Friday, February 8, 2013

First Flagship Store Opens in the Philippines “CONVERSE”


First Flagship Store Opens in the Philippines


CONVERSE: Cool Stylish Comfort with an Attitude

For the free-spirited youth or any creative individual who makes his silent but unrestrained statement with his choice of footwear, no other brand comes close to CONVERSE when it comes to declaring one’s passion for life and the irreverent rockstar attitude of a never-say-die character.

Now opening its first flagship store in the Philippines at the 2nd Level of the New Glorietta Ayala Mall in Makati City, CONVERSE brings a new retail experience that exudes the nostalgic ambiance of the places where musicians, sports enthusiasts and artistic individuals create, live and play: the Court, the Street, Backstage, and the Studio.


Occupying a sprawling 275 sqm area, the flagship store is the largest CONVERSE shop in the Philippines to date. It houses a wide array of CONVERSE merchandise that range from the well-loved Chuck Taylors, Jack Purcells, Cons, John Varvatos to other popular CONVERSE apparel, bags and accessories.

CONVERSE has always been a favorite fashion statement of rock musicians for the resilience of its sneakers, which perfectly jive with every rockstar’s active and rugged lifestyle. 6Cyclemind and Gracenote are two of the most vocal and popular alternative rock bands that proudly swear by the stylish comfort and excellent traction of their CONVERSE sneakers, which complement their high-energy performance onstage.

Both 6Cyclemind and Gracenote concur that, like their alternative music, CONVERSE is simple and never pretentious and that they love how their sneakers become more comfortable and stylish the more worn-out and dirtier they get.


To further unleash people’s creative spirit, CONVERSE has launched a new campaign that declares the sneakers’ superior artistic and grungier edge over conformist shoes and other conventional footwear.

By saying outright that “Shoes are boring. Wear Sneakers”, CONVERSE has made a catching battle cry that resonates with the equally upfront taglines “Shoes keep it clean. Sneakers get dirty”, “Shoes test the water. Sneakers dive in”, “Shoes party. Sneakers after party”, “Shoes buy a ticket. Sneakers put on a show”, and “Shoes buy art. Sneakers create it”.

Special thanks to Figaro and MUD who were partners during store opening.

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