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Kokoro Ramenya Authentic “ Japanese cuisine”




  IMG_6586  We are privilege  to have a food tasting on Kokoro Ramenya last February 8 found  out  that the food is so authentic especially the servings on ramens.






Their place is too cozy and so spacious that whenever people goes in a group they could be assured of having a place to dined within a small amount of time to wait .

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IMG_6561 They have wide array of Shrimps  serving and other well known Japanese menus to choose from. Their servings are of different presentations and plates which is very distinct from some Japanese known restos.


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I like their classic Sushi’s and Sashimi’s that is too fresh that you cannot distinguish the rareness of the meats be it fish or shrimps.  And especially the blending taste of  their coffee jelly that you can see on any Japanese resto.



Thanks to the Owner / Manager of the said Resto for giving us good and friendly service together with their employees and kichen crews  that is too gracious and responsive to all our requests.


Kokoro Ramenya is a new Japanese ramen restaurant along Roxas Boulevard, in Ermita, Manila serving a wide selection of authentic Japanese ramen and other popular Japanese dishes. Recently opened its doors to Filipinos last April 18, 2012, the restaurant prides itself for having a great selection of popular regional Japanese ramen prepared by head chef and ramen connoisseur, Susumo Murata of ______, Japan. Kokoro Ramenya even has its own Japanese noodle-making machine to ensure noodles are of the highest quality and served fresh daily. Chef Murata highly recommends the Karakuchi-negi, Seafood Sapporo Ramen, Gomamiso, and Kokoro Ramenya original, Hakata Classic – rich and creamy Tonkotsu noodle soup boiled for 18 hours topped with kikurage, chashu and soft-boiled egg. Aside from ramen, the restaurant also serves popular ala carte dishes, sushi platters and affordable special lunch set to provide a delectable Japanese dining experience to everyone.

The restaurant’s casual cozy interior with a view of Manila Bay, adds to a relaxing dining experience perfectly shared with family and friends.


Two Japanese friends were chatting over their Japanese instant noodle lunch when they suddenly had a great idea of putting up an authentic Japanese ramenya in Manila. After a year of research, various cooking experimentation, food tastings and a few Filipino friends’ support, Kokoro Ramenya was born. It was the passion for perfecting the quintessential hearty Japanese meal, the RAMEN, that made Kokoro Ramenya what it is today. Soup broth is cooked meticulously for 18 hours to achieve its unique delicious flavor and ramen noodles are made fresh daily to ensure the right creamy texture and flavor. All this for a slurpingly good meal in Kokoro Ramenya.


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