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Cynthia Villar: Manny and I are 'Equally Good' in politics

Cynthia Villar: Manny and I are 'equally good' in politics
by Kathlyn dela Cruz,
Posted at 02/26/2013 9:32 PM

MANILA -- Senatorial candidate Cynthia Villar believes she is not
better than her husband, former Senate President Manny Villar, but in
the world of politics, they are "equally good."

"Huwag naman sabihing better, maybe equal," Villar said on ANC's
"Harapan 2013" Tuesday night. "Iba-iba 'yung assignments na napunta sa amin but I think we're
equally good in what we're doing," she added

.Villar, a former representative of Las Piñas, passed laws concerning
the welfare of women, children and family.
She also founded the Villar Foundation which provides livelihood
programs to the poor.

Villar, who is running under the Nacionalista Party, which is allied
with the Liberal Party-led coalition Team PNoy, said she decided to
run for senator in the upcoming mid-term polls. She sees being senator
as an opportunity for her to promote her advocacy.
"I realized siguro maganda ring way ito para ma-promote ko 'yung aking
mga advocacies kung ako ay senador kasi siyempre may mas influence ako
pag senador," she said. 'Misis Hanep Buhay'

The 62-year-old senatorial bet, also known as "Misis Hanep Buhay,"
shared how the Villar Foundation has helped provide livelihood
projects to her constituents in Las Piñas.
"Kasi dito sa Manila, talagang the biggest resource natin ay basura.
'Yun pong naisip namin na libre ang basura, ang raw materials so
tinuruan namin na i-process 'yung raw materials... Labor na lang ang
cost. I provided na the technology," Villar said.

She said she has already supported 111 livelihood projects all over the country.
No to wage hike
Villar expressed concerns over petitions of some groups for a wage increase.
She said that while she is pro-worker, she also wants to maintain the
competitiveness of the country in terms of its products as well as its
labor force.
"Kailangan din naman competitive tayo sa ating mga produkto, maski
'yung ating labor kasi, kung 'di tayo competitive, 'di papasok 'yung
ating mga factories."
"I've always believed that we should meet halfway. Pagbigyan natin ang
mga workers but at the same time huwag naman tayo mawala sa ating
national competitiveness," she said.
Hanep Buhay ads just coincidence
Villar claimed the timing of her foundation's numerous "hanep buhay"
advertisements and her plan to run in the May polls were merely


"Nagkataon lang last year is the 20th anniversary of the Villar
Foundation. Tamang-tama na gusto nilang ipakita  'yung nagawa nila so
they spent on the ads and I'm the  managing director so napasama ako
dun," she said. "Hindi naman against campaign rules 'yun. It's a way of  telling
people what the Villar Foundation has done for the  past 20 years,"
she added.

Leadership Standards in Selecting Candidates for Local and National Elections (PMAP)


Leadership Standards in Selecting Candidates for Local and National Elections

PMAP Press Conference was held last February 28, 2012 at Sofitel Phil Plaza for the purpose of informing the public what’s the right perspective and standards on how to select candidates we will vote and reappoint so that we will have an effective and sound decisions to every needed actions , for every sensitive issues the country are  facing specially with foreign contingencies and other intensive issues within the  local agencies of the government.

Experts from the human resource management field today urged the candidates in the upcoming local and national elections to present their credentials, background and experiences to the people based on the competencies and character required and the roles they will play as leaders of the country.


The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), the premiere organization of people managers and HR practitioners in the country with more than 1,800 member companies and individual members and 22 chapters nationwide, urged the public to evaluate the candidates’ capacity to assume the roles of 1) navigator and captain of the ship, 2) a servant-leader with a genuinely caring heart and work ethic to achieve the goals of government, 3) guardian of the national wealth & resources, 4) captivator to inspire unity, trust & optimism among the people, and 5) mobilizer of concerned government and non government and private sectors to achieve objectives and build consensus.


“Every day, we are already being bombarded with various messages from the candidates as well as from various opinion-makers. We would like to share with the public the behaviors and competencies required in the job as local and national officials to help the voters assess the knowledge, abilities, motivations and personal attributes of the candidates. Hopefully this will help voters ask the right questions and be more discerning about the candidates. ” said Grace C. Sorongon, PMAP President.

PMAP partnered with one of its member companies, SGV- Development Dimensions International, in identifying the framework that shall be used in competency assessment. DDI is one of the pioneers worldwide in the analysis and identification of job competencies. Based on more than 30 years of research and experience in assessment, development, and coaching of senior leaders, DDI helped PMAP identify the roles that characterize senior strategic leadership.

PMAP interviewed past presidents, and other public officials from the executive, legislative and judicial branches, as well as representatives of the media to identify critical incidents that the president as chief executive officer and politician must successfully deal with in order to lead the country. On that basis, the roles were defined as the basis for identifying the intellectual competencies, character traits and political skills required for success in the position.

According to PMAP, elected officials steer the ship of state to arrive at the “destination” of a just & humane society. Based on the in-depth analysis of the country’s complex issues, they must provide a clear vision of where to steer the country and the way to go to that destination.

PMAP also cited that an effective leader should be able to mobilize and lead his jurisdiction and proactively build alliances with concerned sectors to achieve complex objectives and build consensus. He or she must be able to get the support of various interest groups and power brokers in the socio-political and economic arena to get key initiatives implemented.

As servant-leader, PMAP said government officials should be able to sacrifice personal, familial or other vested interests for the common good, display humility and reach out to all sectors, practice good work ethic and learn continuously.

PMAP said given the fractious nature of the Philippine society today where divisiveness tends to get in the way of progress and development, the leaders must be able to win the hearts and minds of an increasingly cynical citizenry, and show consistency in speech and action. As guardian of national wealth, patrimony, and law and order, they should also be able to demonstrate strong political will and be the role model leaders in the fight against graft and corruption.

PMAP strives to mold an enlightened, competent, socially responsible and influential sector of people managers who can effectively participate in nation-building. The group believes that its expertise as human resource management professionals can be best utilized by providing the people with proper guidance in the selection of candidates applying for the job during elections.

As the country adds a new chapter to its rich history this coming May, PMAP will also reach another milestone this year as it prepare for its 50th Annual Conference to be held at the Philippine International Convention Center from September 25-27 with the theme, ”Global Opportunities. Leaping Forward. Defying Limits. (END)

Apollo Lenses and Eyewear Press Launch


The Launching of Apollo eyewear here in the Philippines was proposed on the very week of Chinese New Year and it was on the right time because the said technology seems to be one of the best ever had in graded eyewear  in the country.



Hong Kong Optical Lens Phils., Inc. was established in the year 2000 for the purpose of providing the local optical market with state of the art technology & lenses that were ordered overseas before. The company has invested in a Multi-coating (Anti-Reflective) Laboratory facility which enables patients to get their A.R. coated lenses in a matter of days. In addition to these modern facilities, the company will be providing the local market with the traditional lenses like single vision & bifocal lenses.


It was an entertaining day when one of the host singer of GMA renders songs that is so amazing that you would not seem to expect that he has been capable of.


Their Polycarbonate material is the one that make their product different because it does not only release one color graded lenses but with these technology almost 80% of the lens can have any color you want to have plus the style is so fashionable that it has a different sets of styles be it sporty to a very casual or simple styles ready to fit your kind of lifestyles and pleasures.



Kodak, Seiko & Apollo are among the famous brands that Hong Kong Optical have been distributing here in the Philippines. With their knowledgeable personnel  and  top of the line machines , Hong Kong Optical will keep true to its commitment in providing their clients the best technology the industry may have with the latest type of materials & best fashionable lens for your vision.

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Sugar Leaf


For all Vegetarian out there Sugarleaf is one of the place that you can enjoy eating such a leaf that has a good taste and the one that you will always would like to try and could be one of your favorite  drinks or food for your everyday nutrition.


      IMG_8383 IMG_8385

       IMG_8386  IMG_8390

       IMG_8392  IMG_8398

Their foods are so delicately been prepared to have that authentic and similar taste of the traditional meats but this time they use some engridients that you would’nt distinguish the pork or beef as against their servings. They only used noodles and rice that are brown and is considered wheat grains.

IMG_8419They have a wide array of ingredients and food alternatives that is very  healthy and nutritional which you cannot find on major supermarkets .

IMG_8446 And Lastly, they are in the heart of Makati where almost all of the food chains and resto’s does not care of how the food benefits the body. But this particular building caters on all heath option enthusiasts in every little way they can contribute for humanity and the nation too.

Ginuman Festival invades Cebu


Ginuman Fest’ invades Cebu on March 1.

giorgina wilson

GSM 2013 Calendar Girl Georgina Wilson is joined by Kean Cipriano, Teddy Corpuz, Mcoy Fundales and GSMI Marketing Manager Nelson Elises at the Ginuman Fest press launch

Ginebra San Miguel (GSM) officially opens the summer season with the Cebu leg of its 2013 “Ginuman Fest” concert series on March 1 (Friday) at the Cebu Coliseum.


                       Solenn Heusaff   jhong   

   Rocksteddy  Callalily 2

                        The Itchyworms 3   keny

Cebuanos can look forward to sizzling hot performances from Ginebra San Miguel endorsers The Itchyworms, Rocksteddy, Kenyo, Jhong “sample king” Hilario, Georgina Wilson, and Solenn Heussaff.

The bands will dish out their greatest hits as culled from their impressive catalogues of full-length studio albums, along with covers of current chart-toppers, party anthems, and homegrown hits.

GSMI brand ambassadors Anne Curtis, Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino and Dingdong Dantes will also be gracing the other “Ginuman Fest” legs nationwide.

Cebuanos also stand a chance to win raffle prizes amounting to P100,000 in each leg of the series.

GSMI liquor products such as Ginebra San Miguel, GSM Blue, GSM Blue Light, GSM Blue Flavors, Premium Gin, Gran Matador Brandy, Antonov Vodka as well as Magnolia beverages will be made  available at all the venues.
“Ginuman Fest” will be held at Antipolo (March 9); Pampanga (March 16); Santiago, Isabela (March 22); Kalibo, Aklan (April 12); Dasmariñas, Cavite (April 19); Lipa, Batangas (April 26); Solano, Nueva Vizcaya (May 17), Lucena, Quezon (May 24); Naga, Camarines Sur (May 31), and Metro Manila (June 8).

“Ginuman Fest” is GSM’s way of thanking its millions of kalahi for making its flagship product, Ginebra San Miguel, the world’s largest-selling gin. Ginebra San Miguel was introduced in 1834 and will be celebrating its 180th anniversary in 2014.



FEBRUARY 26, 2013


NP-Team PNoy senatorial candidate Cynthia Villar on Tuesday said she
is  thankful for the encouraging result of the survey after she jumped
to the No. 4 ranking from 8-9 in preference on senatorial candidates
based on the latest survey by Social Weather Station (SWS) covering
the period of February 15-17.

villar 4
            “This further encourages, energizes and inspires me to
bring my message across through my advocacies and platform of
continued service to more people,” said Villar who authored and
sponsored several bills to protect the interests of women, children
and the Filipino family during her stint as congresswoman for nine
            Villar, popularly known as “Misis Hanep Buhay,” has been
campaigning on her platform of providing jobs to the Filipino people
especially women.
            “I am happy that Filipinos appreciate my efforts to help
them,” further stressed Villar, also managing director of  the Villar
            The Villar Foundation has been helping our distressed OFWs
for the over 20 years.
            Villar also thanked the public for the ‘vote of
confidence’ and vowed not only to continue but hasten the delivery of
livelihood projects to provides jobs  and augment the income of
Filipino families./END

Monday, February 25, 2013

TIMEX: Fashion Anytime, Anywhere


Timex: Fashion Anytime, Anywhere


MAKE A SPLASH! The TIMEX Intelligent Quartz Depth Series is a water-resistant watch made to match your enthusiasm. Brave greater heights with its advanced depth sensor and temperature gauge, not to mention its quick-date feature and analog display. Available at Php16,990.00.


BEYOND THE BASICS. Be dapper and stick with the classic, gentleman look with the TIMEX Modern Originals Easy Reader. Charm fashion onlookers with its houndstooth strap and brass case and easily liven up your fashion statement. Available at Php3,990.00.


WITH A BANG! Keep up with the changing of the times with the TIMEX Originals Easy Reader. Designed with a unique gun metal case finish and genuine leather strap, make a bold move with this wrapped around your wrist. Available at Php3,490.00.


SCORE! Amp up your sporty look with the TIMEX Modern Originals Sports Chronograph. Precision and style collide with its up-to-date 1/20 second chrono movement packaged with a silicone strap and aluminum case. Measure up to the man you are and add zing to sportswear. Available at Php6, 490.00.


MAN OF THE HOUR. The TIMEX Weekender Slip Thru sums up the definition of hip and sporty. Add color to your weekend groove and mix your end-of-the-workweek look with its light multi-colored strap, and INDIGLO night-light feature. Available with a price of Php2, 490.00.

Sunday, February 24, 2013







            FORMER Las Pinas Rep. Cynthia Villar, popularly known “Misis Hanep Buhay,”  vowed to push for a legislative measure to make amendments to our Family Code if  she wins a senate seat in the coming May elections.

            “I am  not in favor of passing a divorce law. What I want is to propose changes to our Family Code to make it more adaptable to the problems of ordinary Filipino families,” said Villar who was a member of the House of Representatives for three terms or nine consecutive years.


       Villar said she is running again, this time for senator, because she believes in the reform agenda of President Noynoy Aquino. She also wants to continue her advocacies, among them, the protection of women, children and the family, as the strongest institution of the country.

            During his stint in the House as President of Lady Legislators , Villar had always worked for legislations upholding their  rights and welfare.

            If she becomes senator, one particular focus of her amendments concern the case of  unjust abandonment by a husband of his wife and his children or analogous cases.

            Villar stressed simple mechanisms should be adopted to obligate the husband to  continue  support to his family.

            She said there should no longer be a need for a wife to file an action in court which entails a long and expensive litigation process just to get support for the family.

            “This would definitely be an added burden to the woman who was abandoned by her husband. Imagine the anguish, mental and emotional, and the physical stress  that a wife  has to go through-- going to court while attending to the needs of their children, ” added Villar who was included by the University of the Philippines Los Banos it its “Exclusive List of Distinguished Women.”

            Villar  received from UPLB the unique hibis flower (gumamela) that bears her name in 2011, the ‘Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Cynthia A. Villar.”'

The ‘Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Cynthia A. Villar' has dark orange petals. The flower with a red eye and pinkish halo is the latest hibiscus hybrid to become part of the “Women in Public Service Series.”

Villar was recognized for her invaluable contributions to her home city and country as a legislator and leader, a successful entrepreneur, environmental advocate and exemplary public citizen.

Villar, who described herself as “the loving wife”  of Senator Manny Villar, was a former House Speaker and Senate President, have been blessed with three children: Mark, Las PInas congressman; Paolo, a businessman and Camille, host of Wowowillie.

Villar is running for senator under the Nacionalista Party with the Team PNoy Coalition. (END)

Yoshinoya awards the Top 3 Winners for Gyudon’s eating contest…. and Media’s Top Winner


February 23, 2013, Makati City Philippines, Its a”burp or burst” as Yoshinoya, the country’s most popular fast food chain that specializes in all-time favorite Japanese culinary fare. holds the Grand Finals of its ever popular “Yoshinoya Beef Gyudon Eating Contest today at the New Glorietta activity Center in Makati City.


It was a very exciting day for the 28 contestants that are fighting to championship wanting to win Php 100,000 cold cash for the one who are going to eat more of Yoshinoya’s Beer Gyudon within 15 minutes time For the 2nd Place is Php50,000.00 and the 3rd is Php 25,000.00. Non- winners will get Php 2,000.00 worth of GC’s from Yoshinoya.

        IMG_8908 IMG_8913

         To ease up tensions and let the contestants be more ready  their dancers     prepared number that will give them more courage and .determination to win


To spice up the event even more, the members of media were also given a chance to show their beef-gyudon eating stuff. A separate set of Four (4) contestant from the media – Print, Radio ,TV, and Online, who also competed in separate “media only” qualifying event s will also slug it out as they try to finish as many Yoshinoyas Gyudon Beef Bowls as they can under the same rules. A separate set of prizes  also awaits the grand winner from media

    And another number to spice up the moment with this ladies group . While the tally is being prepared for the batch of winners.



           Third (3rd) place winner


2nd Place Winner

 IMG_9106 1st Place Winner



1st Place on the Media is Florencio Jusay Jr. who finishes his 6 bowls out of 10 in      15  minutes

Congratulations to every winner of the said competition and see you all in the 5th year 2014.

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For more pictures on the event pls. click ,

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GEB Super Club Hosted Wazzup Pilipinas “My Bloggin Valentines” ….


GEB Super Club is one of the newest club in the Metro where people who wants to hang out with their friends and co employees unleash their stressful time in office and their homes.


It was a night full of surprises and fun when the owner gives a Pre Valentine Party at GEB Super Club where most of the people invited are Bloggers and was being invited by Mr. Ross Del Rosario of When in Manila in behalf of Blogapalooza .


This two hand’s on owner are so generous that gives 10 Php 500.00 and 10 Php 1,000.00 cash prizes through draws and some contest that they have prepared. And more minor prizes of  1k GC’s for each guests.

   IMG_7902    IMG_7906 IMG_7955

One of the  video for the ladies beer drinking contest.

Here’s the video for the men’s beer drinking contest.



And the rest enjoy their alloted night of partying and having an open house drinks overflowing of beers, rum cola and other kind of available drinks for the night. It was indeed a night of experience with GEB Superclub and STAFF.

geb wed Almost every night they have their theme like every wednesday they feature car models. And give some perks and many discounts for the night.


A special night for other production outfits such as PHOENIX having Femme Fatale ‘thursday.

gebfri An XRATED Friday for HIP Hops, RNB ect.


A Hip Hop /RNB Top 40 Mashup with DJ Virus


And An All out Sunday with the most popular DJ in the Merro  ilike DJ Sonny Abad ect.

Like them on Facebook , at

For more details and inquiries  or VIP COUCH RESERVATIONS call/text