Monday, February 11, 2013

KOHSAMUI “A Taste of Thai " & South East Asian Cuisines


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When I arrived at the place I feel that I don’t have to go to Thailand to experience the ambience and style of this hotel type of Restaurant which make me more than amazed of the people who somehow dressed as Thai personnel greets in the native of Thailand tongue.


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And found out on their menu that they do not only  served Thai cuisines but of different Southeast Asian Countries such as Chinese and  Singapore which is being backed up by their native Chefs so that the authenticity of the taste will be maintained , They served us Thai Milk that is so creamy and delicious and Appetizer Spicy Mushroom Salad and Shrimps which can be requested as mild spicy , But as for me I like it spicier.


            KOH SAMUI Golden Curry Crab which has a sweet taste that came from Koh Samui    Islands delicacy.


            Deep Fried LAPU-LAPU sauted with Mango , the nectar of the Mango is the one that  gives different kind of taste and semi sweetness.

IMG_6751            Deep Fried Shrimp Cake is so crunchy yet a taste of  a meaty shrimp.

IMG_6755           Charcoal CHICKEN has its softness and taste that is too fresh and juicy.

pandan           Signature CHICKEN Pandan that is so tasty and well fermented.

IMG_6771          Lamb Chops that is too juicy and soft and has a different taste of a meat.


         Barbeque Pork Neck Meat which is too tasty and something different.

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Chicken Feet Salad                                        Pineapple Shrimp Sala

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       Singapore Chicken Salad Roll                 Cabbage with Bacon

IMG_6778     Pad Thai with a semi spicy taste that blends with Filipino taste

IMG_6773    Pineapple Fried Rice a very Asian taste with nuts and shredded meat  sidings

IMG_6762   Tom Yang Gung Soup  with a mild spicy flavor


This is just a glimpse of what we have tried and tasted and its so incredible to know that Southeast Asian foods can compete with the Western and other known and Classic delicacies Try all the delectable and Southeast Asian dishes at Koh Samui and you will not regret even the price is so reasonable per dish and all the prices are inclusive of vat and with just 10% Service Charge will be added to your bills.

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