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TastEX 2012


It was a night that we are caught unexpected under the supervision and P.R. of Geiser Maclang , where we will see and taste one of the finest and state of the art designs by TastePros BRAND.



Launched for the second time, and with a twist, is TastePRO’s Brand Degustation, an exciting showcase of savory delights, in this year’s TastEX. This year, TastEX features three different themes aimed to present their wide array of offerings for business events, meetings and activities.

Of Glamour, Great Ideas and Glorious Ingenuity


The Oscar-themed selection, designed to celebrate the various companies’ glittering success, channels the glitz and glamour of Hollywood by featuring scrumptious dishes and delectable delights worthy of the grandest company anniversaries, Christmas parties and other corporate celebrations.

Meanwhile, Architects of Greatness celebrates the occasions where the building blocks of successful businesses—great ideas—are generated, shared and exhibited: seminars, conventions, company meetings and sales rallies. This theme features a full variety of savory dishes perfected to appeal to the discriminating tastes of business professionals.


Lastly, the Poker­-themed selection glorifies the ingenuity, tenacity and competence of the individuals responsible for the success of these companies. To honor these characteristics, TastePRO features a delightful assortment of lip-smacking hors d’oeuvres concocted for product launches and business cocktail parties.


IMG_5196         IMG_5226

IMG_5215                   IMG_5245

The delicious selection of dishes featured in the different themed areas enables guests to develop and treasure a deeper understanding of the companies through a delightful gustatory experience.

TastEX 2012: Discovering the Taste of Success

What is the real taste of success? Is it embodied in the luminous flavor of a citrus-glazed Hawaiian dish, or the strong kick of a spice-infused broth?

Indulge your senses and discover the true taste of triumph as the country’s leading corporate caterer flexes their culinary muscles to demonstrate their intimate understanding of the most successful brands in the Philippines.

The Finest Flavorful Tributes


IMG_5199      IMG_5197

To embody their dedication to health and well-being, TastePRO’s Johnson & Johnson interpretation presents Grilled Cilantro Chicken on Mini Whole Wheat Ciabatta with Vietnamese Dressing. Meanwhile, Wyeth's and the Philippine Association of Opthalmologists' interpretations take a similar approach, with Butternut Squash Crème Brulee and Sugar Free Carrot Torte respectively.

IMG_5209     IMG_5244

As a magazine that provides the finest Asian living experience to the discriminating global citizen, Lifestyle Asia's interpretation features Red Beans and Shrimp Salad Cups with Southwestern BBQ Dressing, which is a protein-rich and energy boosting dish. Meanwhile, the caterer’s interpretation of the king of cargo and courier services, Fluor Daniel, will certainly awe the palates of TasteEX guests with Mini Molten Lava Cakes with Vanilla Sauce, an excellently presented but cost-efficient dessert that’s carefully prepared within the right timing to keep the richness of its flavor. Similarly, Sun Cellular's mission to provide its customers with the best value is embodied in Thai Seafood Stir Fry in Crisp Rice Cakes and Bean Sprouts.

IMG_5228                         IMG_5173

IMG_5224     IMG_5226

The caterer prepared no less than the best for the global leader in financial services with its JPMorgan interpretation, Mini US Tenderloin Steak Sandwich with Onion Jam and au jus. Similarly, TastePRO whipped up the delectable 5 Spice Braised Pork Belly Slice in Wonton Cups with Peanuts and Chives to honor HSBC's status as the oldest and foremost financial institution in Asia. Additionally, another prominent Asian company, Samsung, with its noble mission of strengthening connections across continents, was given tribute with Rice Cakes in Sweet Pepper Sauce, Kimchi Pancakes, and Grilled Pork in Lettuce Wrap with Chili Bean Paste.

IMG_5182        IMG_5174

IMG_5189        IMG_5178

Lastly, TastePRO embarks their guests on a gastronomic journey of epic proportions with three delectable dishes that exemplify their dedication to providing innovative and top-notch catering services to their clients: Open Face Bacon and Egg Crostini with Hollandaise Sauce; Trio of Confit Tart (Truffle Roasted Garlic and Tomato Confit, Duck Confit, Pork Confit); Decadent Chocolate Cheese Cake; and Berries Triffle.


Through the delicious concoctions featured in the second installment of TastePRO’s Brand Degustation, guests shall obtain a deeper understanding of this year’s featured brands by indulging in interpretations of their distinct strengths that ultimately enable them to experience the real taste of success.

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