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A New Year’s Treat of Chicken Charlie to Virlanie Children @ Yague Makati

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This is one Foundation that gives a smile to every Children that has been abandoned, neglected, abused and not been given a chance to live a life of comfort, or even a simple normal living which other child has been blessed of.


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Chicken Charlie has been one of the companies that has been so gracious with the kids here at Vernalie foundation. Thanks to the owners  who does not just think of how they will earn and be known as a company that is new and be considered starters in food industries.

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Together  with Chicken Charlie is Sweet Mamita who somehow shared to the Children their sweet love and care no other company could give. Thanks to Ms.Mary Anne Barbieto.

IMG_9153 The Philippines is blessed to have Mr. Dominique Lemae a French man who unselfishly gives the Children of Virlanie hope and life after most misfortunes of life being went through and experience by Filipino children from any range of age.


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With the rest of his dedicated employees and French volunteers, Mr. Dominique managed to continue his foundation with  such programs as:

Residential Programs

Virlanie cares for children in 13 Homes that are designed for specific age groups according to the needs of the children:

Homes for babies and young children (Cluster 1): Some Homes care for toddlers, children below 12 years old while others are temporary Homes which welcome the children into Virlanie. They aim to provide a safe place for young children who come from difficult situations and later achieve a higher rate of successful placement to either family reunification, adoption, or foster care.

Homes for young adults (Cluster 2): These Homes care for young adults, children in conflict with the law, young unwed mothers and their babies and abused girls. They better prepare the young adults for sustainable life through the dynamism of support programs such as the Young Adults Program and LIFE (Living Independently for Full Empowerment) program.

Homes for children with special needs (Cluster 3): Children and young adults with physical and/or mental handicaps are welcomed to these Homes They establish collaborative efforts with various disciplines, external partners, and organization to provide the best possible care and alternative programs to help them reach their full potential to care for themselves and live productively.

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Mr. Dominique needs a hand that would help him do his task as an individual  and a foundation . They launch Rice Up for Children  and other kind of activities such as:

:Virlanie Foundation is once again inviting you to support the Rice Up Campaign. You can send your donations through the following methods:

1. Bank Transfer to Virlanie's account

Name: Virlanie Foundation, Inc.
Bank Name: Banco de Oro Vito Cruz Branch
US Dollar Account No.: 104580108577
Peso Account No.: 004580002426
Euro Account No.: 304580112833

· Please inform me (+632 895-3460 or +639175985485) as soon as you make the bank transfer or send me a scanned deposit slip so we can record your donation accordingly.

2. Through online donation

3. For in-kind donations:

You can drop them off at the Virlanie Head Office at 4055 Yague St., Brgy Singkamas, Makati City (near Pasong Tamo, PRC) or facilitate the pick-up of donations with Virlanie staff.

If you need more information, you may contact Janelle Rabe through email ( or landline +632 895 3460

For more pictures on this event pls click this link ,

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