Thursday, October 27, 2011




It was a  Saturday  afternoon bristling with some rains and sometimes sun brightens,  in the place where Mazdatech carshow in Tendesitas Rosario Pasig where cars of different models especially Mazda and some brands that competes of its looks and styles. I am with three of my IT  companions trying to observed and assessed the kind of cars that has been selected for the competion.


And here are the pictures we have selected who passes our tastes for the technology.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bloggers Night with Sponge Cola

It was a very romantic night and I am amazed at a group of a Rock band that very night  “The bloggers night with the Sponge Cola”  through Orange TV Magazine , and Universal Records ,  because they seem to be so gentle but has a classy but has powerful voice especially the lead singer YAEL. It was nice to know that they are not the typical rock band who are drug dependents, smokers and heavy drinkers. In fact, during the interview Yael the vocalist confesses that he quits smoking for voice enhancements and prolong singing . They can be a role model for their industry and specially for the youth of this age.

sponge cola

Their songs are love songs which has been personally composed yet has its unique touch and mood.Their 4th released album Araw Oras Tagpuan under Universal Records . But the band is not content to rest on is laurels yet, this is just the beginning. Composed of Yael Yuzon (vocals/guitar), Erwin Armovit (lead guitar), Gosh Dilay (bass) and Tedmark Cruz (drums), Sponge Cola has always made its presence felt since breaking the local music scene in 2002 via Madonna’s Crazy for you.
In the past nine years, Sponge Cola has gone from nowhere to full-pledged phenomenon on the strength of its three best-selling albums. Palabas (2004), Transit 2006 and Sponge Cola 2008. Only one of the few bands that couldn’t help but hit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sarap at Home with friends c/o San Marino and GMA TV








Entertaining impromptu guests? Dealing with fussy eaters? Living on a budget? Working at warp speed and need a faster-than-ever dish that’s sure to impress? In the fourth installment of Sarap at Home on GNTV11, expect delicious answers and quick fixes to all these and to your other cooking dilemmas!



This season, resident host Sam Oh will be joined by actress Jackie Rice, hunky model Fabio Ide, and funny man Ramon Bautista to give everyone an exhilarating time episode after episode. What else makes the new season stand out? Sam says, “We’re giving the show a bit of a sitcom approach now while still highlighting the many recipes our viewers can create with San Marino products. The unpredictable twists and reveals that are going to happen in Sarap at Home are something to watch out for. With that and the addition of Jackie, Fabio, and Ramon, it’s definitely going to be a really, really exciting show to watch!”



Witness how these four get intertwined in each other’s lives—Sam falls for her gorgeous neighbor Fabio, who has a crush on her pretty probinsyana cousin Jackie, while comic Ramon is in love with Sam! Who will end up with whom? Better stay tuned!



Tons of incredibly simple, easy-to-prepare, and budget-friendly recipes will surely wow you this season. And all of these dishes are deliciously created with: San Marino Corned Tuna, the number #1 corned tuna in the Philippines, the fiery San Marino Chili Corned Tuna, the full-packed meal San Marino Tuna Paella, and their newest product innovation, the ready-to-eat, no-need-to-fry San Marino Tuna Embutido.
Definitely, turning everyday meals to gourmet meals are made delectably easy and speedy with San Marino! Each product is also rich in Omega-3 and DHA which is good for the brain and heart. So whether you’re in the mood for cooking and creating new delicious dishes with San Marino, all you need is to catch each episode of Sarap at Home to learn a valuable tip or two on cooking.





Another thrilling twist to the show’s new season and wonderful news to those keen on starting up their own businesses: CDO Foodservice will also be sharing helpful tips on how to set up your own food businesses. Be your own success story too by learning important business trade secrets, quality food products, and business start-up solutions that will be generously shared by the CDO Foodservice throughout the season. CDO Foodservice will surely be a huge help in making your dreams of owning and running a business come true, whether you are planning to start up a small business, looking for a foodservice partner or have a food product you want to conceptualize and develop. CDO Foodservice has always believed in making things happen and with their help, so should you.


To give a firsthand experience of Sarap at Home and San Marino’s and to kickstart the new season, several bloggers and members of the press had been invited last October 18, 2011 for an afternoon of food, fun, and surprises! A cooking demo, delectable food tasting, games, and tons of prizes, plus a screening of an episode of Season 4 made it an event filled with not just entertainment but helpful tips in the kitchen. The whole crew—Sam, Jackie, Fabio, and Ramon—were also present during the event.


Sarap at Home Season 4 will surely shake up your cooking routine and wake up your taste buds. Get ready for flavor-filled episodes and be part of the everyday lives, struggles, and triumphs of Sam, Jackie, Fabio, and Ramon. Plus, whet your appetite with these four exciting products—San Marino Corned Tuna, San Marino Chili Corned Tuna, San Marino Tuna Paella, and San Marino Tuna Embutido—everyday! Can’t have enough of the Sarap at Home and San Marino duo? Make sure to catch Sarap at Home on GNTV11 Channel from Mondays to Sundays.

Friday, October 14, 2011






nasty  time keeper



It’s a race against time for two young fugitives in a society where time is the currency and there is never enough of it in the philosophical action thriller “In Time.” Starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried with Olivia Wilde, Cillian Murphy and Alex Pettyfer, “In Time” clocks in a world where which people stop aging at 25. From that point onward they have to buy, borrow or steal time in order to stay alive. Every second counts. For the poor like Timberlake’s Will Salas, life is a constant struggle for survival, while the wealthy have enough time to live forever.

Falsely accused of murder and on the run, Will (Timberlake) meets the rich and beautiful Sylvia (Seyfried). Together the charismatic pair is trying to bring down the corrupt system. The world created by director Andrew Niccol in “In Time” is corrupt and unjust. For the poor it is a daily battle to acquire enough time to stay alive. The rich on the other hand have centuries and can potentially live forever. There is a yawning gap between the haves and have-nots.


nasty  time keeper2


Sylvia and Will are running for their lives – not just to find enough time to make it through another day, but from the Timekeepers out to capture the fugitive duo. “Timekeepers keep the system running; they actually keep time,” says Niccol. “And our principal antagonist, Timekeeper Leon, is not really a villain. He is just a bureaucrat, an authority figure who has allegiance to no one, rich or poor. His only allegiance is to minutes and seconds. He believes (or has to believe) that you are either working for the system, or you need to be eliminated.”


nasty  time keeper3


For the role of the Timekeeper Leon the filmmakers cast another “old soul,” Cillian Murphy. Murphy acknowledges the circumstances of his character – “he’s a cop charged with keeping this system going” – but the actor finds the deeper layers of Leon more compelling to play: “What’s great about the character is that he is a contradiction, because he’s actually from that same ghetto where Will lives. Deep down, he knows that it’s a corrupt system, and yet he’s decided to accept that and pursue his goal of keeping time. He’s a very kinetic and focused character, and for him it’s just about constantly moving forward. I think he’s suppressed all of his past. What I liked about the writing is that Will and Leon, they’re the flip side of each other. It’s just different paths having been taken. This is the path he’s chosen, and he suppresses all of the misgivings and issues he has with this system. He’s tried to leave them behind over the course of his life.”

As with the classic archetypal chase – the hunter and the hunted – so beautifully realized in, for example, The Fugitive, a bond forms as the chase quickens. Murphy adds, “Not only does Leon realize he’s from the same side of the tracks as Will, but there is a sense of history; Leon knew Will’s father. I think over the course of the story, they gain a respect for each other.”

Part of the menace of Dayton, apart from the possibility of timing out should one not amass a day’s wages, is the presence of Minute Men, who are thieves out to steal time. Alex Pettyfer portrays Fortis, the leader of the Minute Men – a refined 75-year-old psychopath (who of course looks 25). “Because of the character’s age, he’s quite articulate,” says Niccol. “He has more sophisticated taste in clothing than a younger man would have. That makes him seem different from the younger characters.”

Pettyfer offers, “Fortis is a bruiser, though not without a certain elegance. And he’s just a complete psycho, and crazy-hungry for time. I think the scariest thing about him is that he feels he has nothing to lose. He just doesn’t care. He’s just now gone completely insane and is on a rampage for more time.”

The actor enjoyed his trip to the dark side, finding it a liberating experience: “You can’t do everything you want playing a villain, but you have room to create. And I think that’s the most attractive thing about playing a character like Fortis; it’s that you can build so many layers with him.”

Riveting action thriller “In Time” opens October 28 in cinemas from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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