Thursday, August 1, 2013

GrabTaxi Apps Available on IOS and Android, “Helping Filipinos in this chaotic times”



GrabTaxi (formerly known as is the first in the Philippines to use smart phone to smartphone cloud-based technologies for taxi booking and dispatch to connect passengers to drivers, and is one of the fastest growing social start-up companies.


At first I am hesitant to believe that this kind of apps and services be achieved in our society wherein abuse in the part of the drivers was so rampant and have been so disrespectful up to the point of not accepting passengers during  rush hours and most especially when the weather is too bad . Though there are only 1000 taxi and 3 companies like WORLD Taxi,, RM Taxi and Asian Taxi. I have experienced being fetched by the World Taxi c/o Mr. Edwin Paje the driver who gives me more details on how they are using the technologies and through this Im 30 mins. earlier for the Launching of GRAB TAXI.


But this time, Mr. Anthony Tan , who have studied in Harvard for his MBA, strongly believed in his school mission to create leaders who make a difference in others people’s lives, globally. He who interestingly enough is the great grandson of an average taxi driver in Malaysia, envisioned revolutionizing the taxi industry. He has given an opportunity to do so when he joined  the Harvard Business School Business Plan . Contest in 2011 during his senior year and placing second in the said contest, was given seed money for the business.



And through this, Grab Taxi was birthed and start from the seed money of  Harvard and  as the Group says in the press question and answer” They do not only want to earn from it but make the drivers of each companies they considered  teaching them on how to give best services ,courtesy to their riding customers and most of all teaching them to use high tech Smart Phones using GPS technologies and most of the needed apps to be used in their system.


And hoping that through this bold step, this may seed to follow more company’s and drivers to be open and adopt this kind of technologies and most of all services that would benefit the people on our society and may their tribe increased and multiply for the betterment of the Philippines.

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