Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fila and ATAT Partners for a Cause

This day, July 9, 2014, at Jills Bar at the Fort Strip,  marks as one of the most memorable day for the two known brands  FILA and ATAT (Any Time All The Time) Racing Team (ART), A Motorcycle Club. which aims to uplift Philippine Motorsports and promote safe ,because it was the Birthday of Ms. Cris Albert the President and CEO of Fila who gives back what they have achieved in the industry since the start.
On line media representatives and their industrial partners do party and celebrate the night with joy and more fun.
They give prizes like 10 watches of Technomarine,  twp hundred bottles of  Stoli Vodka , 10 pairs of FILA shoes and many consolation prizes for all who attended the party.
ATAT members bikes , these are the one’s they are using and  one of the most awesome and luxurious Ducati’s and Aprilia .. It’s one of a kind group that we should be watching over because they tend to have a good spirit and right attitude towards life and society.
An abrupt press conference was being conducted and ATAT officers do introduced themselves as they represent businesses of their own , they want to promote safety on the roads , wearing the must have gadgets during the ride and having a group that will help them for emergency situation that a rider may met in the road each day.
Today ,they are 24 members and Jay told us that they are helping each others businesses , how they teach their children as early as 6 years old to ride a mini motor bike, how they  simultaneously go  to a place where they can speed up a little more and at times takes pleasure to specially ride with their partners  which gives them more and solid friendships specially when they do it with  their Ducati’s and  Aprilia. ,
The team officers that were present during this celebration includes Mr. Jay Carreon, the Treasurer , who did all the talking for the team during the interview. Also introduced at the media meet-up were their newy-elected President Mr. Elmer Pabale, their Vice President for Internal  Mr. Richard Panlilio, their Vice President for External Affairs Mr. Paolo Alabado, and Secretary Mr. Myke Torres and  also from Mr. Lester Codog, owner of Foil A Car and the group's manager.
Now they boasts of their accessories such as Jackets, shoes from FILA to protect them and be used as wind breaker , and other kind of gears needed for their riding pleasures.
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