Friday, November 29, 2013

Philips Invites Filipinos to Reinvent Housing and Facilities for Typhoon Yolanda's Victim through meaningful Innovations

IMG_8441 Ms.Fabia Tatteroo Bueno- Country Manager Philps Philippines
“Innovations that matter to You “ Program teams up with Filipinos to help the communities in the Visayan region to get back in their own feet”.
Last November 27, 2013 Philips initiated the launching of Meaningful Innovation program and we the On Line Media together with the Tri Media have a table discussion on this matter which has been their program in Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Singapore last 2011. Together with Ms. Fabia Bueno es CEO and Vice President. We talk about the long term solutions specially on basic needs and principles in building shelters such as home and infrastructures because of the recent calamity brought by climate change in our country. “Having the Engineer’s Offices of those City’s basic requirements for more secured and right requirements for every city’s shelters and buildings.
Over the past month, the Philippines was hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda (International name Haiyan). From the destruction of basic infrastructures now pegged at 13.1 billion, health concerns, and access to healthcare, typhoon Yolanda has had an immense impact on 9.9 million people living in the  Visayan Region.
The question is What are your ideas to help improve the quality of life of Filipinos through meaningful innovation?
“As we continue with this program aimed at helping affected communities in the Visayas, we are giving the Filipinos the opportunity to directly help fellow Filipinos the opportunity to directly help fellow Filipinos through meaningful innovations”. say Ms. Bueno , Country Manager of Philips Philippines.  “ At Philips, we don’t just innovate for innovation sake. We innovate for your sake. We do this by listening and understanding the needs of the people, families, and communities . Through the meaningful partnership , this program ultimately rallies a movement to improve the quality of lives of affected Filipinos.- It is every Filipinos program.”
Through this program Philips underpins its commitment to define and deliver meaningful innovations to improve the quality of lives of the people in Asia Pacific. This year , the program was rolled out across Asia Pacific including the Philippines just earlier this year.
 IMG_8433 Mr. Lori Tan – CEO and Vice President of WWF- Philippines
In response, Philips has decided to continue the ‘Meaningful Innovation’  program in the Philippines by refocusing the program fully on defining and delivering meaningful innovations to the affected communities in the Visayas. The outcome will now result in a project that aims to improve the quality of life of people living in the Visayan region by supporting infrastructure to be re-built , providing access to healthcare solution, or helping families to get back on their own feet. Philips will partneer closely with the Department of Health (DOH) , World Wide Fun for Nature Philippines (WWF-Phils), and I Can Serve Foundation in the program moving forward.
“Now is the right time to make this people live within their city’s in a more stable environment specially during storm surge or any Super typhoon that may come their way.” say’s Mr. Tan WWF-Phils.

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