Sunday, July 14, 2013

NUMB8ERS STATION “An Effective Single Location Thriller”



Danish director Kasper Barfoed has only two other movies to his name and this is his first English speaking one. It's also by far the largest (production wise) he's worked on with John Cusack and Malin Akerman in the leading roles

. Apparently Ethan Hawke was replaced by Mr Cusack at the last minute which made a lot of sense to me because this is precisely the type of role Ethan Hawke thrives on and is definitely not John Cusack's usual choice. Malin Akerman might not be classed as one of the greats but she is a hard working actor who can put out some great performances when required. In this movie her acting skills don't get a chance to be put to full use but she's still more than just a pretty face in this Brit financed Indie.

Of the two main actors John Cusack is the more bankable but Ms Akerman is far more pleasing to the eyes (certainly my eyes anyway) and together there is an on screen chemistry that works well and helps sell the situation we find the duo getting themselves in. John plays Emerson, a hit-man who had a shaky last assignment so has been shipped to England to the slow paced task of keeping Katherine (Akerman) safe and well so she can do her job. Her job is to send out coded instructions to hit-person which activates a hit (wetwork) on some unlucky person. The base is compromised so Emerson and Katherine must try to stay alive and reverse whatever the invaders have done.

This isn't the fastest paced thriller I've seen but it's nice and steady with little down time so keeps you keenly waiting for the next bit of excitement. An effective single location Thriller

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