Monday, December 1, 2014

2nd Ducati Weekend Spices Up Motorbikes Enthusiasts

Last November 22-23, a whole day celebration for Ducati followers and those who wish to have their kind of bikes and dying to be a member of such prestigious group who manage to be a humble yet very elegant through their styles and character as well.
Held at Clark Int’l Speedway Angeles Pampanga , where their usual practice and   races was being done and was considered their home too , together with other riding bikers such as pirelli, bmw, and other exclusive  bikes that you may ever imagine..
Ducati’s 2011 International Champion Mr. Carlos Cheka, graced this annual Ducati show and was one of the key persons who makes the festival more lively and memorable.
IMG_4328 Carlos signed every photographs of every ducati fans and personell
Here’s the Media Booth that makes things happen together with the organizers and invited media writers from print and bloggers on line.
IMG_4341 Carwash is one of the perks  fro every visiting riders that comes from wherever mountains they came from. with the lovely ladies which is irresistible . Mind you it was an unli wash for every bikes who would visit the booth.
And of course the Cowboy rides for the Big Boys.
The intense heat of the sun makes the event more than hottier with the Umbrella Girls of Ducati Philippines and of course with the members of  the ATAT Group. .

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