Monday, January 18, 2016

Ms. Aviation Philippines pre Pageant activities at Camaya Coast , Mariveles Bataan

Last January 16 & 17, 2016 , I happened to be one of the On Line blogger who have the privilege to witness and cover the 2nd Year of the comeback for the Ms. Philippine Aviation which is one of the most awaited pageant during the Marcos regime.

Camaya Coast of Mariveles Bataan sponsors the event with the warmth people on their hostel and the specialty food of Max's who have catered their best foods on every meal for us since day 1.

The room is perfect for a family of  2 because it has a loft type room upstairs with bathroom and 3 beds on both realms.

On the first day of this journey we have seen the beauty of the island and all the amenities that the resort have plus some of the on going projects that they are doing for a more comforting , relaxing and a multi faceted adventures they would like to have in their place.
On the middle left side Ms. Carla Cabrera, Mr. Goody Ilagan, Capt. Joy Roa

We have witnessed the signing of their MOA on sponsorship of both parties , the Ms. Philippine Aviation and Camaya Coast.

I had a photo opportunity and one on one interview with the outgoing Ms. Philippine Aviation , Ms. Cleo Brown .

On the second day, The swimsuit competition  one of the highlights of the event and here every candidate displays and represents diverse and multi -facets of  Filipina beauty and a more witty answers on every question a judge should ask. It was quite a very different mode of pageant I saw this time , maybe because of the latest achievement on Ms. Universe ,

Nevertheless this time you will feel the pride of being a citizen of the country having such kind of brain's  we have had for this batch.

Here are the contestants that won the Special Awards during this competition. On the Left No. 15 Ms. Reichelieu Emory Santos , Ms. Camaya Coast , No. 14, Ms. Trizia Abaya, Ms. Body Beautiful    and No. 13 ,Kristine Micah Malicsi, Ms. Sassy Girl.

Watch out for the Press Conference and Coronation Night of the Pageant , which will be announced on this blogsite on the next issue.

For more pictures on this particular event , pls click this link,


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