Monday, July 22, 2013

Grilla Resto, Filipino Dishes Reengineered




Last July 19, 2013 , I am one of the Bloggers who joined the Grilla Bloggers Event and here we have experienced the kind of dish which are so familiar to us yet has a classy kind of twist and styles which you can only find here.


A Grilla  blogger’s  Event was being held on their branch at Makati Avenue hosted by Mr. Ace Azarraga Marketing Head who was so eager to tell us how this resto started and was birthed.

It was a leap of chances to step and do more Filipino inspired dishes here in our country. Most of the businessman specially on the food industry does International inspired cuisines rather than our own native dishes which is very different settings on other country such as the United States  where most of our Filipino countrymen does good on promoting and doing businesses that is purely Filipino types such as Turo-turo ect.

         IMG_4281 IMG_4282

         IMG_4286 IMG_4285

         IMG_4287 IMG_4293

         IMG_4291 IMG_4299


We truly enjoy the night tasting all the menus that have been placed in our midst.


And this  is  one of their secrets they have,  finding the right chef in the right time and giving the right opportunities to the right person.


They showcased a game for us a little bit hard cause its a quiz game , Four groups are formed and a group of young all female  bloggers  managed to win

Grilla is one of the most inspired restaurant owned by Filipinos who’s the current owners of  Swensens and TOSH . They have truly embraced the fact and traditions of our cultures and would make it a point that our heritage on foods will be staying and be known here in our country.

For more pictures on the said event pls click this link ,

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