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Ocean’s Harvest @ Mariott Hotel Manila


Ocean’s Harvest at Marriott Hotel Manila


How can you resist a fresh from the oceans food  such as this one from fish such as tuna , marlins and to crabs such as lobsters and curacha crabs , tiger prawns and even shells of different kinds.


I personally love seafood so much because we as a family have meats more every dinner but with  Mariotts Cafe its just like that you are near the shores and just have every catch being treated as food for the table for the day.

There’s nothing more delightful to see than hauling a net and see it brimming with the freshest catch of seafood! This experience is mirrored in a seafood station and has become a perennial favorite in restaurant buffets at hotels.

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Just give to the Chef the choices of Seafoods that you want and what kind of cook and ingridients you want your dish to be and hola you’re wish is your command. I do enjoy their Seafood Lasagna that has a different kind of twist and for all the food I try , you  will surely ask for more.

Marriot Café, a fast-rising choice of metropolis diners because of its ingenuity in offering modern all-day dining that successfully marries the best of local and continental cuisine, magnifies this delightful experience through an engaging seafood buffet held every Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Aptly named Ocean’s Harvest, diners can choose from its numerous fresh seafood, request the chefs to have it cooked the way they want it, and indulge in the glorious taste of the bounty of the sea for only P2300.

Perusing the Ocean Surf Market Style Buffet Menu, one discovers the “Catch of the Day” which includes fresh salmon, tuna loin, local tanigue, pompano, talakitok, lapu-lapu, maya-maya, shellfish, jumbo prawns, half shell local scallop, local clams, jumbo squid, suahe shrimps, blue marlin, and local gindara―all proudly displayed on ice. Likewise, the slippers lobster, local blue sea crab, curacha crab, prawns, mussels, and white shells are chilled seafood that are ready to be had.

Of course, as vast as the seafood variety are the endless ways of cooking it.

One can have piping hot soups like the Shrimp Gumbo Soup or Local Clam Soup in Lemon Grass cooked Tinola-style. There’s also a Steaming Hot Pot of Sinigang either in local miso or tamarind fruits alongside talakitok, maya–maya, head prawn local clams, salmon fillet, or lapu–lapu cutlet. Each goes perfectly well with mustasa leaves, kangkong leaves, eggplant, okra, stringbeans, fresh tomatoes, and finger chili. Make it more Filipino by drizzling it with well-loved condiments like fish sauce, calamasi, soy sauce, and fresh chili. Another way of enjoying the steamed seafood is ordering the Wok-fried Shrimp with Cashew Nuts and Celery or the Steamed Maya-Maya with Spicy Garlic Sauce. On the other hand, those who want it fried can have the Fried Whole Lapu-Lapu with Black Beans Sauce or Sweet & Sour Sauce, or, the Crispy Fried Baby Shrimp marinated in rum.

Diners can also opt to have their seafood grilled for a more flavorful Salmon Steak, Prawns, Tuna Steak, Local Tanigue Steak, pompano, local talakitok, and kitang. These can be paired with succulent sauces like lemon butter, café de Paris butter, chili vinegar, calamansi soy sauce, and Thai chili sauce.

For those who favor the blend of fresh seafood and fresh vegetables, the salad station with its selection of greens and dressings are made special with options such as lobster and pomelo, brocolli and blue crab, seafood with mushroom and mango salad in honey mustard, lapu lapu ceviche, and local scallop asparagus and orange salad. A seriously show stopping first course, these should be the most refreshing seafood salad spread that takes off in its cool and crisp quality.

Marriott Café also offers Fisherman’s Special Paella, Seafood Lasagna, and Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried Rice.

At the Japanese Station where assorted sushi such as Tuna Sashimi and Snapper Sashimi are available, diners are also challenged to go beyond the usual by creating their own Japanese food using seafood ingredients at the Teppanyaki. The Batter Station further makes the seafood experience more tantalizing as the shrimps, fish fillets, osohos, and lobster fillet are placed on ice bowls―all ready to be paired with plain batter, beer batter, or tempura style.

And, if these aren’t enough to provide the ultimate pleasure of the bounty of the sea, Ocean’s Harvest also offers the Chef’s Creation. Some of Marriott Hotel Manila’s professional chefs are available to recommend and create a special dish, according to the guest’s liking.

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While a lavish seafood buffet is enthralling, a sweet experience in the dessert station is another must try especially when it’s paired with a tea or coffee. Featuring samba mousse, chocolate pistachio mousse, blueberry cheesecake, sugar free cheesecake, assorted homemade gelato ice cream and sorbet bar that are worth saving up the space for.

Get ready to be captivated by this five-star seafood buffet experience only at Marriott Hotel Manila’s Marriott Café. For inquiries or reservations, call (02) 988-9999.


An inviting beacon set in the world-class casino entertainment complex of Resorts World Manila, Marriott Hotel Manila is the place to work and play. Ideally located in Newport City across Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, it is a convenient 15 minute drive from Makati Business District and Bonifacio Global City. Affording a splendid view of the adjoining 18-hole Villamor Golf Course, it boasts 342 exquisite guest accommodations that offers luxurious bedding, in-room safe, mini-bar, high-speed Internet, air conditioning, 40" full high definition LCDs with IPTV, videos on demand and jack pack plug-and-play system. The hotel features excellent dining options such as Marriott Cafe, Cru Steakhouse, Java+ and Lobby Lounge. Leisure facilities include Quan Spa, Health Club, Salon and Newport Mall. With a Grand Ballroom and several meeting rooms, Marriott Hotel Manila is also the ultimate destination for meetings and events, from wedding to gala dinner celebrations.

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