Friday, January 1, 2016

Mariott Loves Bloggers, Yearend Thanksgiving Party , An affair to Remember

Year after year, Marriott Hotel Philippines, never ceases to amaze us the Online Bloggers of Lifestyle and Travel  who have been useful for most of the endeavors and new steps they have made and are undertaking in their Industry at Manila,  Philippines.

Just this last 21st of December, 2015, Ms. Michelle Garcia , Marketing Communication Head of Marriott Hotel Manila Greets and wishes all the attendees a  Happy Holiday for us for the coming Christmas and New Year. Meeting and Party was called for the purpose of showing their thanks and gratitude for the whole year of support and partnerships.


And since their new Grand Ballroom building has opened including their new Resto's and businesses including its facilities. Ms. Garcia freely gives us a chance to dine and experience their new Mian and Crema Restaurant located at the new Grand Ballroom building , dining in together with our family member or a chosen friends which makes us more intimately attached with Marriott as a company and its employees/family.

A Raffle was made and more prizes were given to the lucky winners including the 2 (Two) One day stay at Marriott Hotel, and more Restaurants GC's  aside from the experience of each attendees to Mian and Crema Restaurants  .
A Sumptuous lunch was being catered  for us on our favorite Marriott Cafe, an  Open Buffet Restaurant which has one of the most Authentic Asian, Filipino and Western foods that we are craving for.

And Lastly, Each of us was given a Special Christmas Gift of a House Cake made by their famous Chef on the House.

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