Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Victoria Court Kitchen Keys Turnover to Manila Zoo



At the left Mr. Kim Garcia, Business Manager of Victoria Court,  Ms. Tanya LLana, Marketing Director of Victoria Court  , and  Manila Zoo’s Head Veterinary Mr, Heinrick Patrick Pena Domingo

Last November 11, 20113,  Victoria Court’s executives turnover the Kitchen keys to Manila Zoo’s Head Veterinary better known as Doc  Chief,  who has been once the head since 1900’s . Today as he comes back after Immigrating from Canada , He renewed his commitment to help maintain the Zoo and make it more viable to one of the Manila’s wonder and eventually once again be a top  income generating tourist attraction here in Luzon especially in Metro Manila..


Victoria Court has been one of the neighbors of the establishment since they have assumed in their industry and has been very generous in their endeavor of helping them picked up and continue to exist  in this new era of High Technologies and Mobile Industry here in our country.


Their recent kitchen before does not undergo any major improvements since the 70’s  and its good to note that Victoria Court give them such kind of support having their facilities upgraded from inside and will extend it unto the utmost need that they may help.



“Maali” the Elephant has been one of the cutest but consider one of the biggest yet so friendly and playful as well, Their  home will be  renovated   next with Rhino “Bertha”  that will give them more comfort and a more feasible environment for them to live with.


And those are most of the major things that Victoria Court will do and implement and up to the littlest putting up of signage for this zoo will be done for the betterment of their neighbor public tourist attraction such as Manila Zoo,  that was once a major spot in Manila and will continue to strive to stand up as one of the major destinations here in our country.


For more pictures on this event pls. click this link,  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.524231611006531.1073742011.348405828589111&type=3

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