Sunday, August 4, 2013

Greenwich Presents New Products ,Serves in 2nd Meeting



2nd better known as “The Laguna Blogging Summit”, held its 2nd weekly meeting  at  Greenwich located at  Phil First Building along Ayala avenue at Makati City ,has finally launched  LAB’ Website . The organizers came with the support of the Philippine Red Cross and Zoomanity Group under Robert Laurel Yupangco., Here are the reasons why we say were lucky.

First, we the LAB’s Laguna Blogging Summit are so privilege to have one of the most tastiest and good Pizza maker “Greenwich” which is one of the official partner for the food and especially the  place which they are willing to reserve for us. every week till the day we will start the summit.


IMG_6847 IMG_6780

Greenwich is one of the finest fast food restaurant  that I have  keep coming back due to its original tastes of the Pasta’s such as the Baked Macaroni and Lasagna which they have given us as a dinner meeting together with it are the New Thin Crust PIzza which you can never cease to get and eat more because this time they have upgraded their mixtures of the crust that makes it more tastier and crunchier and The New Sweet and Chili Chicken that is too good to be true in taste and how they make it so crispy and tender inside.


and last but not the least , the friendly and so hard working Manager and  staffs of the Branch that will take every request we may have on that night. 

That’s why despite of many Pizza parlors that pops up be it local or foreign, Filipinos cannot deny that Greenwich has been and will always be a part of our daily eating habit.


The food on the tables plus the function rooms that has been dedicated for us  makes our meeting very colorful and much exciting to  linger on  and chat some more.

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