Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Charlie’s Steakhouse Dining on YCL Hotel @ Boracay

Here are the Chef’s that Charlie’s Steakhouse have , Chef Romy and Chef Pineda bro of Arnel Pineda the singer. Coming from other Hotel and Cruise ship Cook they give a different kind of twist to every kind of meals they offer here in the RCL Hotel at Boracay..
  IMG_7220 By just glancing on this Porter House Steak would make your taste bud asked for more. But surprisingly as they say , they make it a point that most of their servings are big and for a typical Filipino , its a sharing for two type of meal. The variants of the sauce are the gravy ,the honey garlic mayonnaise ect.
IMG_7224 This Tenderloin Steak is as juicy and fresh as most English Steakhouse we had in this country and  customers cannot deny the fact that it is worth dining in this place.
 IMG_7411 Here are one of their Pasta Specialty, A tomato based with a Chili that would give a twist for Pasta lovers.
A Baked Chicken  with Barbeque Sauce sided by fried potato, tomatoes, and the usual Wintermelon. on the sides.
Making the place so special  and will make you come back are the night of music and entertainment with their guest singers depending on the availability of the their chef Mr. Pineda.

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