Sunday, May 4, 2014

Philippine Volcanoes delays eruption over Japan

A series of plays and competitions will be done here in the Philippines for PRFU The Philippine Rugby Football Union and the Philippine Volcanoes will surely give their opponents a very competitive game by the love of rugby sports and its team’s effort to beat-off teams that represents Asian countries that are member of the ARFU ‘Asian Rugby Football Union”.
The start of the first 4 plays was being tried and score and  was leaded by the Philippine Volcanoes at 10-7.
However things changed when Japan decides to step a  bit faster phase and wiser moves.
Japan won’t dare to give the Volcanoes a chance to try from the previous 10 points and did try and lashed them till the end of the game. 99-10.
Despite its lost on this game , the Volcanoes will be continuing to erupts and learn from every game they pursue , giving more hope for their country and its people.
After the game at exactly 6:45 pm PRFU “ The Philippine Rugby Football Union” host a banquet awards dinner at  Savannah Hall at Southern Plains, Clubhouse Silangan Exit SLEX., and give credit to the winning team and its opponent.
Fila’s support will continue to overflow over the Volcanoes team as promised and just want to show it’s existence and support over most of their plays or exhibition games. Like them on Facebook @ , and Philippine Volcanoes @
.For more pictures on the said play , please click this link ,

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