Friday, February 26, 2016


Last Tuesday, Thiocell was launched at Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club with the Dermatologist doctors together with the Director and COO of Brady Pharma Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy, proving that this is one of the most effective way of having a light and clearer skin through a Lozenge form which is the one and only and is considered Glutathione. 

It’s time to wake up to whiter, brighter and more radiant skin with Thiocell, the first and only glutathione supplement in lozenge form. 

In our pursuit for a fairer and brighter complexion, Filipinas are often led to try glutathione products that simply don’t deliver as dramatically as they promise. But there’s a more effective and safer product that helps you achieve that radiant glow you’ve always wanted - Thiocell, the premium glutathione that truly delivers.

Proven to be the more superior product in the market, Thiocell is the firstand only oral glutathione in lozenge form. It is clinically proven to reduce pigmentation and achieve healthier, brighter and more beautiful skin in as early as 2 weeks.

The history of innovation

Thiocell is the medical breakthrough patented by Dr. Theodore Hersh, a renowned professor of the Emory University School of Medicine, who has over 20 patents under his name in the development of glutathione and selenium products. 

After years of research and clinical study, he discovered a newer, safer, and more effective way for the body to absorb and use glutathione.

It is well known that glutathione offers countless benefits. Not only does it help in skin whitening, it also boosts your immune system,enabling the body to fight off free radicals and prevents further damage at the cellular level, which causes skin aging. 

 “There may be hundreds of products available in the market, but women should be wary because there is a far more superior and successful method to achieving whiter skin,“ explains Director and COO of Brady Pharma, Rameash Tenambhat Krishnamurthy.

Thiocell was first introduced in the Philippines in 2013, and has since become the favoured and must trusted partner of dermatologists, not only in the country but around the world. Brady Pharma, in association with Dr. Hersh, had commercialized this unique product, and has the rights to market and distribute Thiocell globally.
The secret to Thiocell’s outstanding performance lies in three key fundamentals: the GCS synergy, Lozenge delivery, and the science of premium whitening.

GCS Synergy
Thiocell, unlike any other product, is formulated using a safe but potent combination of L-Glutathione, Vitamin C and L-Selenomethionine. This synergistic balance of key ingredients not only primes the body to absorb glutathione more effectively, but encourages the natural production of more glutathione in the body. So you enjoy double the benefits of skin whitening, anti-aging, and an improved, healthy immune system.
Aside from the three major components, Thiocell also contains Vitamin D and Grapeseed Extract, which boost the clinical benefits of glutathione.

Lozenge Form: Optimal Absorption
Other products may claim to be equal because they each contain 500mg of glutathione, but how much of it is really absorbed in the body? Thiocell differentiates itself in this aspect, promising optimal absorption, through its unique and more effective method of glutathione delivery– Lozenge form.
The grape-flavored lozenge is dissolved in the oral cavity and can be consumed safely. Since Thiocell is absorbed through the oral cavity, all the active ingredients enter the systemic circulation intact, and that ensures highest efficacy.

“Unlike Thiocell, glutathione capsules lose much of its potency because when a capsule is ingested, it goes through several metabolic processes and passes through several organs like the stomach and intestines in the digestive tract. With Thiocell, the glutathione dissolves immediately in your mouth and is directly absorbed into the body through the oral cavity. This in effect reduces the damaging oxidative stress on organs,” adds Rameash.
Fast and effective, you are assured that nothing of the 500 mg of Glutathione goes to waste.

Science: What the experts have to say
Thiocell is indeed an exceptional product, and has been clinically proven to be more effective.  No longer are you wasting essential nutrients that are lost in metabolism, and no longer will you need to suffer painful injections and bruising caused by IV glutathione injections. You can achieve a healthier, more radiant glow safely and quickly.
In the clinical study* conducted in the Philippines, which tested the efficacy of Thiocell in Filipino women, the results were far more convincing because patients experienced skin lightening in as early as two weeks. Thiocell undoubtedly delivers. 

By end of 8th week, 100% of patients reported lighter and brighter skin. Even on the cellular level, the Mexameter readings (a tool used to measure the color of the skin) showed a significant reduction in melanin production and pigmentation. The studies also confirmed that Thiocell is safe for long-term use.
Supported by science, confirmed by doctors - Thiocell is, indeed, the more trusted product when it comes to achieving whiter, brighter and more beautiful skin.

* CLINICAL STUDY: *International Journal of Dermatology 2016, 55, 153–157

Thiocell is the product of Brady Pharma, and is available in all WATSONS outlets nationwide and available for order through
For more information, visit their official Facebook

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crowning the Queen of Philippine Aviation

Cheers and applause reverberated within the posh ballroom of the Peninsula Manila as 14 beautiful women sashayed down the red carpet for the pageant and grand coronation night of Miss Aviation Philippines 2016, the prestigious search for the most captivating woman in the Philippine aviation and tourism industry.
Winning the Miss Aviation Philippines 2016 crown was Kristine Micah Malicsi, an 18-year-old tourism management student from Lyceum of the Philippines University. Joining her entourage were first runner up Reichelieu Emory Santos, a student pilot from Leading Edge International Aviation Academy, and second runner up Trizia Abaya, a development communications student from the University of the Philippines. 

Special awards were also given to Malicsi as Miss Sassy, Santos as Miss Camaya Coast, Abaya as Miss Body Beautiful and Best in Catwalk. Other special award winners were Miss Personality, Catherine Cuninar; Most Alluring Face, Zandra Magsino; Best in Evening Wear and Miss Prettylooks, Airish Mae Apostol.
The event, which coincided with the annual Aviators Ball, was attended by some of the country’s aviation luminaries headed by Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF) event director Capt. Joy Roa, Capt. Meynard Halili, and Capt. Amado Soliman, Jr. The international delegates of the 20th PIHABF and diplomats to the Philippines were also in attendance including ­Sri Lankan Ambassadress Aruni Ranaraja, Italian Ambassador Massimo Roscigno, Turkish ambassador Esra Cankorur, Mexican Ambassador Julio Camarena, and German Ambassador Thomas Ossowski who were enjoying their cocktails before the pageant competition.
The panel of judges was composed of Mrs. Philippines Globe 2015 Sherry Lou VillaseƱor, Solane Mother of the Year 2013 Jessie Lou Lucero, Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012 Joyce Pascual Agsaway, pageant blogger and former beauty queen Joyce Ann Burton, 1st Air Division Commander of the Philippine Air Force, Maj. Gen. Raul del Rosario, Executive Director of the Civil Aeronautics Board, Atty. Carmelo Arcilla, and Camaya Coast president Goody Ilagan.
 “The Philippine aviation industry takes pride in having many beautiful and smart women. We hope that through the Miss Aviation Philippines pageant, we will inspire more people to pursue a career in aviation and better appreciate the women’s significant role in the industry,” said pageant director Morena Carla Cabrera-Quimpo.
Miss Aviation Philippines 2016 is sponsored by Prettylooks, Camaya Coast and JM’s Pageantry Innovations. It is also supported by Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF), Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), Civil Aeronautics Board of the Philippines (CABP) and Clark International Airport (CIA).

For more pictures on this event pls click the link below,

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Brilliant Day with Crema Cafe

Crema, the newly opened cafe located at the newest Marriott Grand Ballroom. offering a selection of local signature pastries, unique cake creations, freshly baked cookies and sandwiches. they also serves non beverages like tea, soda's and even smoothies, at Crema, they all have it.

You can choose different hefty food from their counter with a wide array of sweets and get to take home for your family.

This is one of their best among' all their endeavors because of their known Chef's that is world class and most of all , awarded as one of the best cakes, pastries and chocolate sculptures in Manila. (the photo is from the previous event of Marriott Manila)
You cant go wrong with Marriott's distinct choice of furniture's that matches the mood while enjoying your desserts with your friends. The ambiance is perfect both for business meetings or catching up with your friends.

 Strawberry Tart
 White Chocolate Brownie

 Flourless Chocolate Feuilletin
 Chocolate Chip

Yoghurt with my selected toppings, and  Hot Cafe Latte

If you are near Manila in front of Philippine AirLines  Domestic  Terminal 3 Pasay City , visit Crema at Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom .

Monday, February 15, 2016

Indulge with Asian Cuisine at Mian

With its purpose of providing an excellent after-office unwinding experience, situated at one of the finest 5 Star Hotels in Manila, the New Grand Ballroom of Manila Marriott Hotel.Mian Restaurant will keep you pleasant satisfaction with a wide array of Asian food choices.

Marriott Manila never fails to impressed its hotel visitors with its classy ambiance for a casual lunch or dinner with the people you love, so many choices among your list surrounded with international cuisine from all over like Chinese, Japanese and most of it is Filipino cuisine.

Last January just this year, its very timely that i spent my pre-birthday celebration with Manila Marriott newest restaurant, Mian! I happen to celebrate it with few of my closest friends who loves food.  

For starters you can order your food in Small plates. One of the most favorite dish customer order is the Pork Jiaozi.and Sausage Empanada  consist of chineese chorizo, soy calamansi lime dip, which consist of local sausage , egg and vinegar dip.

For soup and noodles the Chef's Beef Noodles , which consists of slow braised beef, corlander, been sprouts and rice noodles.

Customers will also go for a Rice Bowls and get to try Beef Caldereta. The food is one of their best Filipino dish with a twist of a spice .

For Desserts are the most popular Halo-Halo and Mango Pudding.
 Here are more of their menus that we have tasted

  Braised Pork Belly Noodles

Stir Fry Clams
Pork Adobo

 If you want to Indulge and Experience Asian Cuisine that revolves their sets of dishes per month try Mian Restaurant of Marriott Manila - Inside The Grand Ballroom.

 Visit them on their Facebook ManilaMariott.