Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Certified Bloggers 1st Christmas Party @ VC Malate Mla.

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I never knew that there is a MOTEL specially here in the Philippines  that would cater for a decent kind of business such as small events with a decent kind of styles and motif depending on the kind of environment a client may ever wanted
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Just a few days before Christmas,  Certified Bloggers Group  held their Christmas party on Victoria Court ASGARD as one of their partner sponsor. Themed which is being inspired by Thor movie,.at the very gate you will see this very well guarded gate where no intruder can ever enter without being intimidated by this so called guard.
The place can fit in 30 to 40 persons in the 1st floor and the space was so wide with a Videoke machines which caters on the very talent of any Filipino rich or poor who seems very good in singiing any kind or genre songs.  Of course the group had fun on every games they played be it on Trip to Jerusalem, Exchanging of Gifts , Raffles ect.
Special Thnnks tp Ms. Milet Leberato of DbCom who gives us time for this special occasion and giving an LG Instant Camera  as one of the Major Raffle Prize.
The 2nd Floor of the area was a delight for us a big bed as one of their furniture ,

A  room where we make it a dining place instead.
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The food they served as for the package for the event was so overflowing and was so good and one of the known Filipino dishes such as Kare-kare, Palabok, Fried Chicken , Pinakbet and a Fresh Fruit Juice  for us  . It was a grand Christmas event for us and I’m sure it will be for everyone who would like to have this venue being grabbed and rented upon.
This are the sacrifices of the members who contacted some of the sponsors , bake their specialty cupcakes ect.
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This is one of the 2nd Floor’s design , A statue for Thor’s defensive weapon.
And of course a Jacuzzi ifever you want a fresh and a good  massage for the day.
Thanks for inviting me in this event, and hoping always for the group to have a more fruitful years to come.


  1. dami kong busog jan :) nice to see you there Sir Mac :)

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    2. Same here Aci, sarap nga rin ng cupcake mo ....