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CHINOY “Star Ka Na”



This show is one of a kind to strengthen more the ties between the Chinese and Filipino community and remove the barriers that may have in which will  give us a clearer view and understanding of how they value and embrace our culture specially those who decided to live and stay here for good.

This coming December, 2013, a revolutionary new reality show CHINOY STAR KA NA (Chinese: 菲律宾达人秀) will come on stage. This show aims to further strengthen the camaraderie between the Chinese and Filipino communities, as well as help develop new stars in the entertainment industry.


In celebration of its 3rd anniversary, Chinoy TV, together with the Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University, its co-presenter in many events for the past three years, is working with Vehnee Saturno Music Training Center, Star Records, the Association of Chinese Filipino Schools in the Philippines, and the Federation of Filipino Chinese Alumni Association Inc. to present CHINOY STAR KA NA. Through this show the organizers would like to bring about the best reality television experience for our viewing audience, and also promote multiculturalism in Philippine mainstream society, particularly among the young Chinese-Fiiipinos.

Five established figures from both the music industry and the Chinese community will form the judging panel for the entire competition. This competition is open to both Chinoys and non-Chinoys, ages 16 to 25 for the male category, and 14 to 23 for the female category, who can sing Mandarin, English, and Filipino songs. They will undergo an audition that would take place on November 10, 2013, 1pm at the Lucky Chinatown Mall. The Top 25 will be chosen during the audition and the Top 10 will then be trained in singing, personality development, Mandarin, etc. for the subsequent rounds of the competition. The competitors will then be trimmed down to 9, with one person eliminated per week. The Top 5 will then enter the final round of competition on January 31, 2014 (Chinese New Year’s Day). The winner will receive a recording contract from Star Records, as well as an original music composition courtesy of Mr. Vehnee Saturno, among other prizes!

To join, you may pre-register through the following:

  1. Chinoy TV website (, FB fanpage (/chinoytvofficial), or main office (Unit 1124 Tytana Plaza, Oriente St. Binondo Manila)
  2. Confucius Institute in Ateneo de Manila University, Makati or Loyola Campuses
  3. Various Filipino-Chinese schools (to be announced)
  4. Various collegiate Filipino-Chinese organizations (DLSU Englicom, ADMU Celadon, UP-CSA, UST COMACH)
  5. Lucky Chinatown Concierge

The debut episode for this show will be aired on Chinoy TV this December 1, 2013.

“CHInoy TV” is the only Filipino Chinese television show that features Chinese heritage and how it harmonizes with the Filipino culture. It is committed to promote both cultures by featuring Filipino-Chinese lifestyle to its viewers and it is the only show that caters directly to the Filipino-Chinese community.

The show features about successful Chinese personalities, establishments, fashion, travel, entertainment and other happenings surrounding the Filipino-Chinese community. CHInoy TV airs every Sundays at 10:30am on Net25 with replays on Tuesdays 11:00pm and Saturdays 10:30am.

Paseo Verde at Real ,Groundbreaking and Blessing Launch



,rght Mr. Esmeraldo Garong, Marketing Director, Leed, Inc, middle Officiating Priest   left, Mr. Reginaldo Dela Cruz, Project Director, Leed, Inc.


Last October 26, 2013,  the Media together with the On Line Bloggers attended the Groundbreaking ceremony of Paseo Verde which is at the Heart of Las Pinas City. The ground is being readied to be housed and build by three Condominiums that will change the outlook of every citizen in this city.


Green community rises in the South, and this is the one that will answer our problems on floods and low rise communities that will be affected on storms and other kind of calamities that may comes our way.

With today’s worsening climate change, it comes as no surprise that private companies have gone the extra-mile to provide necessary products and services to address this growing concern.

Even in real estate, developers go out of their way not just to provide a roof over one’s head, but also offer an environment where future residents can live conscientiously, and enjoy nature at the same time.

Maverick developer, LEED INC., the property developing arm of construction professionals, Cavite Ideal International Construction and Development Corporation (CAVDEAL), puts special focus on this requirement through their first residential foray: Paseo Verde at Real.


Located along Real St., PulangLupa Uno in Las Pinas City, Paseo Verde at Real is set to be the newest ‘green’ landmark of the city. This 1.1 Hectare mid-rise condominium development will allocate moreland for open spaces, jogging path, playground and recreational areas that future residents are sure to enjoy.

Two of the towers will have 314 units, while the nine-storey tower will hold a total of 156 units ranging from studio to three-bedroom homes. The project will embody Las Pinas’ image as one of the most historically rich parts of Metro Manila (it is within the cultural area where the famous Bamboo Organ is located) by showcasing a Neo-Asian design with touches of Filipiniana in fixtures and details.

But more than that, this three-tower project will offer exceptional Green Features – amenities that focus on the groundbreaking green architecture and puts emphasis to the company’s three environment focus: Climate Change, the Clean Air Act, and the Safety and Health of its Residents.

Here are the twelve= Green Features

From energy-saving amenities, and unique structural layouts, Paseo Verde at Real’s Green Features will change the way we look at green living.

First on the list are the energy-efficient streetlights that illuminate the gated community’s grounds. The lights don’t make use of any electricity at all, and gets energy from solar panels. This equates to low association dues that cut down on the energy utilized by the whole community.

Clubhouse 1


Next is the rain catchment facility which allow the whole development to make use of recycled rain water for grounds upkeep. Water from rainfalls is used to clean the surrounding, and water the green patches that make-up the lifestyle facilities. Paseo Verde at Real also has a unique ‘rain garden’ located under the property’s cistern – this serves as a natural water filter which means less water waste is thrown out of the drainage system, and in turn, lessening the chances of floods in surrounding areas during the tropical storm season.

The buildings also make use of recycled construction materials – strong recycled wood are utilized as door frames and door jams in various parts of the towers, giving the development a rustic feel as well.

Veranda copy

The layout of all three towers also ensure that indoor air quality is at its best: Pocket gardens that open to large air pockets in the middle of every residential floor ensure that fresh air circulate freely around the building. This removes the stifling feeling often associated with most condo developments.


Complementing this feature are large glass windows of the Paseo Verde at Real homes, which allow not just air but natural lighting to illuminate the place, saving more on electricity bills.

The parks and playground, made safe by strategically constructing it away from the project’s vehicular traffic, provides a small patch of nature for the residents to enjoy fresh air in the city.

The most unique feature of Paseo Verde at Real however, is probably the bike facilities that will be made available upon construction. Aside from bike lanes, there will be permanent bike racks where lovers of the activity can park their equipment safely.

Biking will definitely be promoted by the project as they also put charging stations for e-bikes – a mode of transportation that will be encouraged for older residents.

Future homeowners will also be encouraged to take public transportation instead of their cars. Aside from transportation hubs located near the community, the proposed LRT Extension station connecting the South to other transit facilities is also a stone’s throw away. This makes it easy to move around strategic parts of the city.

“We wanted to be a niche player in the real estate industry, by providing a project that truly promotes a green and healthy lifestyle. In fact, part of our requirements to owning a unit is undergoing a one day seminar on how to adopt a green lifestyle. We want residents to know that we are serious about our vision for Paseo Verde. Paseo Verde at Real won’t be our first project to promote this type of set-up. Expect more Paseo Verdes to rise and encourage a healthier way of living,” said Regie Dela Cruz, LEED Inc. project director.

Paseo Verde at Real is accredited by the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) and a member of the Philippine Green Building Council for its steps towards promoting a sustainable community. The first tower turnover is scheduled in October, 2015. For more information, please call 854-1652.

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Tour at Cemex Plant and Re-visiting Rizal’s Place at a Glance



CEMEX’s Antipolo plant is ready to meet Luzon’s growing demand for cement

Yesterday , October 25, 2013,  Press and Media together with On-line Bloggers gone to experience how cement was being done and process on their Quarry at San Jose, Antipolo City.

One say’s that one nation is progressing when you see many building constructions within the metro or even in the remotest part of a nation. With our case the Philippines, we have seen multi structures of constructions, malls , condominiums ,  townhouses, and even houses of any types this days on every part of the country which you cannot even imagine . That’s why CEMEX has been in a long time was prepared in catching up for the technology upgrades and more alternatives other that coal just to meet the industry’s need for cement be it in bags or bulks.

The province of Rizal amply addresses cement supply for major portions of Luzon’s high-growth areas. This cement production can be attributed to CEMEX Philippines, a building solutions provider which operates its Solid Cement Plant in Barangay San Jose, Antipolo City.  

“We understand that cement demand is continuously rising,” said Sherwin San Pablo, Solid Cement Plant director. “Luzon isn’t just the biggest island in the Philippines; it is also home to plenty of thriving and rising commercial and urban areas. Therefore, there is an undeniably huge demand for cement here. And we are proud that the Solid Plant is more than capable of supporting it.”


The Solid Cement Plant centers its operational framework on sustainability and improving community welfare. The temperature is so hot on this area where coal is being grinded and heated and transformed into alternative fuels

The state-of-the-art facility uses alternative sources of energy like refuse derived fuel, raw rice husks, and waste plastics. Moreover, it will soon utilize a waste-heat process that converts heat in the kiln to electricity, which generates enough power to support 1/3 of the plant’s energy supply.
In addition to its sustainable products and processes, the cement manufacturer also promotes plant and road safety. The company has hundreds of employees working inside the plant on a daily basis. At the same time, it also has hundreds of trucks making deliveries around Luzon.
Since establishing its safety, as well as quality and environmental management systems, as early as a few years after CEMEX Philippines entered the country in 1997, Solid has been able to significantly  reduce industrial accidents and  road incidents. Moreover, safety and environmental awareness has developed into a culture that all CEMEX employees, workers or drivers carry with them even after they have clocked out from their shift.



“Everybody at CEMEX is committed to being part of nation building. So whether it is innovating and manufacturing products, supplying demand, reducing our carbon footprint and being environmentally-conscious,  or looking out for the safety of our people and those around us, we are determined to be of service to the country,” said San Pablo.


After the tour , we the Online Media Bloggers group together with the Print and TV Media have a courtesy call from Rizal’s Head of Tourism   OIC Mar B. Bacani through Cemex Official . Mr. Mar discussed about the road widening that has been done in the area, the places that is feasible to go to and even the known Hinulugang Taktak who undergoes rehabilitation and they are hoping that will be back on its normal condition.


         IMG_5029   IMG_5033

And we dined at Balaw Balaw in Angono where we find Filipino Style  Paella or the Budol , A rice in Bilao with viands being put in the Bilao tray.

         frog   frog2

They have their exotic Fried Itik and Field Frogs available in fried and adobo. Its such an experience to eat this delicacy.

CEMEX Philippines is the manufacturer of the only eco-labeled cement brands in the country including Island Portland Cement, Palitada King, Rizal Portland Super, Rizal Masonry Cement, APO Portland Premium, APO Portland Cement, APO Masonry Cement, and APO Pozzolan. For more information, please log on to For partnerships, please contact the Public Affairs Unit and email

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Crizal Transition brings “Cinema Jam” The 1st Outdoor & Music Fest




Crizal lens is one of the technology develop in France that has been so popular around the world which gives non glare and as if watching on a lighted room.

The first Essilor® No-Glare lenses appeared in the late 1960s and since then, the technology and performance of No-Glare lenses have made significant strides. As the premium No-Glare brand, Crizal® is committed to achieving perfection and delivering products that incorporate the latest technological innovations. Our goal is to provide what every eyeglass wearer deserves: enduring clarity of vision.

1997: Crizal No-Glare technology is first launched in the United States. Crizal lenses set the industry standard in No-Glare lens aesthetics and performance. Crizal lenses are specially designed using revolutionary methods that integrate anti-glare properties with double-sided scratch resistance. 

2003: Adding a super-hydrophobic top coat to the lens, Crizal® Alizé® is launched to address the #1 consumer complaint about No-Glare lenses: ease of cleaning.

2009:  Adding unparalleled scratch resistance, New and Improved Crizal Avancé is launched.

2010:  With enhanced cleanability and smudge repellence, New and Improved Crizal Alizé is launched, replacing the prior generation of Crizal Alizé lenses. In April, Crizal Sapphire is created, which even further reduces reflections and glare.
2011: Crizal Easy — a replacement to original Crizal — is introduced and offers smudge resistance superior to every standard No-Glare lens on the market today.

2012: A new portfolio of Crizal lenses, designed to protect from the previously unaddressed hazard of damaging UV light reflecting from the backside of the lens. All Crizal lenses are focused on maximizing both clarity of vision and long-term eye health1 by providing the most complete daily UV protection, with an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF®) of 25. This means your eyes are 25 times more protected against UV rays compared to wearing no lenses.

2013: Crizal launches Crizal Kids UV lenses, designed specifically for kids and their active lifestyles. Crizal Kids UV lenses are the first ever No-Glare lens with both front and backside UV protection designed especially for pediatric patients.


This time they will prove it to the public by letting them watch on their Cimematic projectors that  proves to adjust its brightness from dim to a lighted place, as they bring  this event from movie to well lighted concerts as well.

Crizal Transitions, the world’s leading Photochromic lens capable of adjusting to any lighting condition, shines a bright light on the metropolitan cultural scene, as it hosts Crizal Transitions Cinemajam, the first ever outdoor movie marathon and  music festival in the Philippines, on November 30, 2013 at Event Circuit Makati.

Crizal Transitions Cinemajam brings together some of the country’s top bands, two special movies, and a host of exciting activities. Crizal Transitions Cinemajam sees the arts and celebration in a different and changing light, as it ushers guests through the unique experience of shifting perspectives—a fun afternoon fair  segueing into a sunset music festival, capped with an evening movie marathon and after-party concert.

Two movies, “Love, Actually,” and “Limitless,” highlight Crizal Transitions’ message of “Seeing life in a bright light,” offering viewers different, enlightening takes on loving and living. The romantic comedy “Love, Actually,” is a feel-good movie on the delirious joys and bittersweet sorrows of love. “Limitless,” meanwhile, is an action thriller on the extremes a man will push himself in pursuit of perfection. Bradley Cooper plays a writer who takes an experimental drug that allows him to fully use his intellectual faculties.

Bamboo, Itchyworms, Callalily, Moonstar 88 and GraceNote, create a sunset symphony of sound and sensibility as they render their special brand of rock and indie pop.
A windfall of exciting activities gratifies the senses. A free vision screening in the Optical Village section will check guests’ eyesight.

Thrill-seekers can choose among karting, bungee jumping, skating and kite-flying for their kicks. Games and raffle prizes await lucky guests.

Tickets are available from Ticketworld at Php 1,350. Proceeds of the event will benefit the children of the World Vision Foundation. Get two (2) free tickets with every pair of Crizal Transitions.
Crizal Transitions lenses are available in all optical centers in the country.  - The Lifestyle Portal

Lee Inspires Audience to Stay Curious



The legendary denim brand presents its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Last October 25, 2013 was truly an eventful day for the Lee Jeans Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014 at SM Mall of Asia Atrium showcasing more denim innovations we will be seeing at Lee Concept Stores. What is next? Lee urges everyone to Stay Curious!

There is power that lies in curiosity. It is the force that drives artists in choosing to try new ways of producing art to discover their own style. People discover exciting destinations by turning an unfamiliar corner. These are just some of the reasons why everyone chooses to Stay Curious.

Curiosity has been the strength of Lee. The brand challenges itself to provide quality. The Union-Alls or the Slim Rider Jacket are just some of the products that Lee is known for borne of craftsmanship and the passion to produce denim innovations.

Year 2014 also marks Lee’s 125th year of craftsmanship. Throughout the years, Lee has been known to produce denim innovations such as the original Zip-fly jeans. Over the years, the brand refuses to cling to safe. It pushes the boundaries while staying true to its proud heritage. This is the inspiration that gave birth to the Lee Jeans Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014 show.

Spring-Summer 2014 was melded from different aesthetics present in the streets of New York. Monochromatic photography develops a fresh and relaxed imagery as a reflection of Metropolitan men and women. The collection showcases pieces that highlight the many possibilities of denim engineering which elevate the look and structure of jeans. The height of the summer is welcomed by colorful creations inspired by digital technology. This is balanced by other pieces inspired formulated by the birth of ideas and possibilities that come to mind as the times slow down. These looks create a fusion of different aesthetics that mirror the diversity of edgy New York styles.

The Lee Spring-Summer 2014 Collection displays reengineered construction paired with experimental treatment to conventional denims. The collection also showcases Union Made Lee101+ which celebrates the brand’s signature denim pieces. The products are made of 16oz denim selvage embroidered and printed with blueprints of the brand’s iconic creations on the reverse fabric. Fit is celebrated for women with the release of the Lee Stretch Deluxe. These jeans are made of quality Italian fabric with an improved stretch ability and an enhanced shape recovery for an even leaner and flattering fit. Design innovation merges with modern technology to produce this revolutionary denim creation.


SM Mall of Asia Atrium was transformed to simulate the streets of New York and put the audience at the heart of the scene. The audience is left curious as the models

walk the runway though unexpected synchronicity, turning corners, to give everyone a closer look of the collection’s detail.

Apart from having a rich denim heritage, Lee recognizes the ingenuity of raw talent. This answers the question why the brand was able to adapt to the changing times; choosing to set the trend rather than follow it. This continuous curiosity made it possible to produce quality denim innovations. As one of the many exciting highlights of Lee Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014, the audience is presented with reinvented designs for the season with capsule collections from the Lee Style Army 2013.

Lee presents curious and talent students from all over the country for the fourth installment of the Lee Style Army Design Competition. Fashion Design Category is represented by 5 schools. The iconic denim brand has students Patrick Villamor, Paulina Raymundo, and Justin Oropesa from DLS-CSB; Nazer Molina and Charlene Tulinao from UST; Mary Ann Manaloto and Kim Quinola from UP-Diliman; and from the South, Aia Tupas from USC-Cebu; and Van Oscar Tabaloc from UP-Cebu. These young designers produced capsule collections with inspiration from the Lee Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014 Collection.  Student stylists James Jason Martin from DLSU, Jameline Shi Hui from DLS-CSB, and John Ariel Karunungan from SoFA were tasked to smarten up these denim creations to produce runway-ready looks.

The reinvented denim designs are brought to life by student models: Roshan Gangaramani and Jeanine Lu Tsoi from DLSU; Lin Villacorta from UP-Diliman; Emma Reinbold from UST; Adelaine Tejana from DLS-CSB; and Kriselle Delos Reyes from San Beda College-Alabang for the women's as well as Stephan Krenn and Sean Madlansacay from UST; Karl Gragasin of IETI-Marikina, and Arwin Villafuerte from DLSU for men's.

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Axe’s Search For First Filipino Astronaut: Down To Three



Today, going out of the space is not an impossible dream anymore because through AXE people of every nation will compete for twenty three (23) tickets to space, And maybe on the succeeding more years this can be adopted to every one who wants to get there and experience the thrill and excitement of being out in the space.

This time,AXE, the no. 1 fragrance brand in the world, has announced the official Filipino representatives to the international AXE Apollo Global Space Camp in the U.S. set to happen this December. The three-man delegation, selected from a rigorous and competitive eight-month selection process, is now ready for the next stage of the search: Astronaut Training. In the end, only one of them will emerge with a ticket to become the first ever Filipino in space.

AXE’s space camp in Orlando, Florida will house over a hundred candidates from more than sixty countries as they undergo training missions designed to simulate space flight and real astronaut training. The delegates will set out to bring honor to the countries they represent by proving their mettle as they compete for 23 tickets to space – one of which is reserved for the best out of the three Filipino hopefuls.

“Through the AXE Apollo Space Academy, we have set out to inspire modern-day Filipino heroes to step forward. The title of ‘first Filipino in space’ will go to the best candidate, someone all Filipinos can look up – figuratively and literally,” said AXE Philippines Brand Manager, Gem Laforteza.


The Everyman: Evan

Evan Rey Datuin is a young man with big dreams – aspirations that can take him far into the horizon or high up into space. Having studied at De La Salle University Dasmariñas, this 24-year old Caviteño dreams of a career in tourism, to him his humble way of serving the nation.

Though he sees himself as a “regular Juan”, his journey to space camp is no regular feat. Among the three final candidates, Datuin is the only one who emerged victorious from the mainstream competition as one of two finalists from more than 28,000 applicants who went through the regular selection process. At the AXE Apollo National Challenges, he bested over 4,000 shortlisted candidates in tests designed to evaluate not only physical prowess but also intellect and determination. Datuin is an ordinary man who has proven that he can rise above any challenge and do the extraordinary – truly an inspiration to every “regular Juan” who dreams big.

“Gusto ko maging patunay na kahit sino ay maaaring maging bayani para sa kanyang bayan (I want to prove that anyone can be a hero for his country),” says Datuin.

The Destined Dreamer: Ramil

Ramil Santos believes in destiny, and his journey to space camp proves it. After coming up short at the AXE Apollo National Challenges, Santos was in no way discouraged and tried his luck at the AXE Apollo Hyperdrive Promo, an electronic raffle ran by AXE to select a “wildcard” candidate for space camp.

“I was meant for this. I knew from the start that somehow I would get here,” says Santos when asked about being randomly selected from the promo.

“When news that the Philippines was leading in the number of applications in Asia, we were given a third slot to space camp. We decided to do something totally unconventional with it. The AXE Apollo Hyperdrive Promo was meant to select what we called a ‘destiny pick’ – someone not chosen by us or the public, but purely chosen by fate,” says Laforteza.

Santos is 29 years old, an engineer with a Masters in Electronics and Information Engineering from South Korea.

The Athlete: Chino

Daniel Angelo Roque’s entry into the final three was rather unconventional. He comes into the delegation as the replacement to Air Force Lieutenant Mario Mendoza, Jr. – one of two original finalists from the AXE Apollo National Challenges, who has volunteered to withdraw from the competition to serve his military duties as a pilot-in-training in the Philippine Air Force.

Chino is a Psychology graduate from De La Salle University Manila where he played in the football team. He is the youngest of the three delegates at 22 years old and is currently working as a marketer and fitness coach. Roque is an admirable athlete, with an edge in the physical aspect of the competition. He not only displays physical prowess, but also willpower, discipline, and a strong drive to constantly better himself.

“I’ve heard some say that working in the fitness industry may give me an advantage at space camp. But I don’t see it that way. I know I have a lot to prove, especially coming into this the way I did. All I have is my drive to surpass my limits. That, I think, is what defines a ‘hero’,” says Roque.


To follow the search for the first Filipino astronaut, visit or search for #AXEApollo on Twitter or Facebook.

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711’s Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup Day Campaign Now in Philippines




711’s Slurpee is one of the main featured drinks since it opens. It somehow being removed and not seen in other branches a year ago. But right now it seems that they will once again bring it back through a more stronger partner , Coca Cola products as they  promote it by such “ Bring Your Own Cup”  ‘BYOC’ campaign.. 

MANILA, Philippines, October 23, 2013 — Everyone knows what it’s like to drink the world’s favorite frozen beverage brand, Slurpee, out of a paper cup. Except for the cup designs, it’s the one thing that hasn’t changed —at least that was until 7-Eleven Australia came up with something ingeniously fun and wacky that sent people rushing to the convenience store chain with their teapots, canisters, and even a wheelbarrow, to be filled with Slurpee.

Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup Day was the phenomenon that brought out the kid in everyone, one “cup” at a time. 


  On-line Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers  joined the contest of the fastest drinking of their Slurpee. 

       IMG_4801    IMG_4811

        IMG_4747   IMG_4746

As it turns out, giving people total creative control delivered the most amazing results and the most outrageous ideas for cup replacement such as, but not limited to fishbowls, watering cans, trumpets, and trophies, to name a few.

The Philippines' first ever Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup day happens on November 7, 2013. For only 29 pesos, anyone can use the craziest “cups” they can get their hands on.

How does it work? Customers are encouraged to bring the craziest cups they can think of. Anything that can be filled is fair game provided that it follows the rules. As long as the “cup” in question is hygienic, watertight, fixed in size and shape and able to fit in the MaCUPangyarihang Bilog, customers can fill it to the brim with Slurpee. Be warned, however: Brainfreeze may occur.

The famous movement that started in Australia has made its way to Malaysia and now, the Philippines.

Slurpee BYO Cup Day kicks off the celebration of a landmark partnership between Slurpee and Coca-Cola. 


“We are excited for the Slurpee BYO Cup Day and look forward to seeing the crazy cups our customers will bring. We're glad to be able to bring this fun event to the Philippines, together with Coca-Cola. Slurpee BYO Cup Day is the perfect way to start off our partnership with Coca-Cola for Slurpee, especially since both brands are fun and dynamic," says Victor Paterno, President and CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation, country licensee of the 7-Eleven store chain.

"The partnership really is cause for celebration. Coca-Cola has always concerned itself with bringing happiness in every single drinking experience, and we truly believe that partnering with 7-Eleven is a great step to making even more people happy" said Atty. Adel Tamano, Vice-President for Public Affairs and Communications of Coca-Cola Philippines.

The partnership with 7-Eleven is a collaboration with Coca-Cola Philippines and its bottling partner, Coca-Cola FEMSA. With it, the world’s favorite frozen beverage product, Slurpee and the world’s number one beverage brand, Coca-Cola, come together in one happy drinking experience.


“At Coca-Cola FEMSA, we always strive to deliver nothing but the best and most innovative products to our consumers. Our partnership with Philippine Seven Corporation is a testament to this commitment. We hope all our consumers will make their way to the nearest 7-Eleven store so they can try the new Cola and Raspberry Slurpee which is now made with Coca-Cola,” said Juan Dominguez, Corporate Affairs Director for Coca-Cola FEMSA.  


Paterno, together with Tamano and Eric Montinola, Key Accounts Director for Coca-Cola FEMSA, were present at the Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup Day media launch held on October 23, 2013 at URBN Bar & Kitchen where details of the BYO Cup Day were revealed and the partnership was announced.

On Slurpee BYO Cup Day customers who participate can upload their photos with their craziest cups in the online contest Photos can be posted on 7-Eleven's social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win cash prizes.

Be sure to use the hashtag #BYOCupDay to keep tabs of the Slurpee madness this coming November 7.

For more information on BYOC, visit

image clip_image006clip_image008

Wednesday, October 23, 2013




PINO is Fine Filipino Food. PINO transforms favorite Filipino fare into creative dishes, surprisingly combining flavors, textures and ingredients. PINO is passionate about giving you delicious food that comes from the heart. .


Headed by Chef Edward Bugia, PINO is known for its flagship dish, Kare-Kareng Bagnet: three-pieces of crispy Ilocano pork-belly cuts sitting on top of creamy peanut-butter sauce and bagoong rice. Noteworthy favorites include Sisig Tacos and Coffee Crusted Beef Belly, slow-roasted and served with marble, bistek gravy, and red wine onion marmalade.

The restaurant has been in business since 2008, with the original location along Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. In 2010, PINO moved around the block to a bigger and better lot in Malingap Street. In November 2012, Pino opened its second branch in Jupiter Street, Makati, alongside Pipino Vegetarian and The Burger Project, all of which are run by the same young group.

For PINO Jupiter’s first anniversary, Chef Edward Bugia is introducing new dishes to the menu:



Spicy mussels cooked in beer and lime soda



Spring rolls stuffed with bagnet, chinese chorizo, salted eggs, vermicelli noodles, fried and served with calamansi vinaigrette



Filipino street favorite crispy fried chicken ass tossed in soy-miso-inasal glaze


BAGNET BICOL EXPRESS (for sharing) P475

Winged beans cooked in spicy coconut milk and alamang, topped with bagnet


STEAMED LAPU-LAPU (for sharing) P495

Grouper fish steamed in lemongrass and leeks, topped with pineapple aioli, salted egg, bell pepper, pickle relish, cheddar cheese, scallions and garlic chips



Fried pork ribs stewed in vinegared liver sauce and chicken liver


PINO POCHERO (for sharing) P475

Tender beef and pork stew with crushed tomatoes, saba, kamote, pechay and chinese chorizo



Mini rice cake topped with salted eggs, kesong puti, ricotta cheese, coconut and sugar, served with a shot of homemade tsokolate

With PINO you need not to choose or ask what’s the house specialty because as I tasted their menus and how it has been delicately done, I supposed every menu especially those that are being served are one of the best and can be called “specialty of the house”

Behind PINO are Chef Edward Bugia, marketing trainer PJ Lanot, media practitioner Ms. Star Jose, graphic designer Alessandra Lanot, PBA player Paolo Bugia, basketball coach Ruben Lanot and restaurant veteran Raydel Mascarinas.

Pino Jupiter is open daily from 11am-2pm, and 5pm onwards.

New dishes will be available in both Quezon City and Makati Branches.