Monday, November 3, 2014

An Experience to Remember @ Aternum Garden Park

tomb Are you tired and sick of having things done over and over again or being in a traditional mode of doing or celebrating such event in the same way every year?
Last All Saints day, we experience a different kind of celebrating the season, Aeternum  gives their customers and owners of  every lot a bunch of food kiosk that are very affordable and prices are just right and more cheaper than the convenience store. Brickfire , KFC , Frutas and Potato Fries are just the few that are available there. We are overwhelmed by an Open Movie Experience that is too good to be true a High Definition LED Panel which uses an extraordinary lens makes it more clearer and  the movie begins with  a Love Story , horror ect.
if only, pagpag,  what dreams may come, world war z, all my life, fault in our stars, conjuring. A different kind of movies that would capture  whichever and whatever kind of gen-re you may be in.
Before the start of the movie proper, an Ecumenical Mass was held inside the church properties to commemorate and celebrate the All Saints Day and for the living to remember the deeds and some recollections of what kind of life should we live as an individual. Thus doing the positive side of what the departed person contributes and of course for the negative things that has been done ,just treating it as a lesson so that people may learn not to do it for the sake of self respect and for the people that will be affected as well.
This may struck some attention specially  the oldies, yet Aeternum remains to be balance and equally caters even to the young ones , giving them the right to enjoy their stay with their parted love ones.
That’s why during the time specially when the night is almost at hand you may see a group of Family  or friends that is seated on the grassy part of the garden being more close to each other , having a family bonding, and an intimate quality time with each other makes it more memorable to every individual that is in the venue.

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