Saturday, May 27, 2017

“APPRENTICE ASIA” Winner graces Sun Life’s Live Brighter Session

Sunlife Philippines  predominantly started to educate Filipino specially  on how important for them to learn to be more than wise enough on spending and learn how to make their money grow through financial investments and ensuring their children for their education and have  an assured life whatever may happened to the parents of every Filipino children.

For this year, Millenials are the one they want to teach , reach out and wanting to mentor. To help them know as early as possible while working on how to spend wisely and make their money or earnings work for them,  As they move on with their career and eventually with their partners to be and whenever they  plan to have their family of their own..

The first  ever winner  of the hit reality show “Apprentice Asia:, Jonathan Yabut, graced Sun Life Financial/s “Live Brighter Session”, a gathering for bloggers and aspiring financial advisors, to share the story of how he rose from humble beginnings to become a successful businessman and in-demand motivational speakerYabut, who served as Chief of Staff for Air Asia for a year after winning in the reality show hosted by Malaysian business mogul Tony Fernandes, now runs his very own IT Consultancy & Ventures, which operates in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.  Addressing the bloggers and aspiring advisors, he talked about the work principles that has brought him to where he is now, and  also emphasized the importance of serving a social purpose. According to Yabut , the latter is to what will keep one inspired to keep improving his work.

Apart from Yabut, Sunlife Financial advisor JP Cruz also spoke, giving the bloggers an inside look at his own career , as well as his personal journey. He spoked about how he reached rock bottom in both his finances and his love life, and what he did to overcome the struggle. Now a successful  Sunlife advisor. Cruz interestingly stressed  a  taught to what  Yabut emphasized that is to have a deeper reason for the work one  pursues. In his case,  Cruz finds it by helping  people achieve lifetime financial security.

“There’s so much inspiration to learn in this Live Brighter Session, between Jonathan and JP’s stories. I’m  sure that the bloggers who joined us in the venue and even those who tuned in via Facebook live found motivation to continue pursuing their dreams and finding a purpose to serve”. SunLife financial advisor Fin Bernardo says “ We hope that this also opens to them  opportunities that they can enjoy if they become a financial advisor. It’s a career that’s definitely meaningful, and at the same time financially rewarding”.

“Live Brighter Sessions” are set to be held in Cebu and Davao. For more details, follow @sunlifeph on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Interested to become a Sunlife Advisor? Visit to learn more.

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