Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank you is trending ,on Marriot’s Holloween & Annual Global Association Week

Last Thursday, November 30, 2014, Mariott celebrated their Annual Global Association Week and in line with the Holloween season they themed the night with a very spooky and frightening atmosphere with its participants who wore the best costume, the one that is the most scariest and with a different kind of outfits and personalities.
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Food and drinks are overflowing , Indeed it was a festival of thanksgiving and Party that Marriot has  been doing every last week of this Month simultaneously on every country that they are in to. I was amazed on how they treat their customers as a partner and much beyond being a family which you cannot see from other entities.
A toss was being  prompted by the Management and Staff of Marriot together with the host Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez to start the night of fun and surprises. Thanking all the loyal customers for all the support and another year of good and more closer relationship .
This are all the participants that is included and won in this nights costume party together with the key management like Ms. Mischelle Garcia et al. It wasior a night to remember and it will be one of  the most unforgettable Holloween and Annual Global Association Week Mariott Manila ever had.
And the night of partying and celebration never ends till the band starts the never ending party of the night till the dawn comes. Indeed Thank you is trending and Marriot say’s Thanks to everyone who makes their hotel business a part of their lives here in the Philippines and Worldwide.
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