Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Astroplus Blog Connect “Connecting Brands to Blog”


Astroplus Blog connects 2nd year of bringing Brands to Blog from Music, Movies and Gadgets which is one of their top selling points in their industry today. Many music stores does suffered from lost due to piracy and on line downloads of music and movies from the internet. But Astroplus is one of the music stores that does not stop innovating their stores and manage to be on top no matter what kind of risk they may face

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A representative of every brand was there together with the Bloggers in their own niche to discuss further their products, innovations and the reason why people should used and buy it.

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Astrovision creates a different kind of atmosphere within their stores and as if they have the Library of Music compilations of every singer local and international. DJ’s who collected their favorite songs , and other kind of idea that you might think of as whole they do adopt and was very professional about it.

For more photos of the event pls click this link,

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