Saturday, January 19, 2013

Clover Restobar “ A Multi-Function Place Just For You”



Guy’s , Have you ever seen a place where there are multi-function Gimmiks that you can do  and participate without having to hop or go on many places especially when traffic is so mad or bad weather is coming  in the Metro. Yes, its all along Panay Ave near Quezon Avenue . And its called CLOVER Restobar.



Clover has a bar that caters to a more classy types of people who somehow just want intimate party with friends and barkada’s.


IMG_1344  Maybe just having a date with a special friend or a special someone not to mention.


Or just being alone and just wanting to escape from a stressful work at the Office and giving  some time to be relaxed and  mixed with some outrageous people from the place.


With  DJ  Summer that is available every day to play some Music of what she feels needed for the represented crowd of the day.


Clover is formed by young entrepreneurs who goes to the bar frequently and with this they do their business hands on just being there whenever and whatever time they need to be.



Beside the air-conditoned bar is their open bar where Bands do performs and where people who want fresh air and maybe those who does not want to mingle with Class A people , for some reason ,Its where most of the Yuppies and Teenager does and  do their parties and some celebration which can be done on a much wider space and comfortable place .




And lastly, their KTV room where an exclusive group can celebrate their Birthdays, Reunion’s and or Corporate functions such as Team Building and other activities that needs to be private and at the same time enjoys the facilities such as darts and Videoke singing .


Security is not an issue to this 3 in 1 Multi facilities  at CLOVER because they have a total of 7 bouncers every night. And  no bad elements can ever had a chance to do their activities.



We ,the bloggers represented with ‘Ross Del Rosario in When in Manila, Pepi De Leon of Kampeon ng Pagibig, John Remir Cueto of Larawan at Kape and Mac Vasquez of AtIbaPangMgaPangyayari does enjoy the night of Party and the Set of Food and Drinks that is Served to us with their Special of the House foods such as Chicken sauted with Wine and topped with Cheese, Clover Dynamite , Clover Nachos , Clover Special Platter  and Clover Buffalo Wings that is so Affordable for the Young Professionals and students who wants to have fun for their kind of functions and  events . With the help and dedication of their Chef.who happened to work with Japanese Restaurant and Specializes on such foods.

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