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CFA Institute Recognizes May as ‘Putting Investors First’ Month



A nation to be considered on the way into its progression specially in economics should have this kind of financial awareness specially on stocks  and its potentials on every  class we have had in our society, and it is just timely to have this bunch of professionals moving out on their comfort zones having a group that would help every professionals , businessman to journey with them toward financial success and its secrets.

Global association leads movement of trusted investment professionals that put investor interests first.

CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence, will recognize May as Putting Investors First Month. This marks the second year of this annual awareness campaign and builds on the success of May 2014, when activities took place in 58 cities globally by member societies representing more than 60,000 investment professionals. The initiative aims to unite investment professionals in a commitment to place investor interests above all others.

Throughout the month, many of the organization’s 144 member societies worldwide will host local events and call attention to the needs and rights of investors by endorsing the Statement of Investor Rights, a list of ten rights that any investor should expect from financial service providers.

CFA Society Philippines will host the Philippine Retail Conference 2015 on May 16, 2015 at the SMX Taguig Convention Center. This conference, which provides education to over 600 retail investors is in collaboration with the Central Bank of the Philippines, Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Trade and Industry, ABS-CBN News Channel, The Global Filipino Investors, Fund Managers Association of the Philippines, Trust Officers Association of the Philippines, Money Market Association of the Philippines, Asian Institute of Management, and Ateneo de Manila University.


April Tan, president of CFA Society Philippines said that, “The conference aims to increase the financial knowledge of individual Filipino investors in today’s dynamic market. With the theme ‘Secure Your Future Now,’ the conference will highlight the key principles and practices that will help individual investors reach their retirement goals.”

“Investors, however, commit one or more common investor mistake, wherein one individual often proves to be their own enemy which may lead to dramatic impact on overall returns. We would like to address this issue, and many more, on the upcoming financial conference,” Tan adds.

As part of Putting Investors First campaign, CFA Institute has listed down 12 common mistakes investors make. The association warns individual investors to be cautious of their investment decisions to avoid these seemingly simple yet impactful missteps.

1. No investment strategy

Every investor should form an investment strategy that serves as a framework to guide future decisions. A well-planned strategy takes into account several important factors, including time horizon, tolerance for risk, amount of investable assets, and planned future contributions.

2. Invest individual stocks instead of a diversified portfolio of securities

Investing in an individual stock increases risk versus investing in an already-diversified mutual fund or index fund. Investors should maintain a broadly diversified portfolio incorporating different asset classes and investment styles. Failing to diversify leaves individuals vulnerable to fluctuations in a particular security or sector.

3. Investing in stocks instead of in companies

Investing is not gambling and shouldn’t be treated as a hit-or-miss proposition potential. Analyze the fundamentals of the company and industry, not day-to-day shifts in stock price.

4. Buying High

The fundamental principle of investing is buy low and sell high. Others at risk for “buying high” are those who follow investment fads, buying the “popular” stocks of the day. Typically, these investments become fashionable for brief periods, leading many to invest at the height of a cycle or trend—just in time to ride it downward.

5. Selling Low

The flip side of the buy-high-sell-low mistake can be just as costly. Keep in mind that not every investment will increase in value and that even professional investors have difficulty beating the S&P 500 index in a given year. Always have a stop-loss order on a stock. It’s far better to take the loss and redeploy the assets toward a more promising investment.

6. Churning your investments

Too-frequent trading cuts into investment returns more than anything else. A study by two professors at the University of California at Davis examined the stock portfolios. The study found that, without transaction costs, these investors received a 17.7% annualized return, which was 0.6% per year better than the stock market itself. But, after transaction costs were included, investors’ returns dropped to 15.3% per year, or 1.8% per year below the market. Again, the solution is a long-term buy-and-hold strategy, rather than an active trading approach.

7. Acting on “tips” and “soundbites”

Listening to the media for their sole source of investment thinking rather than pursuing a professional relationship with an advisor is a far too common investor mistake. While breaking news and “insider tips” may seem like a promising way to give your portfolio a quick boost, always remember you are investing against professionals who have access to teams of research analysts.

8. Paying too much in fees and commissions

Incredibly, investors are often hard-pressed to cite specifics on the fee structure employed by their investment service provider, including management fees and transactions costs. Investors should, as a precondition to opening an account, make sure they are fully informed as to the associated expenses that accompany every potential investment decision.

9. Decision-making by tax avoidance

While individuals should be aware of the tax implications of their actions, the first objective should always be to make the fundamentally sound investment decision. Some investors, rather than pay a large capital gains tax, will allow the value of shares in a well-performing stock to grow so large it accounts for an inordinate percentage of their overall portfolio.

10. Unrealistic expectations

It is important to take a long-term view of investing and not allow external factors cloud actions and cause you to make a sudden and significant change in strategy. Comparing the performance of your portfolio with relevant benchmark indexes can help an individual develop realistic expectations.

11. Neglect

Individuals often fail to begin an investment program simply because they lack basic knowledge of where or how to start. Likewise, periods of inactivity are frequently the result of discouragement over previous investment losses or negative growth in the equities markets.

12. Not knowing your real tolerance for risk

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as risk-free investing. Determining your appetite for risk involves measuring the potential impact of a real dollar loss of assets on both your portfolio and your psyche. In general, individuals planning for long-term goals should be willing to assume more risk in exchange for the possibility of greater rewards. However, don’t wait until a sudden or near-term drop in the value of your assets to conduct an evaluation of your level of tolerance for risk.

“We aspire to build and lead the investment management profession. To do this, we must continue to stand together for what is right, and in investors’ best interests. All investors have the right to be served by professionals who act as stewards of their savings,” said Paul Smith, CFA, president and CEO of CFA Institute.

Smith added that, “By supporting Putting Investors First Month, we want to inspire our community to make real impact and foster a market environment where investors can thrive.”


About CFA Institute

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. The organization is a champion for ethical behavior in investment markets and a respected source of knowledge in the global financial community. The end goal is to create an environment where investors’ interests come first, markets function at their best, and economies grow. CFA Institute has more than 129,000 members, including 122,000 CFA charterholders, in 145 countries and territories and 144 member societies. For more information, visit

About Putting Investors First Month: May 2015

Putting Investors First Month is a global initiative created to encourage financial professionals to place the interests of investors above their own, and build awareness of the duty to protect investor interests. The event is presented as a collaborative effort by societies of CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. Putting Investors First Month is part of the Future of Finance project, a long-term global effort to shape a trustworthy, forward-thinking financial industry that better serves society.

Monday, April 27, 2015




April 14 saw the culmination of the newest pageant for men in the country when 4 candidates were announced as the winners of the first ever Mister United Continents Philippines 2015 Pageant.


winners in close up

In a spectacular show held at the Tanghalang Pasigueňo in Pasig City. 4 men were proclaimed winners:

winners in formal

Reynaldo Ruiz Cataluňa III from Angono, Rizal was named the first ever Mister United Continents Philippines 2015 and will represent the country at the first ever Mister United Continents 2015 Pageant here in Manila, Philippines on May 2015.

Winning Mr. Universal Ambassador Philippines 2015 was Cris Edwin Navarro from Nueva Ecija province. He will compete at the 2015 Mr. Universal Ambassador Pageant which will be held in Bali, Indonesia this coming September 2015.

Mark Andrew Baron from Navotas City won the title of Mr. Real Universe Philippines 2015 and will represent the country in the 2015 Mr. Real Universe Pageant which will take place in Guayaquil, Ecuador this coming October 2015.

Capping the new title-holders is Ricardo De Jesus of Candaba, Pampanga who won the title of Mr. Global International Philippines 2015 and will compete in Toronto, Canada this coming August 2015.

13 (1)

Completing the list of this year’s winners are: Danilo Magtoto Jr. of Angeles City, Pampanga who was named first runner-up; Reuter Hanz Velano of Cebu City, second runner-up; Michael John Lumibao of the Filipino Community of USA, third runner-up and Bon Edouard Quinto of Naga City, Camarines Sur, fourth runner-up. The remaining finalists were also given regional titles: Jeric Gines of Candon City, Ilocos Sur as Mister United Continents Philippines Metro Manila 2015; Alexis Francis Martinez as Mister United Continents Philippines Luzon 2015; Christopher Joshua Ibaňez as Mister United Continents Philippines Visayas 2015 and Nikko Abdul as Mister United Continents Philippines Mindanao 2015.

“This has been truly a wonderful event and I am very happy to welcome the new kings who will fly our country’s colors internationally,” exclaimed Mylene Miranda, President and CEO of Mister United Continents Inc. and Blue Circle Events and Management, organizer of the pageant.

The pageant was also made special with the appearance of International Male Pageants Organization (that also owns Mr. Universal Ambassador) owner Edin Muhammad and Gil Wagas, Mister International 2013 Fourth Runner-up.

The 2015 Mister United Continents Philippines finals was presented by Blue Circle Events and Management with major sponsors, media partners and fashion designers –

Major Sponsors:

Akira, SumoSam, Banzai, Murrays’s New Orleans, Seafood Island, David’s Salon, Palladium, Prime Superclub, Fisher Mall, Paragon Place, Golden Success Flight Attendant School, Crosswinds Ocean Adventure Travel & Tours, Vasquez Skin & Body Center, Neva Trade Corp., Dickies, DERMCARE, Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass, Spectrum11, White Palace Spa, Manny’s Dermaesthetics Facial Center, Bioessence, Lunula, Nailogy, Enjoy Philippines Dental Focus, Botanica Verde, Sundance, Fashion Exchange, One Team Global Solutions, Success Lounge International, Mondex Professionals, Association of Creative Artists Inc., Black Ant Lensman, Zen Zest, Calcium-Cee, Informatics, Genesis, Honarable Glenn Aparis.


Albert Andrada, Edwin Uy, L.A. Ardemer, Nere Ku, Robert Dimacali, Rodell Salvador, Olan Roque, Sonyboy Mindo, Rosstomize and Noel Inez.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Caltex provides the Ultimate Engine Protection with its Latest Havoline Engine Oil Products



Caltex trusted Havoline brand introduces its latest Havoline ProDS Fully Synthetic ECO S SAE 5W 30, Havoline Synthetic Blend SAE 5W-30 and Havoline Super 4T Synthetic Blend SAE 1-W-40 lubricants, providing the ultimate protection for your engine.

Manila, Philippines, April 14, 2015- Chevron Philippines Inc., re-launches one of its oldest and most celebrated Blend SAE 5W-30 and Havoline Super 4T Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-40, which will be available in selected Caltex stations, Auto Supply stores and Car Workshops.


Michelle Sayat, Marketing Manager- Lubricants added, “Drivers today want to protect what really matters the investment they made in their vehicles and its performances. Our latest introduction, Havoline with Deposit shield technology, provides a proven solution that helps to maintain engine performance, preserves engine life, while maximizing fuel economy. The new labels complement and give a fresh and eye-catching look along with a modern packaging design. As technology progresses and our customers continue to explore and purchase different vehicle types they can be assured that Havoline’s engine oils are developed to address the needs of all drivers so they can enjoy their journey better.”

Havoline with Deposit Shield Technology

The advanced additives in Caltex Havoline with Deposit Shield Technology work with each other to protect  the engine, It works immediately upon contact with moving parts of the engine to deliver a protective coating that effectively shields engines from deposits, metal-to-metal contact, corrosive agents and the extreme temperatures of combustion. This layer of protection works hard to maintain a clean, smooth running engine for optimum protection and performance.


The new labels design focused on the benefits of protection and showcass the rebranding of Havoline fully synthetic range. Havoline brands promise to “Protect What Matters” is reinforced by the larger shield icon  on the label and the new fully synthetic range underscores the professional level of protection that the brand offers through its Deposit Shield Technology.

These latest additions complement the rest of Caltex Havoline product line, recognized by drivers as the leading motor oil brand with innovative breakthrough technology since it was introduced in 1904.

About Chevron Phils. Inc.

Chevron Philippines Inc. has been operating in the country for more than 90 years. Caltex its retail brand, offers high quality products and services. There are close to 700 service stations strategically scattered throughout the Philippine archipelago and employees working in several areas of business such as Marketing, Lubricants and Terminal operations. The Chevron producst that are available in the Philippines include Caltex with Techron fuel and Caltex Diesel with Techron D, Havoline and Delo oils. More information on Chevron Philippines Inc. is available at

Friday, April 17, 2015

Marian Rivera is the New 555 KumpleTuna Endorser




In a new TV commercial for 555 Tuna, the Kapuso Primetime Queen describes her married life as happy and complete.

“KumpleTuna ang buhay ko!” exclaims Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera in her new TV commercial (TVC) for 555 Tuna.

Marian, who got married in a highly anticipated ceremony late last year, is obviously glowing with happiness in the new TVC, which featured her enjoying wedded bliss. Here, she is seen preparing a meal for two using 555 Tuna, the brand that is complete given its delicious mix of tuna and vegetables in a flavorful sauce. It is also complete in offering a wide range of lutong-bahay flavors. In short, KumpleTuna!

“Super happy ako to be chosen as the new face of 555 Tuna. Lumaki kasi ako sa Lola ko na lagi akong ipinagluluto, so ngayong may asawa na ako, sobrang namimiss ko ang lutong-bahay. Thankfully, sa 555 Tuna, nahanap ko yung lasang ‘yon – yung 555 Tuna Afritada nga, halos katulad nung afritada ni Lola!” said Marian. “Mas convenient pa especially pag nasa tapings dahil naka-easy open can siya.”


Greg Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Food Inc., the company behind 555 Tuna, also expresses joy in having Marian serve as the brand’s newest ambassador. “555 Tuna has found the perfect endorser in Marian Rivera, who is famous not only for her beauty and sass, but also for her genuine love for cooking. She is in fact taking cooking classes and likes posting photos of her dishes, and we’re definitely excited to see 555 Tuna gracing her dining table.”

In the new 555 Tuna TVC which will soon air on primetime TV, Marian can be seen preparing a home for two – adding a second towel for her bathroom, setting the table for a dinner for two and of course, a KumpleTuna dish for the man in her life whose arrival is signaled by the sound of a doorbell, “Ding-dong!” Finally, Marian exclaims, “Ayan na siya, My KumpleTuna!”

Like Marian Rivera, Pinoys can enjoy 555 Tuna’s lutong-bahay sarap which is available in 12 delicious variants: The best-selling blue line - Afritada, Caldereta, Adobo, and Mechado; the green line, featuring Bicol Express, Lechon Paksiw, and Sisig; and orange line, featuring Flakes in Oil, Hot & Spicy, Sweet & Spicy, Corned Tuna, and Chili Corned Tuna.

Delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare, 555 Tuna is truly Marian’s – and every Pinoy’s – KumpleTuna!

Reminiscing Hotel Bella Monte, Away from the Noise of the City

It was during Holy week of 2015 where we find a place , a Hotel, a fortress  not so far from the Metro where most of the clients are foreigners , foreign families and couples who just want to rest,  stay away from the noise of the city and make the day memorable for the stay they made in a day or even a week..
Nowadays,  there’s a lot of Hotels we see around who just gives simple and just a place to sleep , yet cannot give us the aura and experience of having to really rest  and find peace with the kind of surroundings and community you have chosen.
Though the place is old-fashioned the elegance and its authentic furniture’s which cannot be discounted in any way. It’s a Spanish type of furnishings that has been kept and take cared of for decades.
The pool is absolutely good and was perfectly made for quantity of people specially the children who wants to enjoy the hot summer temperature .
The room is perfectly fit for couples with an extra bed for a kid or a relative that  have joined the travel. I personally recommend Hotel Bella Monte near Bo. Baretto in Olongapo City.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Early diagnosis, Treatment best Prevention for Colorectal, Lung Cancers



The Medical City offers comprehensive diagnosis, treatment modalities for colorectal, lung cancer

There’s a saying that Prevention is better than Cure, and for this matter Having a good kind of program for the kind of disease and sickness is one of the most recommended places to go to  and be helped so that proper maintenance and care will once be implemented for,  specially when it comes with Cancer . Medical City is the first medical centers who have make it one of their objectives so that growing types of Filipinos who develops cancer be it in any kind of status and criteria will have the kind of methods that will helped them lived longer and fight it gracefully.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for its successful treatment. Recognizing the warning signs of cancer and taking prompt consultation usually leads to early diagnosis and treatment. Providing health professionals and the public with an awareness of the early signs of cancer will have a great impact in addressing the illness. In fact, early diagnosis is relevant to specific types of cancer, namely those affecting the breast, cervix, mouth, larynx, colon and rectum, lung and skin.

Cancer Research UK, a leading global charity dedicated to beating cancer through research, says the early diagnosis of cancer means it can be easily removed or treated. The late diagnosis of cancer makes treatment difficult and lowers a person’s chances of surviving the illness. It estimates that as much as 10,000 deaths from cancer could be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment.

The Philippine Cancer Society lists lung cancer as the leading cause of deaths from cancer in the country. In 2010, a total of 11,458 cases were reported, while there were 9,184 deaths. Colorectal cancer, on the other hand, ranks no.4 in terms of cancer deaths. In the same year, 5,787 cases were recorded, while deaths due to colorectal cancer reached 3,060 cases.

The Medical City Cancer Program

The Medical City (TMC) Cancer Program, organized in 2006, adopts a unique multidisciplinary team approach to cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and management. It applies innovative molecular technologies in diagnosis and treatment for a truly customized and personalized care.

With a full appreciation that no two individuals are alike, regardless of similarities between two patients diagnosed with the same type of cancer, TMC Cancer Program applies an individualized approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment based on the patient’s profile and history.

With this, a personalized treatment plan according to the profile and preferences of the patient is developed by a multidisciplinary team. The highly trained medical team includes cancer specialists, nurses and other specialized health care professionals. Family members are also an important part of this. Central to everyone, the focus of our cancer program is the patient.

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is among the top five most common cancers in the country today. Recent studies showed that the Philippines has a higher colorectal cancer mortality compared to other countries. Colorectal cancer is cancer that starts in either the colon or the rectum.

Colorectal cancer ranks fourth among cancer-related deaths in Filipinos. According to the Philippine Cancer Society, Inc., almost 75 percent of the individuals affected were aged 50 and above, while only about three percent were children 14 years old and below. It is estimated that one out of 1,800 Filipinos will develop the cancer yearly.

Dr. Ramy Roxas, head of TMC’s Colorectal Clinic, says, “With good screening and early diagnosis, 90 percent of colorectal cancers are curable."

Early screening and a multi-modality treatment such as chemotherapy, pre-operative radiotherapy and surgery are among the factors responsible for improving colorectal cancer outcomes.

TMC’s Colorectal Clinic offers cancer-screening tests, including FOBT, diagnostic and therapeutic flexible sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy. “Colonoscopy is one of the most unloved cancer tests, but it can save lives. It is the most accurate test for colorectal cancer,” says Dr. Roxas.

He explains a fecal occult blood test (FOBT) is recommended for everyone aged 50 and above. This test should be done every year after age 50. The other alternative is to undergo colonoscopy every five to 10 years. Those with a strong family history of colorectal cancer or those with two or more family members who had the disease should be screened earlier, ideally 10 years before the age of diagnosis of their relatives with colorectal cancer.

In fact, the WHO says research on the efficacy of FOBT for screening saw a reduction of up to 20 percent in colorectal cancer mortality from biennial screening, and a greater reduction as a result of annual screening.

TMC’s Colorectal Clinic provides expert diagnoses and multimodality treatments for colorectal cancer, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. The clinic promotes minimally invasive procedures for early cases, as well as radical operations for advanced and recurrent cases. Laparoscopic surgery, trans-anal endoscopic microsurgery, and robotic-assisted surgery are among the minimally invasive procedures being offered by the clinic.

Among all private hospitals in the Philippines, TMC’s Colorectal Clinic has performed the greatest number of preoperative chemo-radiotherapy for rectal cancers and minimally invasive laparoscopic colorectal cancer procedures, including robotic surgery. It also boasts the greatest number of patients in a private hospital setting with complete pathologic response following neoadjuvant chemo-radiotherapy for rectal cancer, and the highest anal sphincter.

TMC’s Colorectal Clinic also caters to patients with anorectal diseases, such as hemorrhoids, perianal infection, fistula, fissures, and fecal incontinence to name a few. It offers various treatment options for hemorrhoids, such as rubber band ligation, transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD), and stapled hemorrhoidectomy, which are proven to be less painful procedures than traditional surgery.

The Medical City’s Colorectal Clinic is managed by a nationally renowned team of board-certified experts. It is located at the second floor of the Nursing Tower. For details, call 988-1000 or 988-7000 ext. 6214.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide in both men and women, with more than one million deaths recorded annually. However, most cases are detected during their advanced stages when patients are already symptomatic, and their chances of survival are very low.

TMC has a Lung Cancer Program that aims to detect the disease early in high-risk individuals and to provide optimal options for management of both early and advanced stages.

Among the latest options TMC uses for screening lung cancer is the Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS), a state of the art minimally invasive procedure used in the diagnosis of lung cancer, infections, and other inflammatory diseases in the chest. Presently, TMC is the first and currently the only hospital in the country to offer EBUS.

“With EBUS as an additional diagnostic option for high-risk patients, we are expecting to increase detection rates of early stage lung cancer, which may be salvageable by surgery and has good prognosis. In addition, EBUS can aid in the diagnosis of benign diseases that need specific pathologic confirmation,” says Dr. Christine Chavez, interventional pulmonologist and head of the Lung Unit of TMC Center for Cancer Care and Research. 

EBUS assists patients and doctors by shortening the time from diagnosis to treatment. EBUS is a procedure that incorporates ultrasound technology in bronchoscopy. By means of a small video device, it allows bronchoscopists to view lung abnormalities through and beyond the surface of the airways for real-time image guidance during procedures; hence, higher degree of diagnostic accuracy and safety is possible.

With real-time imaging and ultrasound guidance, doctors can map, evaluate, and safely biopsy tumors and lymph nodes. This procedure is called EBUS-transbronchial needle aspiration, or EBUS-TBNA, which results in accurate diagnosis and staging of the lung cancer and detection of other causes of pulmonary mass such as tuberculosis, sarcoidosis and lymphoma.

Among the medical professionals leading the TMC Cancer Center are:

Dr. Daniel Alonzo, TMC Cancer Center head;

Dr. Christine Chavez, Lung Cancer Program head; and,

Dr. Ramy Roxas, Colorectal Clinic head.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Ms. Teen Earth and Little Miss Earth 2015: A Worthy Cause



Ms. Teen Earth and Little Ms. Earth marks its 2nd year and today a batch of beautiful and talented candidates that has been selected all over the archipelago to be trained and moreover be one of the advocates of the Earth and having it  being take cared of specially for this day and age.

After months of searching, we have found the 40  young earth champions with the heart of service, love, humility and the values of non-violence.

Those young ladies from all over the archipelago are not only be beauty queen hopefuls but the young earth advocates with a passion for the conservation, preservation and protection for the environment .

Spearheaded by Captured Dream Entertainment Productions, Miss Teen Earth Philippines & Little Ms. Earth Philippines is the leading pageant that provides World Class Beauty Pageants for young women.


Now on its second year, the Miss Teen Earth and Little Ms. Earth pageant promises to become bigger and brighter while staying true to it’s roots a goal of uniting Filipinos to become active guardians of the environmental treasures of the Philippines.


After the first leg of activities for this month of April, we will be sending them home to their respective provinces so that they can start their chosen environmental advocacy. They must execute this advocacy in their local community before they all head back to Metro Manila for the road to the coronation.

This year, the grand coronation night will once again be televised on GMA-7.

As our journey begins anew, we continue to believe in the beauty and potential of today’s youth to make a difference and to inspire change.

As your journey begins anew, we continue to believe in the beauty and potentials of today’s youth to make a difference and to inspire change.

For more details please visit  :



For more pictures on the said event pls click this link, tps://

Friday, April 3, 2015

New Samsung Digital Appliances : A Perfect Fit for Every Filipino Family



Last week,  Samsung recently staged Made to Fit: A Musical at Blue Leaf Events Pavillion in Taguig City to launch their latest digital appliances line-up and showcase how each appliance perfectly fits every kind of family.

Filipino Family is known for its continued adaptability. As life keeps going faster, household have evolved with breakneck pace but never sacrificing what keeps families together- Love, with this springs forward the continuous   search of innovations that would contribute to making a happy home.

Building a happy home cannot be achieved overnight. It traces back from two individuals deciding to share and build life together. Their experiences as young professionals  may come handy as they mature and settle in their married life. Married life however, tackles various stages- from adjusting during the early years of marriage , to preparing for the arrival of their children , managing the expanded family and its needs , and so on.


Samsung Electronics understands life stages and adapts to the evolving consumer need along with it. In-depth understanding of these concerns propels them to fulfill the goal

of being an integral partner in addressing the wants and needs of Filipino families to build happier homes.


“We decide to introduce our products differently and creatively to demonstrate how Samsung Digital Appliances innovation keeps up with changes in the consumers life stages,

from being independent yuppies, to getting married, and eventually starting a family,” Jun Filart, Business Unit Head  of  Samsung Digital Appliances said, “This shows that

Samsung Digital Appliances are the answer to the ever evolving needs and diversity of the Filipino Families”.

Like them on Samsung PH.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pro Earth Run 2015 sets on April 25, 2015



Lets once again do our part in helping our mother earth and celebrating it with the world of how we can maintain and prolong its life and its inheritance by doing certain rules and obvious standards that may hamper some industries yet so important to execute.

Last March 31, 2015 Pro Earth day Run was launched at Merrell at Market Market BGC, this run was graced by none other than the Chairman Dr. Metodia Palaypay and DENR Director for Strategic Communication Jesus Enrico Moises.


“The future of humanity is everyone ’s responsibility. This is why we never get tired of telling people that Earth Day must be everyday, everywhere, for everyone,” said Earth Day Network Philippines Chairman, Dr. Metodio Palaypay.

Palaypay underscored the critical role of media in bringing out the message of earth care to the public when he addressed the press and bloggers at Merrell Concept Store, Market!Market! Bonifacio Global City in a media briefing for Pro Earth Run 2015. In the end, he entreated the members of the press, “Into your hands, I commit Mother Earth.”


Meanwhile, DENR Director for Strategic Communication and Initiatives Service Jesus Enrico Moises Salazar commended Earth Day Network Philippines for the environmental work it has been doing over the years. “While the result of your labor may not always be immediately felt, it will eventually yield something good for the country.”

Earth Day Network Philippines is at the forefront of the annual worldwide April 22nd Earth Day Celebration. It actively engages the participation of people from government, corporate, religious, and academic institutions to rally together behind environmental protection, preservation, and promotion. Now on its second year, Earth Day Network Philippines stages Pro Earth Run 2015 to encourage people to take active lead in protecting, respecting, and overseeing Earth care by running the race for Mother Earth.

Happening on 25 April 2015, Saturday, 4:30AM, at the Mall Of Asia MOA Grounds in Pasay City, proceeds of the 3K/5K/10K advocacy run will fund the continuing projects and programs of Earth Day

Network Philippines such as Watershed Restoration and Forest Conservation, Re-Charge Tacloban, Zero Basura Olympics, and Mini Carbon Olympics.


Pro Earth Run 2015 tickets are available at SM Ticket counters nationwide until April 19 and at Merrell Concept Stores in SM North Edsa Annex, Trinoma, Festival Mall, and Market! Market! until April 15. Registration is until April 20 via

Presented by Earth Day Network Philippines, in cooperation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), United Parcel Services (UPS), and SM Cares, the Pro Earth Run 2015 is supported by Xend, Official Courier Partner; The Medical City, Official Medical Partner; Greenlite Banner (The Reusable Banner), Official Printing Partner; Merrell, Official Shoe Sponsor; Maynilad, Official Hydration Partner; Canon; Timex, Official

Timing Partner; Slimmers World, Official Fitness Partner; Gerry’s Grill and Uncle Cheffy, Food Sponsors; Kabayan Hotel, Air Asia, Rudy Project, and Integrated Waste Management Inc.

Pro Earth Run 2015 is also supported by GMA7, GMA News TV, 97.9 Home Radio,106.7 Energy FM, 99.5 Play FM, Business Mirror, Malaya Business Insight, and out-of-home-media specialist, United Neon.

For other details on Pro Earth Run 2015 are posted on