Tuesday, February 4, 2014

All Is Lost “ A Robert Redford Starrer”

This is the first time I saw a film that has no character attribution but one unknown man who’s private motor boat got stranded  at the Indian Ocean and was being crashed by a big container, It show’s how he battled survival against the elements of the sea, storms and any other kind of problems like food and water shortages. It’s almost a silent movie but had an outcry monologue which is HELP !!!.
The  Musical Scores gives justice to every kind of trouble he got in to. With his old age you may think of his incapability to surpass all the troubles he got into but somehow it gives hope and comfort to every one watching seeing on the latter part was being helped and escape his struggling experiences.
Here’s the trailer of the movie.
The film is distributed in the Philippines by Solar-UIP

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