Thursday, October 10, 2013

Carita’s 60th Anniversary , “ Buy & Give” @ Trinoma Activity Center from Nov 29- Dec 1



It’s good to note how Carita’s has been one of the successful and known locally as Religious Charity works and foundations here in our country. That’s why when I heard that Carita’s will be having a bloggers event I am one of the first who confirms and decided to come for the reason of knowing and the proof of  the very  vision behind the success of  this  Non –Profit Organization.

The more it hurts

“Segunda Mana’s” idea is different from the layman’s term “Segunda Mano” because the real meaning and term for the said name is based on the word “MANA” or “Inheritance” which means, something that is important or precious to the person who is giving certain product , things , possessions, property or commodity for that matter.  And this is one of the teaching of Christ in his parable of the Rich man and the Poor man who both gives money to the church but the poor man gives his last dime and because it is his last dime he had therefore he gives all that he had , and in the end he has been noted as the one that gives the best of what he had  and has been favored by the Heavenly Father.


Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle

Aside from having been linked into Catholic organization because of the founders that has been and once belong in one of the poorest of the poor in the society, and those whose lives has been touched by some  good hearted citizens and people who have somehow have good beginnings having been blessed and is continuing to flourished as a corporation or as an individual. More so be  the funds came in any motives ,the most important thing is that it will be distributed and be given to the rightful poor in our country.


Ayala Corporation headed by  Jaime Augusto Zobel De Ayala II, donated and accommodated a 3 day Show in Trinoma Activity Center ., whose primary intention is to helped the needy .and those people in their end that has been a social entrepreneurs in their own rights. It.s an Early Christmas Bazaar with quality products given and those that are made by the community of people they helped and teach to FISH for a certain period of time.


c/o the Inmates of the National Bilibid Prisons





The proceeds will be given based on the group of people that are involved in every projects that are represented that they helped like the Urban Poor Communities, New Bilibid Prison’s families , ect.


Believe me ,you will never regret what you can buy for yourself or even for a gift  to love ones  this Christmas because most of us bloggers buy for ourselves during the Caritas Bloggers Event that has been done and happened last October 9, 2013 at their venue at Pandacan Manila.


For more inquiries like them in their Facebook , CaritasManila, and Tweeter @CaritasManila.

For more pictures on the event, pls. click,

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