Friday, June 9, 2017

Show your Love in Action through Sunlifes new Customfit Plans

Sunlife launched last June 7, 2014 , at Shangrila Makati  a new collection of its digital films dubbed as SunShorts that highlights relationships that make lives #brightertogether. 

Sunlife of Canada (Philippines), Inc.,  marks its 4th Financial Independence this month of June, 2017 to help Filipinos break free from the cycle of financial shortages and insecurities. This time they launched the collection of  digital films called Sunshorts to inspire and help Filipinos pursuing financial freedom. 

Through their Ambassadors like Matteo Guidicelli who endorses "Waves" by Zig Marasigan which gives peek into the mindset of the millenials . In this short film the couple which is not yet married who loves each other so dearly  somehow the man who have the guts to give his fiance such financial plans in order to make her more ready and capable of doing the things which she needs to finished in life.

 In  the sequel "She said, She said by Nic Reyes, through Sunlife Ambassador Judy Ann Santos ,Its about a Single moms journey wherein she sees how life has been so fast that should make better decision to do for a more brighter future ahead,

And lastly, "Sayaw" by Mihk Guevarra endorsed by Piolo Pascual who will delve into the reality of coping with a long-time marriage that has gone cold.  At first it is the man who makes the move to make it work again not until he suffered from stroke and because of their plan with Sunlife and somehow this starts their renewal of vows and make things possible again.

And at the end of the launching, the People of the Press and Online bloggers make a vote through their machines on which films do we admire a lot, and obviously it was the Waves who won and it has somehow touch and make us realized that it was a successful job they make to open the minds of the Filipino people  and today it is proven that SunShorts which started last 2012 has gained respect and somehow people learned and begins to have their money works for them and boost their financial journey.

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