Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ATAT MC Dominates the National Race Despite some Major Slides

It was just on year 2002 when ART or ATAT MC was established as a group and team as well. They were just a Japanese rider during the recent years and somehow as they go along with their passion wants to gear up with a much more than  life , a movement that will change their life as an individual and family as a whole.
ATAT MC at the first glance having their Italian bikes such as DUCATI and APRILIA with their International gears which are too glamorous for the Philippines gives them the impression that they are elite, hard to please and hard to reach people. But as we saw and talk to them all of those impressions were gone. They are too good to be true , a businessman, a family man having such integrity of doing their niche along with their wives and children.
And I think this are the traits that will make their group known and be made even in the International scene. Having such discipline and abiding rules that will make them as a team is surely an advantage.
“Success is more sweeter , if achieved harder”.” Winning  is not the absence of obstacles but on pursuing dreams no matter what it takes”:. These are the quotations that I ponder and learned about during the race which ATAT MC fought last Sunday, October 1, 2014 at Clark Speedway , Pampanga..
For the Open Category  one of the outstanding winners  for ATAT MC were  Lawrence Macalinao a  7th placer getting the SBK Novice Champion, Sixth place is with Vince Mercado ,Pirelli Cup Open Division  ,  Ducati Cup novice 1st runner up or 2nd Jay Carreon a.k.a Red Rider won the Ducati cup champion Intermediate , and of course the one who tried and  thrive so hard  despite major slide due to wet and drizzling outpouring of  the rain  Jevis Aguila won the Pirelli Cup Open Division as the overall champion.
Myke Torres being the Pirelli Cup class B champion. Myke Torres won the Class B Pirelli Cup Champion. Vince Mercado won the Dicati Cup Open Division as the first runner up. JC Villanuva as Pirelli Cup Class A as first runner up.,and Richard Panlilio as 2nd runner up for Ducati Cup Intermediate category.
On the  the Race results for the Open Category Jevis Aguila placed as the top of the roster while in second is Jay Carron. while at the seventh is Lawrence Macalinao. 
IMG_9245 In the Category A of the competition JC Villanueva topped the roster while Richard Panlilio is at the seventh spot. 
atat1.1 In the Category B Merviln Pullon topped this category while Myke Torres placed fourth. 
To know more about ATAT Racing Team, you may add them in Facebook ( or Instagram (ATATRACING)

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