Friday, September 20, 2013

Dutdutan 13 @ World Trade Center



Dutdutan is one event that caters and start the art of having a tattoo be it manual or by machine. It gives more chances and freedom to an individual to express their feelings by having such icons in their body parts. It was one of a tradition by many Asian to have this kind of technology that makes an impact to their cultures and beliefs. Today it has been a fad, a fashion and an art that makes a group proud of having and just wanting to belong.

Dutdutan is currently the country's biggest and grandest tattoo exposition held annually presented by Tribal Gear Philippines.
The organizers are now gearing up for the 13th offering of Dutdutan dubbed as Dutdutan Trece to be held at the World Trade Center on September 27 and 28.
DUTDUTAN Trece is all set!!! POD, URCC, Drum Duel, Bands, FHM Bikini Contest, Tattoo, Tattoo & Tattoo!!!


Get the chance to meet the man behind Tribal Gear! Mr. Bobby Ruiz live at Dutdutan Trece! Also, our favorite Dutdutan featured tattoo artist, Big Tiny of Unauthorized Ink will be coming again this year. The exclusive Dutdutan Trece poster above was designed by Tribal's featured international tattoo artist Steve Soto of Goodfellas Tattoo shop in California. He will be coming also to Dutdutan along with Big Tiny and Bobby Ruiz!

The event primarily promotes Tattoo artists' ingenuity in the Philippines and its collaboration with Tattoo masters all over the world.

Ticket prices are @P400 for one day pass and P700 for 2-days pass. We will advise the availability of them as soon as it comes out, please wait for our announcements.. Shirts will cost P400 each and will be sold during the event.

Be the first to view the official event footage by subscribing to Dutdutan's YouTube account!!! Don't missed this unfathomed event!!!!

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