Friday, December 12, 2014

Breakfast @ Charlies Steakhouse of YCL Hotel

Charlie’s Steakhouse is YCL’s Restaurant and Bar that you should not missed when going at Boracay , Once you experience and taste the foods being prepared on this place ,you cannot just ignore and will surely just make it a part of your journey from day 1 and for the succeeding  days you will stay.
This is the American Breakfast of course with the finest local brewed coffee  ,A big slice of Ham and Bacon with two pcs. of sunny side up eggs with   3 slices of freshly baked  whole wheat bread, coupled with butter and jam.,which I have  and  is one of the perks when you get an Overnight stay here with YCL Hotel. Most of their servings are almost good for 2 which no other resto had in Boracay.
Most of the guests specially the foreigners are contented and did not bother to come out of other place to dined in because of its cozy and awesome place to gather as if they are in their known brand resto’s and bars
  IMG_5104 IMG_5105 IMG_5102.Because this place has a  themed  which so happened to be like other known brands  because the owner of the place is a musical enthusiast, musical instrument players, former  lead musician during their youthful memories.

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