Saturday, October 11, 2014

Buffalo Wings N’ Things

A week ago we have gone to this place and know for the fact that Buffalo wings are created by a mom in the USA who needs to give her visitors a food to eat and it so happened that chicken wings are the only left food to cook in the fridge.
For those who love spicy foods this is the one kind of experience that they should have tried and tasted.
They prepared the kind of spiciness that you would prefer to have , In fact one of the spiciest sauces menu needs a waiver to be signed in by the one who will eat and order for such viand.
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For the on line bloggers who are with us here are the menus and food the we have tasted and  review about . to mention their mini burgers that is so tempting , the Nachos, fries, pita’s and sweet desserts.
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