Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Collaboration of Sun IMessenger with Cantina Sicilianita






It was a hot Thursday afternoon when we arrived at Cantina Cicilianita located at Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong , An Italian kind of food that was being brought to by one of the third generation family of Rex Bookstore Mr. Eric Buhain  in which they really used the said store and covert it to an Italian resto with the books they are selling in their shelves and display areas.


And with Ms. Louie Oviedo which is the PR of the said Sun IMessenger through their  company Greetings Limited. Inc. , she guide me through my Sun number to register it and enable my Facebook account to message it to my cell phone and  for the phone to received messages from my FB account and  to reply it just through txt messages too.


Yes you can chat with your friends and most especially your love one’s online through SUN IM with facebook, twitter and other social networking  accounts. Even though  if you are using the most oldest and vintage cell phone you ever had now we can participate in FB messages whenever , wherever we are.


Just Register and go to and enter your friends  Sun Cellular number and you can start chatting away. What’s great about it is your friends don’t pay anything to receive your messages. But when they reply, they must use Sun iMessenger. Sun iMessenger is FREE for the first 24 hours for test drive and  after that, they pay P0.50/reply or P20 for an unlimited 24-hour subscription.

                IMG_1015  IMG_1017

After doing such registration, as for Cantina Secilanita  we have tasted some of their favorites and top of  the line pastas such as Pesto Ceciliano and sidings Polpette el Sugo which is the sauchy  and mouthwatering meatballs and  Panini a fried rice cake balls, and most of all their dessert which is CANNOLI a handmade wrapped with Cream cheese .An Authentic Italian Cicilian taste which you cannot find on any food chains because they don’t sacrifice the taste by having an alternative seasoning  and which you will not resist to have cause of its healthy and  with regards to pricing and  its affordability .And can be considered a wise choice  as well.

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