Taken from the beautiful island of Cebu, Deep Gold Movie which is set to be viewed at the end part of August 2011, was believed to be released early but due to production delays and a ballooning budget, it was then postponed. Through the effort of Bigfoot Ascendant Distribution LLC, a theatrical, home entertainment distribution and foreign sales arm of Bigfoot Entertainment Inc., Deep Gold is directed by outstanding Producer and Actor, Mr. MICHAEL GLEISSNER who is currently directing and producing The Girl With No Number, a drama exploring the problem of human trafficking in Vietnam.

Filipino like Cebu Congressman Raul del Mar played a bit role as a commissioner who handed out the reward to Jess and Amy while Veteran Philippine actor Joel Torre played a cameo role in the movie as the father of Jess and Amy.

This film is rated PG-13.
Shortly after free diver Amy Sanchez breaks an important free diving record, her boyfriend – Air Force Pilot Tony – mysteriously vanishes together with a flight that was bringing millions of dollars worth of gold to the Central Bank.
Determined to discover the truth, Amy goes off with her sister to find out.
Is Tony actually dead? Or if not, is the man she loved really part of the plot to steal the gold? But she has no idea that she is about to discover the unexpected, and entangles herself in a web of lies and deceit before she finds out that somebody used her for what turns out to become a much larger conspiracy.
Deep Gold was shot on location in Cebu, Philippines. The film highlights some of the most stunning tropical and diving locales in all the world.
Billed as an action adventure, Deep Gold also features some of the hottest upcoming talent in Asia anchored by Bebe Pham, the Vietnamese Supermodel turned actress in her first starring role. Others performances to note in the production include that of Laury Prudent as Lulu, Amelia Jackson-Gray, Richard Magarey and Jude Moore.

Bebe Pham – Amy Sanchez
Bebe Pham is Vietnam’s top model who has traveled to various cities around
the globe and has appeared on the covers of both local Vietnamese and
international magazines. In 2007, Bebe had a role in the international duallanguage
film produced by Bigfoot Entertainment, Irreversi/Hui Lu, which was
shot back-to-back in English and Mandarin. She also stars in the Bigfoot
Entertainment film, The Girl With No Number.
Jaymee Ong – Jess Sanchez
Jaymee Ong was born and raised in Australia. In her late teens she began
her modeling career, which successfully launched her as the top Asian face
in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.
Jaymee has starred in the films Gen-X Cops, Rave Fever, Pearl Harbor, and
has appeared in the television shows Las Vegas, Entourage, and Tiramisu.
Jaymee is the host of AXN, and writes for eBuzz, a weekly entertainment
magazine program. Most recently, Jaymee was the host for The Contender
Asia, produced by Mark Burnett
Laury Prudent – Lulu
Laury Prudent is an international fashion model turned actress. After winning
the reality show Screen Test, she was cast to various Bigfoot Entertainment
films such as Deep Gold, Irreversi and Midnight Movie.
Laury also became a producer and appeared in Fashion TV Asia and was a
contestant in Bravo TV’s Make Me A Supermodel.
Amelia Jackson -Gray Claire Simpson
Amelia Jackson-Gray is a TV and film actress. She started her career in
2006 with the film called Snakes on a Train in which she played the role of
She appeared in many other films and TV series such as: Little Britain USA,
Zombie Hunters, Halloween Night, Journey To The Center Of The Earth,
Entourage, and the Mentalist. Her recent credits include The Story of Your
Life, Heart Land, and Deep Gold.

Lorenzo Ramos - Dep. Gov. Ignacio

Lorenzo Ramos is a Civil Engineer turned businessman from Manila,
Philippines. He was signed as a talent of Bigfoot Entertainment to play the
role of a Deputy General for the film Deep Gold. Deep Gold was Lorenzo’s
film debut.
Richard Magarey – John McFadden
Richard has appeared in several feature films, commercials and theatrical
productions. Credits include South Australian Goodwill Superstores TVC
campaign, Karaoke Nomad Squad, the T.I.O. Personal Loans ad campaign,
the video game Athenian Graffiti, Ultraviolet, Jesus vs. the Coga Ninja Clan,
Tools, The Green Sheep, Irreversi, Flashpoint, Miss FTV Philippines 2006,
Born to Dance, Deep Gold, Midnight Movie, and I was a Teenage Butterfly.
Earl Mullen – Larry
Earl Mullen has been featured in more than 40 short films in the past 5
years. He is a trained martial artist and fight choreographer for 10 years. Earl
went into acting on feature films beginning with Bigfoot Entertainment’s Deep
Gold and The Girl With No Number. He is currently working on the movie
Lychee Affair. He is also writing, producing, directing and acting in the short
film Open Eyes.
Jack Ruenprapan – Tony De La Cruz
Jack Ruenprapan aka Jack Prinya is a Thai-American, actor, host and
model. Aside from Deep Gold, he was the lead actor in the movie Killing
Time and Croc and has been in Thai TV shows Nang Show, Boon, and Nang
Rai. He hosted a morning talk show Out and About and appeared as cameo
host for the Thai version of the game show The Weakest Link. Jack has also
appeared in various commercials and music videos in Thailand. He currently
produces Radio Thailand – an English language news.
Thomas Watter - Hans Schmidt
Thomas Watter was born in Germany. He had appeared in various German
movies, TV shows and documentaries such as Die Kommissarin (The
Commissioner), Der perfekte Urlaub (The Perfect Vacation), K 1 Magazin,
The Botoxflatrate and Männer. Thomas made his international film debut in
Bigfoot Entertainment’s Deep Gold that was shot in the Philippines.
Marketa Belono ha - Franziska Schmidt
Marketa Belonoha is a Czech supermodel born in Tábor, Czechoslovakia
(present Czech Republic), and now lives in Hradec Králové. She has done
modeling for numerous websites such as Body in Mind, DOMAI, MET Art and
Hegre Art and magazines including Perfect 10 and Playboy. She has also
done fashion modeling in both the US and Europe since 2005.
Kersten Hui Chang
Originally from Hong Kong, Kersten studied psychology at Washington State
University. Later, he started a career in investment, which led him to Bigfoot
where he managed private equity investment in China. He has appeared in
the films Irreversi, Hui Lu, and can next be seen in The Girl With No Number.
Jude Moore - Frank Townsend
Jude Moore was a professional soccer player for the Atlanta Silverbacks
before starting a career in the entertainment industry. He signed a
representation agreement with Elite Management Atlanta and was sent to
New York and Los Angeles to continue working in the film and television
industry. Besides Deep Gold, Jude can be seen in the movie Disarmed.

The movie should be partnered with the Philippine Gov't through the Department of  Tourism in order to promote and let them experience specifically Cebu on its richness in Resorts and Beaches the white sands,  clear crystal waters and many scenery that may entice foreign visitor's instead of them giving bad connotions to the country. We can be one the the Asia's truly beautiful and having virgin islands that they have never seen before, not to mentioned the richness in fruits and foods in an exotic delicacies. The movie has been proven and in fact garnered an international award years ago it gives very clear message to the viewer and somehow inspite of being a myth , it has carried some factual truths re: gold treasures that has its political issues in our country. It's relevance is somewhat make the film very real and has shown some of the reason why corruption is rampant in our country.

Note ( The resources comes from the website of Deep Gold)


Director: Michael Gleissner
Producers: Les Nordhauser, Elliot Tong
Executive Producer: Kacy Andrews
Associate Producers: Fiona Chan, Rebecca Picket, Steve Aalam
Line Producer: Malcolm Young
Director of Photography: Rick Robinson
Writer: Michael Gleissner & Frederick Bailey
Production Design: John Sabato
Costume Designer: Oi Mai Wang
Music: Erik Godal