Sunday, September 1, 2013

AfterShift Jam “Call Center Heroes”


kolctr heroes 


I happened to be one of the few who covers the After shift Jam’s 6th Anniversary Gig entitled “CALL CENTER HEROES”  at the Bside Makati City and features the  favorite Call Center Bands such as :
Basilica, Subterranean, Apathy, Lestercannon, Damsel in Distort, The Issues, Lastbreak
Even in Death, Limbo Rocks, Bushfire, Holden, Acquire Jammers, Peace Pill, Proxy Prexy, Distant Shores and  Ollie Style.

IMG_9009 IMG_8975

It was a morning full of music and inspiration for the people who joins this festive day and seems just unwinding in their daily grinds of life in call center activities.



This time on their 6th year, they do the right thing of helping the needy especially those people and families that are being stricken and affected by typhoon in any point of the country here in the Philippines. Partnering with the Project Pearls @ Project  who have been consistent helping the needy of our country, The above picture shows the giving of goods such as noodles and some groceries donated  by - Melissa Sanvictores, Janelle Mateo, Janjan Tundag, Dante Borgueta, etc . They even give a cash amount of P 5,000.00 for the scholarship of one of their students that are being adopted by the org.


Thanks to our Modern Day Heroes, the Call Center Agents and hoping that their tribe will increase as this generation becomes more chaotic  specially on the tragedy’s happening around our Nation and the World . This endeavor is very seldom seen in a community that earns just for a simple living earning a little bit higher on the minimum scale of salary. .And  here are some of the names of the Organizers who made this thing possible. Raymond Padolina, Ram Chaves, Melissa Sanvictores, Jayghee Gayo and Ramon Panique.

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For more pictures on the said event pls. click this link,

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