Saturday, January 12, 2013

Experience IZONE-IHUB “Where ideas becomes reality”




Good news to all Tech enthusiast, Programmers, IT students and anyone interested wanting to do business, conceptualize, reinvent or simply organize something that may struck mobile, internet , software developments and  or most of the so called modern technologies that occupies all walks of life nowadays.


IZONE-HUB is a place wherein TECHIE, GEEKS, DEVELOPERS and  group of IT and most of all local  Information Technology  businesses can meet together had their little talks , unwind  and get some fresh ideas with co it enthusiasts and professionals.


It’s a Free place to hang out,  Free coffee and most of all  is a free consultations and  discussions with the staffs of whether  the idea or the project is feasible or not.  If ever there is a good chance for the idea that’s been brought up a  good deal and copyrights measures will be presented to the person or group  and will be discussed about the percentage of  any business dealing they may  decide to  move in.


A free use of Computers with programs that is currently been used for developments and other needed applications that you may ever think of and ask for. It has an  Internet connections and WIFI enabled for mobile and Ipad or Laptop users  which is one of the  most important ingredients when we are talking of mobile , infrastructures , applications , software development and or  website applications.



It’s one of the most coziest place that I’ve seen and place where geeks and  IT professionals can go through . Its sort of an extension of a home and office which can make this community and  even our country more equipped  with regards to Information Technology expertise and more so in any field of industry you may belong to.

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