Sunday, October 21, 2012

Star Movie Triathlon


Star Movie Triathlon


Star Movies Triathlon, more hardcore on its 3rd year


If you think running a 42K marathon is hard, try winning the Star Movies Triathlon. On its 3rdyear, Star Movies is the only group that will torture its viewers while giving them quality entertainment.

Last October 18 at Newport Cinema 3, moviegoers were tasked to sit through 16 straight hours of movies, with strict rules like no standing, talking, sleeping, phone usage, no extra food or drinks, no extra sweaters except for provided jackets and no bathroom breaks (and yes, no diapers allowed either!).

All that masochism for the chance to win P150,000.

This year was even more challenging as Star Movies upped the difficulty level. Since it’s on its 3rd year, there were three categories: 1. the movie marathon itself 2. The circuit training and 3. The yoga challenge.


All 200 participants had to maintain yoga poses in order to advance to the next level. Circuit training was also done. At the final stretch, a sudden death round was announced where the remaining contestants had to sustain their pace on the treadmill while watching the remaining movies.

With 3 years of consecutive success, it’s true, no one entertains like Star Movies

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