Thursday, November 13, 2014

AXIS TIME OUT OF TIME: An Artistic Expression of Substance and Style

This is one brand that have not stopped to brings in a fashion on watches, Since it’s Japan technologies it can be compared with any known branded watches that have made a name since the start.
Axis is a watch brand that believes in making your timepiece a harmonious part of who you are. Axis allows you to transcend trends and celebrate your own style. The watches are unique and varied in form and design. Individually, Axis watches are almost intricate pieces of art.
This brand would like to pioneer in giving back to the consumers by helping the Children of the Children’s Hour by giving a chance to this Artist to pursue their career  specially here in the Philippines .Specifically for  those who has this kind of talents making use of their passion to create something that would make the product more that just a material or accessories ,but extending its arm for the sake of the needy and helping the  youth to pursue their dreams for the coming generation. 
It is fitting then that Axis launched an art exhibit entitled “Time Out of Time” on Nov 12, 2014 at SM Mall of Asia. The exhibit featured the works of artists Ram Mallari, Buds Convocar and Salvador Ching. The pieces are a collection of mixed media works that incorporated Axis watches. The Axis art works will be sold through a bidding process and the proceeds will be donated to Children’s Hour.
A quick look at the participating artists will show that they are well-recognized in the art scene and seasoned talents.
Ram Mallari turns discards into works of art. His mixed media assemblages have garnered attention and praise. His 2012 exhibit “METAL REDEMPTION” in Congress was a huge success and his story was chosen by Thompson Reuters to be featured in local and international media networks such as Yahoo News, Washington Post, NBC News TV in New York and BBC News Channel.
IMG_3271 Before pursuing a full time career in painting, Buds Convocar spent his early years in the academe handling a wide array of art subjects such as design, illustration, typography, painting and cartooning. He has received numerous awards in various art competitions such as 10 Outstanding Artists of the Philippines in 1994. He has received honorable mentions in the Philippine Art Awards in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 2001.
Salvador “Buddy” J. Ching is a full-time, multi-awarded Painter, Installation and Performance Artist. He is one of the five Philippine representatives to the Third ASEAN Youth Painting Workshop & Exhibition in Indonesia. He was part of the Asian Biennale Art Exhibition in Cuba, Bangladesh, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and USA. He has received numerous awards and citations in major art competitions in the country and 9 one-man shows to date.
Through art and a philanthropic endeavor, Axis truly goes beyond just being a timepiece. The “Time Out of Time” art exhibit highlights the brand’s belief in self-expression and meaningful style.
The artworks may be seen at the Axis pop-up store on the ground floor of SM Mall of Asia, near National Bookstore. Axis watches are available in Watch Republic Shops and leading department stores nationwide.

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