Friday, April 5, 2013

Gyu Kaku “ BBQ grills in your table”



It was the Pre opening day of GYU KAKU @ the High Street BGC,  a BBQ inspired by the tables which is very unique in the Philippines but very oriental  and similar in most of the ASEAN countries such as Korea, Japan and China.


What makes it unique is the charcoal that is on the table which gives the meats and the food to be more tastier and gives the quality of cooks you want your food to be. The Menu of the night was so simple yet gives us the appetite for their crafts.


        IMG_9907 IMG_9913

        IMG_9949 IMG_9951

         IMG_9964 IMG_9953

        IMG_9970 IMG_9974

IMG_9961 Gyu-Kaku is a “yakiniku” restaurant that was originally developed by Rex Holdings Japan. There are approximately eight hundred Gyu-Kaku locations within Japan, and locations have also been opened in the United States (New York City, California, Chicago, Hawaii). Gyu-kaku is part of Reins International Inc. However, every restaurant is different in terms of region and selection availability.
IMG_9990 As one of the largest restaurant operators in Japan, Rex Holdings Japan developed the Gyu-Kaku system of restaurant operating techniques and methods in the mid 1990s and expanded throughout Japan. Gyu-Kaku since then has been advanced and modified for the global market.

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