Saturday, December 13, 2014

Villa Lourdes Boracay, “ An Affordable yet A Home to Stay”

Before ,I thought that Boracay is a place where prices of room rentals and many other hotel accommodations  are just for those who have a lot of money. Maybe because before, there are only limited  and few establishments that caters on guest that visits the place.
But this connotation that I have has been removed just this 1st week of December , 2014 when we together with my friends  decided to go to Boracay  because of the free ticket that we got from 2 Go and was given freely by a Blogger friend.
Our first day was quite impressive I guess because we have our stay at a Hotel with breakfast, lunch  and dinner.  We have all the time in the world to enjoy and do whatever we need to do that very day .Even the price of the  food was almost just the same as you were in Manila , In fact, fruit juices and other seasoned fruits are more affordable and more fresh .
But then  came the second day , Villa Lourdes was our destination and as we come to the place though it was just one of the affordable rooms the place was so cool and its almost the same as the 3 Star Hotels in the Metro, 
We have a double mattress room , and the bed was so soft , sheets was so neat and invitingly prepare you to a good night sleep after a long day of beach activities and some parties that was being held.
The place is so conducive to be into , its almost a few meters away from the marketplace and the beach itself. Backpackers should consider this place as a refuge and a very practical place to live by.

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