Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clucky’s “Fresh Food , Real Taste




Do you know that there’s a new twist of Korean style foods at Rockwell Business Center , Rockwell II Bldg. at Ortigas near Meralco Gate 2 and Medical City Pasig City. We are privilege to be invited and experience the taste of their exclusive kind of products.


At Clucky’s they want to instill in the minds of the foodies that fresh foods has its good and real taste and If you’re looking for a different twist of a Korean kind of dishes such as chicken , salads, bulgogis ect korean favorites , Cluckys will be one of the place where you should go and dined.

IMG_6026 IMG_6033 They have their green salads the Chicken Tenders Salad and Spicy Crabmeat salad that would make your appetites crave for more dishes to come.  Prices is at Php 139/159 per serving.

IMG_6055Their  Chicken burger meal with Parmesan fries  is one that even children would like to have for a snack and starters as well,.with a chosen dip of spicy or honey mustard  Php 119 with 12oz soda/ice tea.

      IMG_6089 IMG_6091

A delight and crispy breast strips and fish tenders with a choice dips of garlic mayo, and honey mustard that is perfect if youre not in the mood of eating rice.

IMG_6102 Their famous Clucky’s Spicy and or Soy Garlic fresh  of deep Fried Chicken which you will never ever wanted to stop eating up to the last bite you will ever have. As for me, its one of my favorites that triggers my taste buds to crave for more. Prices starts at Php 79 for single serve to Large and from 24 pcs of wings and 12 pcs of drums @ Php 679 only.



Bulgogi Rice Toppings meals  and Kimchi Meal with fried rice @ Php 149 with 12 oz. soda/ice tea.


Thanks to the  new breed owners of Clucky’s, It was a family owned corporation, and  who have invited us to taste and dined with their different kind of approach to food handling which they derived and get from an international partners in New York USA.  They import their main ingredients on Korea to ensure the authenticity of the taste they bring to customers. Their twist of a Filipino touch taste of dressings and deeps which you cannot see from other fast foods and same entities as well .

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