Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aeternum , A Haven for Everyone




Last Saturday, a different kind of event struck  and shocks the Social Media such as Twitter and Instagram where most of the pictures posted were just  seems to be a typical new park or an event place that should be advertised . One of the child of the attendee as early as now does shows interest of having her debut on the place.


It’s high time that Filipinos specially in the Metro would make this kind of alternatives due to lack of spaces and lots for a typical cemetery. Our family is one of the first in our community who settles for cremation when our mother die and subsequently after 3 years our father , who does not have a place in any of the Memorial Parks. We have learned to be more than aware together with the kids and their grand daughters and grandsons that even until now the ashes is with us in our house.


But subsequently we as the one who remains need to put those ashes in a much safer and distinct place like Aeternum, so that the coming generation may still see and have their kind of attachments with one another and family bonding with their cousins and relatives.


We thank Mr. Vince ,his family and , some of the ATAT members who joined us and make us visit and see through their Event dedicated for the living  with abundance of foods ,drinks , and   thus, we conclude and realized that in life it is Important that we may LIVE WELL and  LEAVE WELL.



We the masATAT group with Ms. Cherry Burwell as the overall PR and our Madam President Ms. Lariza Tangalin with the new external members all do enjoy the whole day with games , fun and  till midnight full of prizes ,surprises,  and  partying with each other.


For more pictures on this event pls click the link below,

Aeternum Mas ATAT Event #aeternumgarden #livewellleavewell

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