here:

The incredible night ended with a pledge to fight anemia. Sarah thanked everyone at the event and talked about the campaign and its impact on her. “Sulong Dugong Pinoy taught me that change really begins within each of us. Iba po talaga kapag healthy ang blood, mas marami kang pwedeng magawa at nare-realize mo ang potential mo na makatulong sa pagsulong nating lahat.”
Leaving the audience inspired and genuinely empowered, the Sangobion Sulong Dugong Pinoy Blood Health Event has surely sparked a positive change not only in the blood of each individual, but in the Filipino spirit.

For more information on Sangobion #SulongDugongPinoy, go to:

Friday, March 31, 2017

Skin Station Opens another branch at LuckyChina Town Mall Plaza in Binondo and Re-issue its Top 5 Summer Must Haves

Skin Station opens another branch last week at Lucky Mall Plaza at Binondo. Together with its opening Mr. Fred Reyes the CEO and owner of the said discussed with some of the new customers the Top 5 summer must haves. Number 1 in the list is the SUN protection. Dermax offers a sunscreen line formulated for all skin types. UV Milk Anti Aging Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ has a milky touch formula nd provides maximum UVA/ UVB daily sun protection for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin.

Rated "must try" are the innovative DERMAX sunscreen with "water burst" technology that leaves a cooling burst of moisture on your skin. .

Second , Is the Hair Free Skin, This service is Skinstations most  highly popular painless Diode Laser service, the gold standard in laser hair removal, lets you achieve hair free skin with a pain free experience. After completing a multiple session of Diode Laser, program, your skin is guaranteed with permanent hair reduction.

Third. Bikini Ready Body. Achieved beach body with MesoLipo and LipoLight combo treatments for spot fat reduction.They will also help minimize the appearance of cellulite on any part of the body. Add thermashape program to firm and tighten loosed skin.

Fourth. After Sun Nourishment. Staying too long in the sun can make your skin dry and damaged. . Pure bliss 100% Pure Argan Oil from Morocco moisturizes , nourishes and protects from head to toe.

Fifh, Insect Repellant. If youre going to a beach be sure that you are protected against itchy crazy sun flea bites. If you are going on to trekking , insect repellant is a must too. Skin Station offers Naturepel insect repellant spray that is safe and child friendly. It contains Leleshwa oil, a saferand better insect repellent alternative to Deet..

While you enjoy the sun this summer season, never ever neglect your skin . Protect, repair and achieved that perfect summer glow with  DERMAX Professional skin care products and SkinStation's innovative treatments.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

FAST Service and being Trustworthy is their concern @ Zoom Courier,

Zoom Courier one the fastest growing delivery system in the country have started the business with a reason that would make it big in the industry.  Having a core pf value that spells F.A.S.T. which means having Faith in God which is a good foundation of every business or organization , A -Accountability that would make them more reliable even with little things, Security – which make honesty as one of their key principles  in every transactions, and T-as in Trustworthiness as their pool as they do their job whichever task they are assigned.

Just for a period of 1 year , they actually gained respect and business from various organizations and businesses such as Shoppee, Pfizer, Beauty MNL, Storm Benefits, Takatack, Belle de Jour, Cole Vintage, Snug a Hug, Keimav, Magnet Manila, Vapebox ph, Below SRP, and many other brands and even on line personalities that have their products needed to be shipped, or their businesses to go on with reliability because of its Value proposition of making it sure to have the NEXT day delivery, Accurate Status Feedback and No Other Charges , because everything can be picked up within Metro Manila.

They are currently making every transaction done in their Website and every text messages digitally and concise in their system. They have their effective manual process of checking and assuring that they will heed every form of problems they may encounter, 

Yet today, They already have their website for applications and some important matters arising every transaction,  they are in the process of launching their Apps both in Android and IOS making it more systematic and more easier way to be checked and confirmed by their clients.

Furthermore, a company that would care to serve the larger population of every country most of them specially the big ones has proved to succeed and expand in every area they may have conquered. May Zoom proves this as they go on with their goals of YOUR TRUST , OUR BUSINESS.

You may check their Website at
And Follow them on their FACEBOOK ,

Call them of cellphone 0995-135-0340

Saturday, March 18, 2017

From being a number one foreign bank, Citi now aims to be leading digital bank in the Philippines

Last Friday, March 17, 2017, at Discovery Primea Manila , Citi Philippines announces of their institution geared towards digital and paperless submission and approval through their website, 

The country’s leading foreign bank continues its aggressive bid to be the number one digital bank in the country with the launch of new digital partnerships, products and services.

Citi Philippines latest digital innovation comes in the form of online credit card application and approval program, a first in the Philippines.

David Stoughton, Director for Credit Payment Products, briefed members of the media this morning, and said their clients can expect to get credit approval online, after they complete the simplified application form and submit digitized copies of required documents.

“We were one of the first banks to launch an online presence and also one of the pioneers in attracting customers through our website,” recalled Stoughton.  “At that time, we were only capturing the information online when they apply, but the processing still takes place offline including the credit review.  With this latest service, we are excited to break new ground for the industry and deliver another innovation for the Filipino consumer.”

Apply online and get a digitized reward too!
With the digitized application and approval process, a client will know in minutes if he or she is qualified for a Citi credit card.  “This is a game changer as we continue to look at our products and services, and accelerate digitization to deliver remarkable client experiences,” said Stoughton.

Citi also digitized its rewards – clients who prefer to submit applications through promotion booths in shopping centers or travel exhibits because of attractive turn-in gifts will be pleased to discover they won’t be missing out just because they will do it online.

From now until April 30, complete an application online and receive an electronic voucher you can redeem for an Auntie Anne’s pretzel and iced tea. Upon approval, clients who are getting their first Citi credit card and make a purchase of P20,000 or more within 60 days are also eligible to get a Fitbit Charge 2 fitness wristband.

Groundbreaking partnerships with leading digital retailers
Citi also recently unveiled another strategic digital partnership, this time with Amazon.  The Philippines will come next after Thailand where credit card holders can now use their Rewards Points to pay for purchases at 

On average, Citi announced a new digital innovation or partnership fortnightly in the last 12 months across Asia.  During 2016, Citi announced strategic partnerships in leading digital ecosystems across the region. Some of these included Alipay and WeChat in China and Line in Thailand and Taiwan. The bank also formed digital credit card partnerships with the likes of Airbnb and Uber in various countries. The bank’s social media followers in Asia grew from 3million to over 10million during 2016.

In the Philippines, its regional digital partners include: Booky, an offline restaurant finder; Zennya, the world’s first spa on-demand app; Lazada, the leading online shopping mall in the country; and Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, to name a few.

In the country, Citi’s ongoing promotions with leading travel sites including Asiatravel (grab 12% off on hotel bookings until June 30, 2017); Agoda (get 10% off on hotel accommodations year-long); Expedia (enjoy 8% off until October 2017); and Airbnb (on first stay, get P1,800 off until November 15, 2017).

Beyond travel, expect to also enjoy exclusive discounts when shopping online with Citi credit cards.
·         15% off at (until March 31, 2017) and Shipping Cart (for air and shipping fees until July 31)
·         12% off at Zalora year long
·         10% off at until July 31
·         Island Rose extends 10% off year long

Banking on a Digital Future
“Our Consumer Bank business in Asia draws some 20 million visits to our online properties every month and between 90 to 95% of all transactions already happens outside a branch,” Stoughton.  He added that regional figures show one out of every four new credit card accounts acquired comes from digital sources and over 50% of clients are actively using digital banking channels, up from 30% three years ago.

Over the past five years, traffic in Citi branches across Asia has declined 50% as digital transactions grew over 100%. While digital banking is not completely replacing the branch experience, the nature of branch interactions is changing, and Citi’s strategy is now aimed at a combination of bricks and clicks.

“In our drive to digital, we have also become the credit card brand that online and mobile retailers prefer. This initiative presents a bright outlook in a country which greatly embraces the growth of online shopping and lifestyle,” added Stoughton.

Over the last year, Citi launched the newly-refreshed Citi Mobile App in Asia featuring easy-to-use functionality and interfaces such as Snapshot and Touch ID which has seen over 2m million downloads to-date. The bank also was the first to launch Voice Biometrics across the region which has since received more than 700,000 sign-ups from customers with over 1m clients consenting.

“We are focused on becoming the world’s leading digital bank, and we will continue to leverage on our global network for strategic partnerships even as we develop and deliver digital products and services,” said Stoughton.
About Citi
Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management.

Additional information may be found at | Twitter: @Citi | YouTube: | Blog: | Facebook: | LinkedIn:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

McDonald’s 5th National Breakfast Day

Last Monday , March 13, 2017  the 5th National Breakfast Day of McDonald’s invites every early risers to have the ‘best Monday ever’ by stopping by your nearest participating McDonald’s restaurant from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM.

This year, close to 450 participating restaurants nationwide will be giving away free breakfast sandwiches via dine-in or drive-thru. Each customer can either get an Egg McMuffin, a Sausage McMuffin, or McDonald’s newest breakfast offering, the Burgerdesal dine in or dine out.

Every year, McDonald’s extends the experience of National Breakfast Day to groups of early risers , those who are unable to enjoy a good breakfast because they are up earlier than everyone else to work or serve. This year, McDonald’s makes it extra special and pays tribute to those who have helped others welcome new beginnings.

A media briefing was made on Mc Donald's Valero together with brand Ambassadors Mr and Mrs. Dingdong and Mariane Dantes. they helped the branch distributes and making the morning the best ever together with Online bloggers and media practitioners.

To celebrate the beauty of mornings and how they bring forth new beginnings, McDonald’s will release an online video, telling the story of Mrs. Luzviminda Santiago, a public school teacher who dedicated her life to imparting lessons and providing support to students. The video highlights the importance mentors have in enabling and inspiring the community, and hopes to encourage viewers to pay tribute to those who have helped usher in a new beginning for them.

  • Title: “Good Morning, Teacher”
  • Director: Paolo Villaluna
  • Agency: Leo Burnett Manila
  • Production House: Filmex
Mrs. Luzviminda Santiago has been teaching Science at Makati High School since 1993. This July 2017, she will be mandated to retire from 30 years of teaching. According to Mrs. Santiago, she is not yet ready to give up the mantle of teaching because she considers it her life, and her students as her own children. It has always been her dream to teach and despite having to travel from Rizal to Makati for four hours every morning, she feels blessed to be doing what she loves.

Here is the link of the video Good Morning Teacher,

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Luis Manzano is bigger and hotter in new Century Tuna TVC

Last Thursday, March 9, 2017 at Makati City launched the newest endorser of Century Tuna Chili corned and its newest TV commercial with Luis Manzano tagged Mas-Pinalaki  and Ms Pina-Hot.

As Century Tuna introduces its new and improved chili corned tuna- Mas Pinalaki, Mas Pina-Hot but at the same price. Its no surprise that Luis Manzano has been tapped as the brand's newest endorser, with the latest Century Tuna TVC, one that is appropriately fun and humurous showing Him in the middle of shoot, airing in television now.

Consumers of Century Corned Tuna put a premium on value for money and that's why we've introduced this new variant that's bigger and allows for more servings or sharing per can with a hotter flavor that's loved by many, shares Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Food Inc. VP and General Manager. 'To introduced this new variant were excited to welcome Luis Manzano as the newest member of the Century Tuna family, His versatility , lively and fun personality makes him an obvious choice of the brand.'

Coming from the showbiz royalty Luis Manzano has managed to successfully carve a name for himself in the entertainment industry both in the big and small screen. As a versatile actor he has appeared in a string of box-office hits stradding both in comedy and drama. In the Television realm where hes a highly talented host of top rating TV game shows, his will, sense of humor, and instant raport with contestants and the audience cannot denied , earning him  awards and a legion of loyal fans and followers.

And in case you don't notice, Luis is also a fitness buff, wiht his buffled bod, chisled abs , and an overall robust physique. With all these fun and wholesome attributes and more, Luis is truly a perfect fit for Century Corned Tuna which is now Bigger and Hotter!

Bigger because it comes with 25 more grams at the same suggested retail price ! Hotter because of its new and improved flavor that's yummier and spicier!

And as with all Century Tuna variants , you can be assured of only the best quality tuna that is high in protein, low in fat and fortified with Omega 3 and DHA.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Leading Asia Pacific cruise line Star Cruises brings surprises to Filipino globetrotters in Captain’s Night

Travel is the new black now that it has become a huge sensation among the youth and adults alike. Whether it’s a local tour or trip abroad, by road, air or sea, people go out to see and enjoy the world that’s beyond their four walls as the tourism industries develop, growing more efficient and becoming more accessible to the public.

From March 1 to 5, 2017, the leading cruise line in the Asia Pacific, Star Cruises, makes its way to the Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk to showcase its new and available cruise offers and promos especially for the summer. Star Cruises travel agency partners will be at their designated booths by the mall’s entrances to accommodate interested tourists and travelers.

As the company starts off its 5-day promotional event with the launch of Captain’s Night on March 1, guests from the media, and other celebrities and personalities gathered there for a short soiree, along with the new faces of Star Cruises ‘It Boy’ LA Aguinaldo and Miss International 2016 titleholder Kylie Verzosa. Along with them are also Star Cruises Assistant Vice President for Sales Andrea Manzano, and Star Cruises Senior Vice President for Sales Michael Goh who gave a short speech during the program.

The event was also set to celebrate the opening of Star Cruises new homeport in Manila, an achievement that marks the cruise line as the first major one to mainly dock and deploy from the Philippines’ capital region, giving Filipinos the opportunity to reach further destinations in the Asia Pacific much closer from home, while being hassle-free and visa-free.
With the new Manila homeport, Star Cruises has now made new luxury cruise trips available, coming straight from Manila to Laoag, then to Taiwan and Hong Kong starting March 19 to May 23, 2017.

As the season shifts to summer, there is no way to explore and discover what awaits you beyond the shores than onboard the leading cruise line in the Asia-Pacific, Star Cruises.
To know more about Star Cruises, Dream Cruises and its available cruise offers and promos, visit the Star Cruises booth at Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk from March 1 to 5 during mall hours, or visit Star Cruises official website at